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Podcast Episodes to Listen To If You’re Feeling Overwhelmed With The World Right Now

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Sunny Side Up - Trailer

Life is a little weird right now. In search for an antidote for the anxiety that comes with a worldwide pandemic, each morning I'll chat to someone from around the world who's had a positive experience in their local community. Hopefully it will inspire us all to be a little kinder, reach out to our neighbour, and survive this craziness in one piece. All in the time it takes to cook your morning egg!


0 - S1

20 Mar 20

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Tim Storey: How To Survive And Thrive Any Storm- COVID-19 Special Episode

Acclaimed author, speaker and life coach Tim Storey returns to talk with Sarah Grynberg in this very special episode of A Life Of Greatness podcast. In response to these troubling times, Tim shares his proven strategies for navigating difficult realities and thriving in tragedy to not only come back stronger, but fearless and full of love. If you are struggling to make sense of what feels like a hopeless reality right now, this conversation will arm you with all the knowledge you need to stay positive, empowered and prosper.   Follow Sarah: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Website:    


EP13 - S3

4 May 20

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How has COVID impacted property prices?

Will 2021 the best year to buy or sell property? In this episode Finance Journalist David 'Kochie' Koch gives you his end of year overview of how the Australian property market, stock market and economy performed during COVID, what the property experts are forecasting for 2021 and why now is the time to renegotiate your home loan.


EP07 - S1

22 Dec 20

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Dealing with the stress of an unpredictable situation

How do we calm ourselves when a situation seems unpredictable and out of our control? Host Margie Hartley speaks to 'The Friendly Psychologist' Jacqui Manning about the anxiety that unpredictable situations, like the 2020 bushfires, can cause us and the small daily practices we can use to calm our minds and bodies, and to help us focus on what we can do, instead of the things we can't control. If you or someone you know is experiencing distress or suicidal thoughts please speak to a mental health professional at Lifeline on 13 11 14 or contact your GP. 


EP04 - S1

17 Mar 20

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Letting go of the reigns

Tracey undergoes horse therapy. Nerves run high as host and animal lover, Tracey Preston, meets her counsellor for the day Sue Spence, from Horses Helping Humans. Sue explains the profound healing effects horses can have on people – but can Tracey overcome her fear of these animals? For more on Horses Helping Humans:


EP04 - S1

4 Dec 18

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Rosie Waterland

Host Nigel Marsh speaks to author, columnist, podcaster and performer Rosie Waterland who has overcome great obstacles to get to where she is today. Her 5 choices truly give us an insight into the talented and driven woman behind the success.   Get in touch or request an interview at or


EP13 - S1

1 Apr 19

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The top 8 hacks to happiness

Sometimes the activities you do for pleasure are actually reducing your overall happiness? Adam MacDougall defines the difference between pleasure and happiness and his 'Top 8 Hacks to Happiness' will help you focus in on what's important in your life - Regardless of how much money you make or where you live. 


EP13 - S1

21 Jan 18

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