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ChangeMakers Podcast tells stories of people trying to change the world. Each week, host Amanda Tattersall travels the globe, talking to the people involved in extraordinary campaigns, finding out what works - and what doesn't. Hopes, fea



Season 4

Michelle Meagher - ChangeMaker Chat

The power of our largest corporations is all around, but what happens if a corporate foot soldier decides - “enough.” Then uses her inside knowledge to teach people like you and me how to level the playing field? Michelle Meagher is a corporate lawyer and now whistleblower on the system ready to share lessons and insights about how to dramatically change market power.


EP37 - S4

30 Nov 20

Adam Barbanel-Fried - ChangeMaker Chat

Can we use old social change strategies like one to one relationships to make electoral politics different? Adam Barbanel-Fried and his organisation Changing the Conversation Together did exactly this in the 2020 US Election. As a long time community organiser he used Deep Canvassing - door to door conversations that could help voters interpret the election through the eyes of those who they love. The strategy proved to be a powerful antidote to Trump’s Presidency. Adam shares his journey that led to his embrace of this work, how Deep Canvassing works in practice and what it might mean to changing politics more broadly. Find out more - Follow us on Twitter - @changemakers99 or our host Amanda Tattersall on @amandatatts


EP36 - S4

23 Nov 20

Kabul Peace House

During the 2000s, in the mountains of central Afghanistan, a remarkable but unlikely peace movement began. How did they even define peace in a place beset by war,  and how did they organise themselves to work towards this audacious goal?


EP35 - S4

16 Nov 20

Steve Killelea - ChangeMaker Chat

Steve Killelea is one of Australia’s most successful businessman and a self-described peace maker! In this Chat we talk about why he combined these two passions. We explore how his peace work developed, from an idea hatched while working in Africa to creating the largest index for peace in the world!


EP34 - S4

12 Oct 20

Samuel Chu - ChangeMaker Chat

Samuel Chu is a long time community organiser and the founder of the Hong Kong Democracy Council in the United States. In this Chat we explore how he has connected his identities as an organiser and a Hong Konger to create a radically different form of international solidarity in the US. His approach translated the energy of protest into politics, securing bipartisan support for multiple pieces of legislation in support of Hong Kong. We also consider how his work provides lessons for how we might push back against rising authoritarianism in other places across the world.


EP32 - S4

14 Sep 20

Maurice Mitchell - ChangeMaker Chat

The Movement for Black Lives is realigning political life in the US in 2020. Maurice Mitchell has been a leader in this movement since Ferguson. This conversation moves from his own traumatic experiences of racism that shaped his early life, to his work as an organiser and his reflections on the kinds of political strategy required to win justice. We zero in on the protests that exploded following the police murder of George Floyd in May 2020 and unpack the lesser known but vital strategies that have underpinned their success.


EP31 - S4

24 Aug 20

Craig Reucassel - ChangeMaker Chat

Have you been enjoying Fight for Planet A - the show all about climate change? Then come and hear our ChangeMaker Chat with host Craig Reucassel where we go behind the scenes to find out about his story, and explore what he is trying to achieve in doing the show. For more on ChangeMakers head to Follow us on Twitter @Changemakers99, or host Amanda Tattersall @amandatatts.


EP30 - S4

17 Aug 20

Bushfires Part 2 - Renegade Aid in Batemans Bay

In all of Australia, Batemans Bay and the South Coast was one of the worst affected. With devastation everywhere, formal government services and charities weren’t able to cope. This is the story of the little known community initiative that saw the breach and stepped in to fill the gap.


EP29 - S4

14 Jun 20

Bushfires Part 1 - Black Ops Mosquitos

In the summer of 2019, Australia had the worst bushfires on record. Everyone knows the story of the official fires services. This is the story of the not-so-official fire fighting squad.


EP28 - S4

14 Jun 20

Organised Money - ChangeMakers Panel

One of the hardest things to do when making change is raising money to support your work. Today we host a panel to discuss the art of organising money with Colleen Loper from Way to Win (US) and Stefan Baskerville from New Economics Foundation (UK). We discuss the different ways you can raise money and the pros and cons of these strategies. We explore why it is so hard to raise money, what makes it successful and how we can understand if not overcome some of these challenges.


