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    Fast Track Career Conversations With Margie Hartley

Fast Track Career Conversations With Margie Hartley

Career Insights from CEO’s and business leaders. Margie Hartley, Executive Coach to 11 of the top ASX listed companies, discusses the challenges preventing people in the corporate world from advancing their careers and speaks to leading Exe



Season 1

Why doing good is good business

Can a toilet roll help change the world for the better? Margie Hartley speaks with Simon Griffiths, CEO of social enterprise 'Who Gives a Crap,' a toilet paper company that builds toilets in the developing world. They discuss how Simon went from corporate high-flyer to leader of a not-for-profit organisation fighting for social change, and how to make a global impact with small attainable changes.


EP51 - S1

9 Nov 20

Psychological Safety at Work

Have you ever experienced the feeling of not being included in a work discussion, or being in a team where everyone knows that if you challenge a leader or an idea you'll get shot down? Margie Hartley sits downs with Sophie Hampel, Founder of Leadership and Diversity Consultancy Inkling to find out how to create psychological safety in the workplace and create an environment to freely share ideas, admit mistakes and take risks without fear.


EP50 - S1

2 Nov 20

Own Your Truth with Layne Beachley

At the age of 16, Layne Beachley announced to the world that she was turning pro and as a professional surfer she was going to win a world championship. She became the world champion in 1998 at the age of just 22, and went on to win six consecutive world titles, claiming her seventh in 2006. Layne is now an author and a speaker, and has created her own online development course - Own Your Truth to help others realise their potential. Margie Hartley sits down with Layne to discuss self-confidence, backing yourself and why failure is often a measure of success.


EP49 - S1

26 Oct 20

Shameless Success

In just two and a half years, Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald have achieved more than most podcasters dream of with their podcast 'Shameless'. With over 17 million downloads and a dedicated fan base, they have become the unintended voice of a generation of 20-somethings. Margie Hartley talks to Michelle and Zara about how they've built a hugely successful media business at such a young age and the responsibility of their voice.


EP48 - S1

19 Oct 20

The Future of Work

Everyone’s talking about the future of work, asking questions like what does the new normal actually look like? Will we go back to the office block lifestyle? Is flexible remote working sustainable? And are we desperate to get back to the office and our peers? The global pandemic has changed our understanding of the traditional office and led to confusion about the desire and ability for us to choose the environment we work in. Margie Hartley sits down with Balder Tol, Australian General Manager at global flexible workspace company WeWork, to debate the future of work and discuss how important the environment is to our work performance and happiness.


EP47 - S1

12 Oct 20

How to be heard at work

Many people avoid speaking up at work because they hate their voice, or feel their voice doesn't accurately represent them. So how do we use our voices as a powerful tool to succeed in our working life? Margie Hartley speaks to The Voice Coach, Lucy Cornell who has worked with some of the world's most influential leaders on their voice, to find out how we can better express ourselves to gain confidence, presence and impact in order to be heard in the work place.  


EP46 - S1

5 Oct 20

Coach Yourself at Work

Most of us coach ourselves everyday but we probably aren’t aware that we do it. So how do we coach ourselves effectively and how can we cultivate inner resilience through self-coaching and curate our best possible career? Margie Hartley sits down with Director of the Coaching Psychology Unit at Sydney University, Dr Sean O'Connor to answer these questions and give the cheats guide to coaching yourself at work.


EP45 - S1

28 Sep 20

Balance and Other BS

Have you ever said the phrase “I need a better work life balance?" It seems that we all quest for the ability to be high performing at work and also have a quality home life. The term has spurned the wellness industry and continues to hold the attention of many workplaces when they discuss flexibility, wellbeing and engagement. Margie Hartley sits down with Felicity Harley, author of 'Balance and Other BS' to find out whether balance is possible in the modern age and why we are obsessed with wellness in the pursuit of equilibrium.


EP44 - S1

21 Sep 20

How To Create Social Change

We've all heard stories about people leaving their safe corporate career to pursue their passion - like social change. However, actually doing it can be intimidating and daunting. Margie Hartley speaks to Licia Heath, CEO of Women For Election Australia, about how she went from corporate high-flyer to leader of a not-for-profit organisation fighting for social change, and how you can do it too. 


EP43 - S1

14 Sep 20

How to create amazing culture

Culture is currently at the centre of almost every discussion in organisations and teams. What culture do we want? How do we create it? Who has a good one and how did they get it? Millions of dollars are spent by organisations trying to get it right. Margie Hartley sits down with Laura Aldington, CEO of Host/Havas to find out why culture is one of the most misunderstood words in business and why it's not Fun Friday's and after work drinks that create an authentic work culture. 


