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Crappy to Happy

Crappy to Happy is the podcast for people on the move who may be feeling low in energy, mood or motivation and can't figure out exactly why. Cass Dunn, a clinical psychologist, chats with interesting and inspiring guests to help listeners f


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Season 1

Escape the cult of busy!

We all seem to be chronically busy but is your perpetual motion and cognitive overload increasing your productivity? In this episode, learn how your busyness is counterproductive to your effectiveness AND your wellbeing. Let Tiff Hall and Cass Dunn show you how to find more time in your day, manage your time and energy, find ways to slow down, de-stress and feel more energised.


EP01 - S1

14 Aug 17

Why diets don't work

Tiff Hall and Cass Dunn explore the ways dieting is bad news for your body AND your mind. Tiff spills the dirt on the fad diets shes seen as a Biggest Loser trainer and also the ones she's tried herself! Learn how dieting is counter-productive to your health and fitness goals and get practical tips for managing your weight and optimising your health. Cass delves into the psychology of deprivation and the yo-yo dieting effect that is your biggest weight loss enemy.


EP02 - S1

14 Aug 17

Nobody's perfect - how to overcome perfectionism

In this episode, learn the difference between healthy striving and paralysing perfectionism. Perfectionism - far from being a positive quality - can be a hindrance to your efforts in every domain of life. Tiff Hall is an active perfectionist and Cass considers herself to be a recovering perfectionist. Together, they talk about how to overcome procrastination, how perfectionism feeds into negative body image and how to learn a more compassionate approach. Learn Tiffs 3-hour reset rule, Cass Dunn's Gold Star method for overcoming your negativity bias, why willpower doesnt work and why good enough really is good enough.


EP03 - S1

14 Aug 17

I like to move it - everything you need to know about smart exercise

You know you should exercise but lets talk about the real benefits to your body and brain, and why exercise is about so much more than weight loss or even fitness. In this episode, Tiff Hall and Cass Dunn show you how to create solid exercise habits so you dont have to rely on that elusive motivation that disappears when you need it most. Join us to learn the most effective exercise to burn fat, tone up and reap the mental and emotional rewards, even if you only have five minutes! What is the after-burn effect? What is HIIT training? Tiff will decode it all for you so youre getting happy-fit in no time.


EP04 - S1

14 Aug 17

Tame your inner critic

We are all our own harshest critics! In this episode, Cass explains how your brain is wired to default to self-criticism and gives you strategies for how to change that negative self-talk. Learn how to embrace self-compassion, develop daily habits that will change your brains default mode and learn how to silence your inner mean girl and become your own best friend. It starts with a bit of mindfulness and its a lot easier than you think to turn that self-judgement into self-kindness.


EP05 - S1

13 Aug 17

That sugar episode

Sugar is like cocaine for your brain and if youve got a sugar habit, youll know just how hard it is to quit it. In this episode, Tiff shares her experience of living on just sugar for one week; the weight she put on will astound you! Learn exactly why sugar is addictive, how it blocks fat burn, impacts your energy and mood, increases cravings, and ruins your gut health. Let Tiff and Cass walk you through ways you can start to break your unhealthy relationship with sugar and regain balanced energy and emotions.


EP06 - S1

13 Aug 17

Smart, sexy goals - how to make them stick

To achieve anything you have to start with a goal and in this episode, Tiff and Cass will show you the difference between a good goal and a GREAT goal. Learn how a bit of stretch can catapult you forward and let Tiff and Cass explain what the research says about which kinds of goals will make you happy and which ones definitely will not.


EP07 - S1

13 Aug 17

How to overcome emotional eating

Are you a comfort eater? Sometimes emotional eating can sabotage your goals, but why do we emotionally eat? In this episode, learn how to manage your feelings so you dont fall into the habit of stress eating and the best ways to manage cravings using tried and tested strategies. Learn how mindfulness and self-compassion can support you to overcome emotional eating and the number one question to ask yourself when you feel a snack attack coming on.


EP08 - S1

13 Aug 17

The importance of sleep

We all know that when we dont get enough sleep, we can feel pretty crappy. Tiff and Cass discuss why sleep is critical for your cognitive performance, mood, health and wellbeing. Find out why you should be taking naps and how drowsy driving is as dangerous as drink driving! Cass will share her best tips for falling asleep more easily and how to create a positive, nourishing sleep routine to give yourself the best chance of getting enough sleep.


EP09 - S1

13 Aug 17

Overcoming self-sabotage

Why do we constantly get in our own way when it comes to achieving goals? Tiff and Cass discuss the big issue of why people reach goals and then fall off the wagon. Cass shares the psychology of self-sabotage as it applies to sport and every other area of life. Learn how to mine your personal history to identify the self-defeating beliefs and unconscious motivations that might be undermining your efforts and how to deal with triggers and maintain your momentum. In this episode, youll learn how to be kinder to yourself and maintain your mojo when it comes to weight loss, career and even finances.


EP10 - S1

13 Aug 17

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