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Dee Dee and Gypsy Rose Blanchard

One of recent history’s most famous Munchausen by proxy cases... or was it? Rosie Waterland and Jacob talk about what happened between Dee Dee and her daughter Gypsy Rose. Also they sing again - harmonies this time!


EP20 - S1

17 Jan 20

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#2 - Ben Pettingill

Ever wondered what it’s like to be blind? Ben Pettingill is the fastest man ever on water skis, has tracked Kokoda twice, is a motivational speaker and is blind. Ben speaks to hosts Dylan Alcott and Angus O'Loughlin about the moment he lost his vision, what being blind actually looks like and how relying on Siri can be a blind person's best friend or worst enemy.


EP02 - S1

4 Mar 20

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Bizarre renaissance deaths

The Renaissance is known to have produced some of the best art, the best music and the best architecture the world has ever seen. But did you know this classical period of “rebirth" also produced some of the most comical deaths of all time? Presented by The Chaser.


EP19 - S1

6 Dec 18

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The origin of Bees Knees and the Pope who wrote erotica?

We have a competition running and the winner will get to write Martine's Tinder Profile for 1 week. Get on board and help him find the weird little family of his dreams. Also there was a pope in the 1400s who wrote erotica before he became a pope and that's something that needs to be examined, don't you think? Plus why would anyone invent the term 'Bees Knees' and how were they expecting that to be used in every day life? Hosted by Dave Zwolenski and Matthew (Redd) Peterson.


EP88 - S1

16 Jul 18

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Sex robots and the people who make them

Will robots replace human connection? Dr Nikki heads to ‘Realbotics” a factory in L.A. that's experimenting with making a sex robot with artificial intelligence. They've called her Harmony. Find Dr. Nikki at:   Follow PodcastOne Australia on Instagram: Follow PodcastOne Australia on Twitter:


EP08 - S1

30 Jul 18

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What’s it like to DJ for Barack Obama?

One of the world’s most famous and respected dj’s Neil Armstrong (no not THAT Neil Armstrong, the other one) opens up about the realities of life on the road and on the decks. Follow Adam Spencer on Twitter Fo llow PodcastOne Australia on Instagram  Follow PodcastOne Australia on Twitter 


EP27 - S1

28 Feb 19

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How does Chinese Medicine really work?

Cecelia asks some proper questions about Chinese Medicine and what does it really do. Rather than just take Nat’s word for it, the girls invited Bryan Kent, doctor of Chinese Medicine onto the Wellness Collective to discuss acupuncture, if ancient medicine is relevant today and what can it best treat. Learn more about this ancient form of medicine as Nat and Bryan answer her questions.


EP51 - S1

25 Apr 19

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My best mate is an alligator

Wildlife ranger Mick Tate gives host and animal lover, Tracey Preston, a backstage tour of the Australian Reptile Park. Mick opens up about raising his favourite reptile, Rosie, in his living room and that time he once jumped into the alligator dam to save a baby – or so he thought. For more on Australian Reptile Park:


EP01 - S1

7 Dec 18

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Radical Fetish - with Violet Chachki

When does a fetish become less torture and more couture? Hosts Christian Wilkins and Andy Kelly discuss rubber, latex and military chic with Ru Paul's Drags Race winner and super fetish Drag Queen, Violet Chachki. The Radical Fashionism Instagram  Get in touch at 


EP01 - S2

16 May 19

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