EP42 - S1

7 Sep 20

Why listening is Important and why you’re probably doing it wrong

Most of us think we're good listeners simply because we've been doing it our whole lives, but few of us are taught how to do it properly. Listening is a fundamental skill for good leadership and as our lives become more busy and distracted, we're getting worse at listening. Margie Hartley sits down with Oscar Trimboli, author of Deep Listening: Impact Beyond Words, to find out why we struggle to listen and learn some practical tips to becoming a better listener.


EP41 - S1

31 Aug 20

Achieving True Customer Connection

We all know that the workplace, whether government, private or corporate, can get lost in its own messaging. Dogma's like 'we are a purpose led organisation' and 'the customer is at the heart of everything we do' are excellent sentiments, but what do they really mean? Margie Hartley sits down with Jane Peacock, Chief Growth Strategist and on-demand Chief Digital Officer at Partners in Digital to find out how to create true customer connection  through authenticity and empathy.


EP40 - S1

24 Aug 20


Have you ever felt unstoppable - confident in your abilities, your performance and your future? Feeling confident can really aid our success, but what happens when you face a set-back and start to doubt yourself? Margie Hartley sits down with Nick Adams, CMO of Allianz to discuss how we can navigate a crisis of confidence and build self-reliance to get back to the top of our game.


EP39 - S1

17 Aug 20

The Art of Leading Remotely

The speed at which the world has been forced to adapt to remote working has been extraordinary. The adoption of video calls and working from home has created a huge change, with many challenges and unexpected opportunities. Margie Hartley speaks to Simon Jovanovic, CEO of Marshall White Real Estate to explore the elements required for remote working success, how to cultivate a good work culture when no-one is in the office, and the silver linings of being forced to adapt and change.


EP38 - S1

10 Aug 20

The secret to high performance

None of us wake up in the morning wanting to be average, but few adults really unlock the secrets to high human performance and its potential. It’s talked about a lot and examined in the sports arena, but rarely in corporate life. Margie Hartley speaks to Darren Everett, Club Psychologist for the GWS Giants and Newcastle Knights to understand the key conditions needed for high performance, whether our attitude and behaviours are set, and how we can think differently about reaching our potential.


EP37 - S1

3 Aug 20

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is an essential tool for living and working in the 21st century. It's a trait leaders are often either praised for or accused of not having. Margie Hartley sits down with Dr Ben Palmer, Founder and CEO of Genos International, a world leading consultancy specialist provider of Emotional Intelligence services, to get to the heart of what emotional intelligence is, why we need it, how we measure it and most importantly how we really build this muscle.


EP36 - S1

27 Jul 20

Creating a Leadership Credo

It can be difficult to know how to lead from a place of authenticity. Many successful leaders form their own leadership credo - a set of guiding principals that anchors their decisions, style and ultimately the way they lead. Margie Hartley sits down with John Doumani, CEO of ZIP Industries, to find out how to build a leadership credo that allows you to communicate your principles in a way that engages the hearts and minds of others.


EP35 - S1

20 Jul 20

Creating alignment through purpose

So often organisations spend time and effort defining their purpose and then get back to business as usual, leaving people to make up their own meaning and focus on their own work outputs. Creating alignment and defining purpose are often the most poorly executed leadership skills. Margie Hartley sits down with Lisa Gray, CEO of The Victorian Funds Management Corporation to find out what you, your business and your team can do to bring meaning back into the work you do.


EP34 - S1

13 Jul 20

Being the Coaching Leader: Part 2

A Coaching Approach to leadership gives results for both performance and the wellbeing of those you work with. So how can we become a leader as Coach? Margie Hartley sits down with Organisational Psychologist and Executive Coach Travis Kemp to delve into the skills, science and art of leadership coaching and how it can change your career for the better.


EP33 - S1

6 Jul 20

Being the Coaching Leader: Part 1

In the past, doing your job and managing your career meant having all the knowledge and technical expertise and being the best at what you do. The 21st century leader must now lead through multiple disciplines, so being the coaching leader has become a critical component to empower those around them. Margie Hartley sits down with Organisational Psychologist and Executive Coach Travis Kemp to find out what a Coaching Leader really is and what the core benefits are for both the leader and their team.


EP32 - S1

29 Jun 20

Networking and connecting for real people

We're told that we need to network and connect in order to succeed, but when it comes to our careers, many of us are resistant to networking. So how do we network authentically?Margie Hartley sits down with Karen Bozic, Group CEO of Craveable Brands to find out how we can create and maintain meaningful connections and find opportunity in every interaction.


