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Crappy to Happy is the podcast for people on the move who may be feeling low in energy, mood or motivation and can't figure out exactly why. Cass Dunn, a clinical psychologist, chats with interesting and inspiring guests to help listeners f


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Crappy to Happy - Season 4 Trailer

In Season 4 of Crappy to Happy, Cass Dunn goes deep with more inspirational guests – Mark Manson, Maz Compton, Amy Sheppard, Sally Callie and so many more. With topics including body positivity, ‘healthy hormones, alcohol consumption, mindfulness it's our best season yet! PLUS our very special friend Tiff Hall is back for a special episode on juggling family and career. Subscribe now for the latest episodes. New Season Available Now!


0 - S4

3 Sep 19

Juggling family and career with Tiff Hall

Tiff Hall is back in our reunion episode after a year away from the mic. In that time she’s had a baby, broken her leg, become a pro trainer for Chris Hemsworth and managed to get her body back to where she wants it. Tiff and Cass Dunn reminisce, discuss the delicate balance of juggling multiple careers and family and laugh as they remember how far they’ve come in their own journey from Crappy to Happy.


EP01 - S4

15 Sep 19

Not giving a f*ck with Mark Manson

He’s a widely successful author with a New York Times best-selling books ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck’ and ‘Everything is F*cked’. Cass Dunn chats with Mark Manson about the so called nay sayers who tell him he’s an idiot and the ones who say he saved their lives. Mark gives honest, no BS tips about how to free yourself from self doubt, change your habits and stop caring about what other people think.


EP02 - S4

15 Sep 19

Taking your body back with Amy Sheppard

The front woman for Aussie band Sheppard, Amy Sheppard was always upset with the look of her body, even from age 10 when she would look at magazines feeding her beauty standards she could never reach. In 2014 Amy performed for Ellen, an honour she was humbled by, but behind it all was the fear of not looking right, of being judged and of hating her body. Then she decided she wanted to be part of the solution so she published a photo of her in a not so flattering pose expressing her desire for people to stop punishing women for their imperfections. From there her body positive movement #kissmyfatass blew up and now Cass Dunn talks to Amy about what we can all do to be better.


EP03 - S4

15 Sep 19

Healthy hormones with Nat Kringoudis

Your body is talking, it’s time to listen. Nat Kringoudis is a doctor of Chinese medicine, acupuncturist, author, speaker and natural fertility expert (the list goes on) and she’s on a mission to help women recover their health by making their ‘hormones happy’. Cass Dunn and Nat discuss the importance of educating and empowering women so they can take control of their health, reduce their stress and give your temple of love the attention it deserves.


EP04 - S4

15 Sep 19

Monitoring your meditation with Ariel Garten

Meditation is a thousand year old practice but Ariel has found a way to bring that practice into the 21st century with her breakthrough technology Muse: The Brain Sensing Headband. Her mission is to help people do a deep dive in understanding your brain, how it makes them who they are and how to help manage the crazy that resides in all of us. Cass Dunn has already used the Muse headband to monitor herself and as a mindfulness and meditation teacher herself she has some fascinating insights on the technology. Cass and Ariel discuss the things wearables can teach us about ourselves and if it’s possible that technology is making us more detached from ourselves in the long run.


EP05 - S4

15 Sep 19

Changing the brain with Sally Callie

She finished fourth in three successive rowing regattas at the Olympic Games and has won numerous medals and awards along the way, but Sally’s true power lies in the recovery from her stroke and brain surgery. As Sallie says “Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it” and that has been true of her recovery. Sallie talks to Cass Dunn about challenging her audience and forcing them to look at the world from a new perspective, while reminding us that a firm mindset is the only way out of the darkness.


EP06 - S4

15 Sep 19

Cutting back on the booze with Maz Compton

She was one half of the successful radio duo Dan and Maz, but along the way Maz Compton found herself falling victim to the trap of drinking every night without even realising it. When she looked at the statistics she saw that women were now drinking more now than ever and many are drinking as much as their male counterparts. So once she knew she had a problem the next step was figuring out what to do about it, what followed was a long journey and a book at the end titled “The Social Rebellion”. Cass Dunn and Maz talk about regaining control over your drinking and finding the fun in sobriety. Four years later she’s still sober.


EP07 - S4

15 Sep 19

Giving back to your community with Lucas Patchett

Many of us are searching for happiness by adding more to our lives – more money, a better car, a bigger house. But studies have shown that what really makes us happy is connection with other human beings and giving back to our community. Lucas runs the charity Orange Sky, an organisation that offers mobile laundry services to those living on the street. And while they wash their clothes, they talk to the people they are helping and it’s through these conversations they have found true meaning in their lives and in the lives of the under-served. Cass Dunn and Lucas talk about the power of giving back, what conversation does for the soul and how to find a meaningful volunteering job.


EP08 - S4

15 Sep 19

Living bravely with Margie Warrell

So often our lives are defined by fear – fear of what we don’t know, what we think could go wrong, what we think others will think of us. But it’s all just a story we tell ourselves. Margie Warrell asks Cass Dunn the question, what if we change the story? As a best selling author and inspirational speaker Margie knows the barriers to fear and how to overcome them.


EP09 - S4

15 Sep 19

Becoming still with Tom Cronin

We are at an incredibly challenging time on the planet right now. Depression and anxiety are on the rise and we’re starting to see that our current global paradigm needs to change in order for us to survive. Tom Cronin is an ex-financier turned global meditation expert who is soon to release his film The Portal. Tom talks to Cass Dunn about how personal transformation can spark a global shift and how stillness can create an opening that reveals the true nature of human existence.


EP10 - S4

15 Sep 19

Bonus: Stories we tell ourselves with Clare Bowditch

Musician, actor, radio presenter and so much more, Clare Bowditch has had a long and illustrious career but now she can add author to her list of achievements with the publishing of her memoir ‘You Own Kind of Girl’. Cass Dunn and Clare have an enlightening and soulful conversation about what happens to a child when they go through trauma, emotional eating, body consciousness and the stories we tell ourselves about the people we think we’re supposed to be. For anyone who has struggled with body issues or grief, there’s a lot to be taken from this episode. Speaking with warmth, humour and vulnerability Clare Bowditch is truly a living piece of Australian art.


EP11 - S4

31 Oct 19

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