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ChangeMakers Podcast tells stories of people trying to change the world. Each week, host Amanda Tattersall travels the globe, talking to the people involved in extraordinary campaigns, finding out what works - and what doesn't. Hopes, fea



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Robyn Steward - ChangeMaker Chat

Today’s chat is with autism advocate Robyn Steward. We learn about her journey as an autistic woman, and about the power of building understanding between the neurotypical and neurodivergent people. For anyone wanting to understand the world of autism better - this one is for you!


EP15 - S3

2 Feb 20

Paul Oosting, GetUp - ChangeMaker Chat

GetUp is one of Australia’s most impactful and influential community organisations, and Paul Oosting is their national director. We discuss what GetUp learnt from the 2019 Federal Election campaign. We find out Paul’s insights about what it’s like to operate under the pressure of media and political attack.


EP14 - S3

26 Nov 19

Bushfire Survivor Fiona Lee - ChangeMaker Chat

When the 2019 Bushfires burnt her house, Fiona Lee did what most would find hard - she became an advocate for climate change. Three days after her house burnt down, Fiona and her family stood at NSW Parliament House calling for serious action on climate change as creating the context for these catastrophic fires. What is her story? How did she do this? And what did she learn about the power of her own voice in this moment. This episode was recorded the day after she spoke at Parliament House.


EP13 - S3

17 Nov 19

Antony Dapiran - ChangeMaker chat

Antony Dapiran is a long time Hong Kong resident and commentator on the Hong Kong protests. He is the author of City of Protest, a book that explains the history of protest movements in Hong Kong.


EP12 - S3

7 Oct 19

Joel Solomon - ChangeMaker chat

Joel Solomon is the co-author of a new book - The Clean Money Revolution: Reinventing Power, Purpose and Capitalism. He is the chair and co-founder of Renewal Funds, Canada’s largest mission venture capital firm and has been active in the charitable funding of environmental issues for decades.


EP11 - S3

30 Sep 19

How Umbrella shaped the 2019 protests

The 2014 Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong was a defeat, but it also generated key insights. We explore how it has guided the 2019 Hong Kong Protest movement.


EP10 - S3

9 Sep 19

Tiananmen to the Hong Kong protests

From Tiananmen Square onwards, Hong Kong protesters have developed sophisticated protest strategies. We explore the long story behind Hong Kong’s protest life that has produced the 2019 movement.


EP09 - S3

9 Sep 19

Jennifer Dillon - ChangeMaker chat

Jennifer Dillon is the communications director of the National Domestic Workers Alliance. We talk about her work seeking recognition, dignity, respect and basic labour protections for millions of domestic workers in the United States.


EP08 - S3

2 Sep 19

Dave Sweeney - ChangeMaker chat

Dave Sweeney is a long time prominent anti-nuclear campaigner, co-founding the 2017 Nobel Prize winning global organisation, ICAN, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons.


EP07 - S3

27 Aug 19

Jeremy Heimans - ChangeMaker chat

Jeremy Heimans is a digital social movement entrepreneur and the key figure behind cutting edge social change organisations like GetUp, Avaaz and Purpose.  We talk about his journey, and themes from his new book with Henry Timms, called New Power - How Power Works in Our Hyperconnected World - and How to Make it Work for You.


EP06 - S3

19 Aug 19

Hahrie Han - ChangeMaker chat

Hahrie Han is one of the world’s top researchers studying ways of strengthening civic engagement.  We explore the different strategies you can use to build people power and the journey she took to become one of the world’s top researchers in this space.


EP05 - S3

12 Aug 19

Jolovan Wham - ChangeMaker chat

Imagine trying to make change in an authoritarian state? Jolovan Wham works in Singapore with migrant domestic workers. Why does he do it and what does the state do to make his change making so hard.


EP04 - S3

5 Aug 19

Amnesty and trolling twitter

Social media abuse tries to shut people down, and is frighteningly common for women and people of colour. Host Amanda Tattersall discusses with social activist Tanning Onus Williams the story of how Amnesty decided to map twitter and see if it could stop it.


EP03 - S3

10 Jun 19

Igniting jobs for refugees

In Australia it’s hard for newly arrived refugees to find a new job. In 2011, Settlement Services International found a way for refugees to create businesses for themselves - by using the marketplace as a changemaker. Host Host Amanda Tattersall speaks refugee Ed Yousif. 


EP02 - S3

10 Jun 19

Migrant caravan in Central America

In late 2018 thousands of people from across Central America walked North to the border of the USA and into the political maelstrom of the midterm elections. How did they organise themselves and what did they achieve?


EP01 - S3

10 Jun 19

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