EP31 - S1

22 Jun 20

Self-Awareness: "How to adapt and change" (Part 3)

To be successful at work we need to be able to adapt in many ways. No more so than when working with others. Our ability to understand ourselves, the context in which we find ourselves and focusing on how we grow and adapt is essential for career success. Margie Hartley and Susan Ferrier, Group Executive People and Culture National Australia Bank discuss how self-awareness enables behavioural change and adaption so you can become the constructive colleague and the positive leader.


EP30 - S1

25 Nov 19

Self Awareness: "Your Impact on Others" (Part 2)

If we can be in touch with how we feel, think and behave, be self-aware, then we have a greater chance of understanding the impact we have on our peers, employees , leaders and customers. Margie Hartley and Susan Ferrier, Group Executive People and Culture National Australia Bank fast track the imperative of understanding our impact on others at work and how this leads to success.


EP29 - S1

25 Nov 19

Self-Awareness: "Predictor of Success" (Part 1)

Self-Awareness is a predictor of overall success.  Margie Hartley and Susan Ferrier, Group Executive People and Culture National Australia Bank, fast track what it means to be self-aware, what it looks like at work, the benefits to your career and what you should do to develop it. 


EP28 - S1

25 Nov 19

Self Awareness: Introduction

Margie Hartley provides an overview of the next 3 episodes which build on the theme of self-awareness. This 3 part exploration aims to fast track why self-awareness is a vital skill, why it’s an ongoing learning activity, how to become more self-aware and how to create a lasting self-directed learning loop that enables continual professional and personal growth.


EP27 - S1

25 Nov 19

Empathy at work

Empathy is considered one of the four key competencies for the future - so what does it look like at work, a place where we have to achieve and perform?  Margie talks with Kate Nuttall, Executive General Manager People, National Australia Bank about how your relationships are predicated by our ability to empathise and how bringing empathy to the workplace produces better relationships and performance.


EP26 - S1

1 Oct 19

Play to your strengths

Playing to your strengths is a transformational principle for your life and career.  Sally Collins, Chief Operating Officer, Victorian Funds Management Corporation discusses with Margie how it led to a promotion, a book and new life perspective.


EP25 - S1

23 Sep 19

Get more done in less time

Getting more done in less time sounds like nirvana for us all and often the biggest barrier to getting more done is that our work lives are filled with meetings. Margie talks to one of Australia’s most successful business people, Naomi Simson about how to achieve more in less time. Naomi Simson is the Co-Founder of the Big Red Group, Founder Red Balloon, Shark on Channel 10 Shark Tank, speaker, author, blogger, entrepreneur, innovator and influencer.


EP24 - S1

16 Sep 19

Five Derailers of a Career

There are many career derailers, things we do that turn out to be a hindrance and not a help . What are these derailers, what are the things we need to watch out for and how do we become aware and manage them? Margie is joined by Cathy Yuncken, General Manager, Private Wealth, Westpac Group


EP23 - S1

9 Sep 19

How to present powerfully

“Winging it” is no longer an option when it comes to presenting either within your business or when presenting to those outside your business. Margie is joined by Claire Lauber, Managing Director of Boost Juice to discuss the sophistication of presentations, the increasing expectations to present powerfully and the importance of this skill in advancing your career.


EP22 - S1

2 Sep 19

Are you ready to join a Board?

Being a Board member is a terrific opportunity for talented executives looking for the next step but what actually happens when you are appointed to a Board? Are you ready and able to contribute? Margie is joined by Elizabeth Proust AO, one of Australia’s leading business figures, Chairperson of Nestle Australia, Chairperson The Bank of Melbourne, non-executive director of Lend Lease and Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


EP21 - S1

26 Aug 19

How to manage a crisis

Crises take all forms and can lead to devastating outcomes including the loss of jobs and plummeting company value. It can be a competitor, a shonky employee but can you plan for all eventualities and what in fact happens behind the scenes?  Margie asks Claire Kimball, founder of The Squiz, former press secretary to Tony Abbott and former communications director for the Woolworths Group.


EP20 - S1

19 Aug 19

Ambition without being annoying

Is ambition dirty or good? It’s rare to see anyone succeed without ambition but too much can be a leading derailer! So what is the balance and how do you tell someone that they are over indexing on ambition? Margie discusses with Rhonda Brighton-Hall CEO, Mwah.