EP27 - S4

1 Jun 20

Richard Fuller - ChangeMaker Chat

What happens to the communities that suffer from toxic pollution? Too often nothing. But not if they partner with Pure Earth, the world’s only global NGO working on toxics. Today we talk with its founder Richard Fuller - engineer turned toxics crusader who has helped lead an intervention that has cleaned up over 120 places. We find out how he got into it, and how Pure Earth works with communities to create lasting change.


EP26 - S4

25 May 20

Joan Garry - ChangeMaker Chat

Social service organisations like food banks, charities, and nonprofits are being squeezed at both ends by the pandemic - their resource base has collapsed while they now have much greater demand for their services. Joan Garry talks us through these challenges based on her decades of experience as an advocate, nonprofit CEO and mentor to thousands of nonprofit leaders across North America. Find us at


EP25 - S4

18 May 20

Margaret Klein Salamon - ChangeMaker Chat

What are the psychological features of the climate disaster? How does fear cause some people to step back, and others to step forward and make change. Margaret Klein Salamon is a psychoanalysts who has transitioned into a climate change warrior. Today she talks about her journey, and how we can understand emergency and fear to build a powerful movement for change.


EP24 - S4

11 May 20

This is a Big Moment

COVID-19 has shaken the foundations of life as we know it. There is fear, but is there hope as well? This episode features three stories, about healthcare, mutual aid and green stimulus, that show people making something better out of this difficult time.


EP23 - S4

26 Apr 20

Owen Jones - ChangeMaker Chat

This is the long story behind one of the United Kingdom’s most high profile left wing figures. In this Chat we learn about Owen Jones’s journey into political life, how extra-parliamentary activism shaped him, but also why the British Labour Party matters.


EP22 - S4

6 Apr 20

Prof. Isaacs - COVID - ChangeMaker Chat

We are swirling in the midst of a pandemic surrounded by keyboard warriors claiming to know what is going on. This week we speak to one of Australia’s leading infectious disease doctors - Professor David Isaacs - to get a briefing about everything COVID-19, where it came from, what makes it a pandemic, and how to stay safe.


EP21 - S4

31 Mar 20

Bonnie Honig - ChangeMaker Chat

Bonnie Honig is one of the world’s top democratic theorists and is based at Brown University. A scholar and commentator in the United States, Bonnie is the author of numerous books, including Public Things: Democracy in Disrepair, published in 2017. She runs us through her approach to democracy and critical thinking, showing us how it can help us interpret and respond to the crises and shocks that we are experiencing now.


EP20 - S4

23 Mar 20

Randi Weingarten - ChangeMaker Chat

Randi Weingarten, President of the American Federation of Teachers gives us the lowdown on what she’s learned about changemaking after more than 25 years at the chalkface of teacher’s unionism in the United States.


EP19 - S4

16 Mar 20

Andres Bernal - ChangeMaker Chat

Curious about the remarkable rise of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and policies like the Green New Deal?  We talk to Andres Bernal about both.


EP18 - S4

2 Mar 20

Power of March for Our Lives Pt. 3 - Identity Matters

In the US, gun violence affects black communities far more than any other. How did the March for Our Lives movement work with these communities? What do powerful intersectional movements look like?


EP17 - S4

25 Feb 20

Power of March for Our Lives Pt. 2 - Art and Politics

In the wake of the school shooting in Parkland people began using art as a means to express their grief and to connect their plea for gun reform to others. How did this art reach people in ways that moved beyond just words?


EP16 - S4

12 Feb 20

Power of March for Our Lives Pt. 1 - Who Speaks

On 14 February 2018, 17 people were killed in a mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland Florida. That same day, student survivors began to build a movement against senseless gun violence and lax gun laws. This is the first episode in a multi-part series that shares how they organised for change. This episode looks at how important their voices were in breaking through the sense of despair in America’s gun debate.


EP16 - S4

10 Feb 20

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