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    Victorian Lockdown Listening

Victorian Lockdown Listening

Need some company on your daily walks? Listen to conversations with Hamish Blake, Em Rusciano, Gary Mehigan and more. Here’s a list of podcast episodes to enjoy during lockdown.

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Our Shameless Sisters

Who is Banksy? A Matt & Alex Investigation.  Mich & Zara from Shameless Join Us! New Reality TV Ideas.  Talkback Conga Line - Family Holidays. 


EP118 - S1

8 Sep 20

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The Execution of the Romanov Family

One day they were the most powerful and wealthy royal family in the world, their ancestors having been in charge of Russia for more than 300 years. NEK MINIT... Tsar Nicholas Romanov, his wife Alexandra and their five children (including the legendary Anastasia) are taken down to a basement in the middle of the night and killed, in a VERY botched and violent execution. For years, Russia refused to acknowledge what really happened that night, which led to much speculation about their fate. Did all of them die that night? Or did 16-year-old Anastasia Romanov escape and move to Florida, eventually retire and become one of the Golden Girls?  We give you Just The Gist, but if you want more, there's this: Watch docudrama 'The Last Czars': Watch BBC doco 'Russia's Lost Princesses': HIstory article about the remains of the Romanov family: Last Podcast On The Left 'Rasputin' series: Follow us on Instagram: Email us! [email protected]


EP51 - S1

18 Sep 20

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#12 - Adam Hills

Adam Hills is one of Australia’s greatest exports - dominating the world on comedy and TV for two decades. He also happens to have a disability. On this episode of ListenABLE, Dylan Alcott and Angus O’Loughlin chat to Adam about growing up as an amputee, the impact he has had on helping disability crack the mainstream, and just how much he dominates the rugby league pitch!


EP12 - S1

8 Jun 20

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Jay Shetty: How To Create Your Dream Life

Do you want to wake up each day filled with a greater sense of purpose and passion? Then make sure you press play on this unmissable episode with bestselling author, monk & purpose coach, Jay Shetty. In this life-affirming conversation, hear Jay and Sarah Grynberg explore the importance of humility, Jay’s experience as a monk, and the unimaginable effects of practicing gratitude. If you want to learn how to create and live your dream life day after day/on repeat, then this conversation is essential listening.   Follow Sarah: Instagram: Website: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube:


EP11 - S4

15 Sep 20

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Parenting 101 with Hamish Blake

Hamish Blake joins Cecelia and Nat in this episode of The Wellness Collective where they talk about parenting, leading by example, lego, strategies of child wrangling, the iconic women’s weekly cookbook being the ultimate inspiration and so much more.  There’s a lot of laughs to be had by listening in.


EP109 - S1

9 Sep 20

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Episode 105: Steve Smith (Part A)

📞 HOWIE GAMES HOTLINE 🔥 - Be a part of the Howie Games! ☎️ 0434-694-301 ☎️ This is something new....If you've got a question - any question - you'd like answered and you want to be a part of the show, now's your chance because the Howie Games Hotline is OPEN! You can ring & leave a message at the tone, or even better record a message and send it via text or WhatsApp. Remember to start with your name and where you're listening from, and I'll play your message in an upcoming ep. Looking forward to seeing how we go with this one gurus! 🤙 ☎️ 0434-694-301 ☎️    #TheHowieGames | Steve Smith is a once in a generation cricketer. One of the greatest batsmen the game has ever seen.  Steve is also a wonderful fella.  This ep covers Smithy's early days in the nets with his Dad, the international stage, believing in your game, the passing of his great mate Phillip Hughes, an in-depth discussion on batting, the toughest of times, Joffra and The Ashes and the work Steve is doing with Gus Worland and Gotcha For Life in trying to help prevent youth suicide.  The video Gus and Steve have made for schools mentioned in the ep can be found here - ❤️


EP105 - S7

26 Aug 20

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Shane Delia & doing what's right for your people

He's best known as Chef and Owner of restaurants Maha and Biggie Smalls, as well as a TV host and author but Shane Delia's story is much deeper than that. Shane talks to Gary Mehigan about his near death experience in Iran, the pride in his Maltese heritage and never wanting to disappoint his father ever again. 


EP08 - S5

2 Sep 20

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Soccer player Lydia Williams

Traveling around Australia as a child with her missionary parents taught Matildas' goalkeeper Lydia Williams the value of humility, generosity and kindness. Lydia joins host Sam Squiers to discuss learning to play sport in the Western Australian desert, the growth of the women’s game in Australia and using her platform to create change.


EP13 - S1

23 Jul 20

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Eric Bana (part 1)

Eric Bana, the Hollywood star is our special guest for episode 50. Bikes, Cars, Racing and a new movie project that blends passion with occupation.


EP50 - S1

24 Aug 20

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