EP19 - S1

12 Aug 19

The Art of Teamwork

Why are so many of us surprised to learn that being in a team is something we learn – that it is not instinctive? Margie Hartley is joined by John Eales, Board Director and former Captain of The Australian Wallabies Rugby Union Team to talk about the fundamentals of team and the art of teamwork.


EP18 - S1

5 Aug 19

Psychometric Testing

Why are we often reticent and suspicious about psychometric assessments? How do we decipher what is being measured and are the insights gained of any substantial value to us and our organisations? Margie is joined by Andries Keun, Managing Director of Thomas International.


EP17 - S1

29 Jul 19

The Art of Influence

Being influential is much more than getting what you want, and great influencers know this. Jac Phillips, Senior Director Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific VISA,  talks through the fundamentals of influence, the relationship between those who influence and those who are successful - and how you can begin to master the art of influence.


EP16 - S1

22 Jul 19

How to negotiate effectively

Why is negotiation a challenge for aspiring leaders?  Why do we avoid it whenever possible and how can we take control? Margie is joined by master negotiator Lloyd Barrett, Managing Consultant, The Gap Partnership. 


EP15 - S1

15 Jul 19

Why your staff will benefit from participating in the job market

Increase staff retention by encouraging staff to participate in the job market. Ryan Bonnici, Chief Marketing Officer G2 Crowd discusses the intrinsic value of professional development in staff retention and the long-term benefits of supporting staff to pursue external opportunities with Executive Coach Margie Hartley.


EP14 - S1

22 Apr 19

How to have an adult gap year

Invigorate your career with a well-planned adult gap year. Louisa Francis formerly GM Customer Lifecycle Management, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, talks to the changing attitude by leading corporations on your ability to take an adult gap year, the personal and organisational benefits and the practical steps involved in the process with Executive Coach Margie Hartley.


EP13 - S1

15 Apr 19

How to make a big career change

“Nothing happens through luck, chance or magic, you have to put the effort in to make it happen.” Kerry Cusack General Manager of Jets Swimwear shares her insights on what motivates us to change, why we often don’t and how once you have committed - to successfully implement change with Executive Coach Margie Hartley. Kerry Cusack is the General Manager of Jets Swimwear and founder of Bondi Bather swimwear.


EP12 - S1

8 Apr 19

How to manage negative employees

The costs of negative employees to business is well documented, so how do you manage and impact positive change? Ryan Bonnici, Chief Marketing Officer G2 Crowd discusses  the implications of setting clear expectations, establishing time frames for positive change and the benefits of constructive honest conversation with Executive Coach Margie Hartley.


EP11 - S1

1 Apr 19

How to be a working parent

Do you feel you are failing as a working parent? How do you arrive at a place where you feel satisfied that you are giving enough of yourself to your family and also to your work? Executive Coach Margie Hartley speaks to Laura Berry, CEO Supply Nation and a (2018 Australian Financial Review’s Top 100 Women of Influence) about self-preservation, outsourcing, communication, setting expectations and being kind to oneself.


EP10 - S1

25 Mar 19

How to create boundaries

Never before have the boundaries between work and life been so blurred. Jill Hannaford, Technical Services Leader, GHD Australia shares her insights on how to set boundaries to reflect your priorities and to maximise efficiencies in both your personal and professional life with Executive Coach Margie Hartley.


EP09 - S1

18 Mar 19

Do I need an executive coach?

Science, art or corporate fad? What does an executive coach do, and do you need one? Executive Coach Margie Hartley and Mark Whiteley, Group Head of Organisational Development, Woolworths Group discuss who uses them, why, how you get one and if it’s worth it.


EP08 - S1

11 Mar 19

Doing good to do well

The inherent value and benefit of connecting with others. Shirley Chowdhary, CEO The Goodes O’Loughlin Foundation speaks with Executive Coach Margie Hartley about the financial and cultural benefits experienced by both organisations and individuals through volunteerism, the gift of time or donation.


EP07 - S1

4 Mar 19

How to set and achieve goals

Overcommitting, pleasing others and loosing motivation are the barriers between you achieving your goals. A leading pracademic, Dr Sean O'Connor from the University of Sydney explains to Executive Coach Margie Hartley the things that are preventing you from achieving your goals, why you achieve what you set out to only 50% of the time and how you can change this paradigm.


EP06 - S1

25 Feb 19

How to deal with difficult people

Difficult people are potentially your best performers in-waiting. Michelle Bagnall, Chief Executive Officer RACQ Bank talks to Executive Coach Margie Hartley about the psychology and strategies she deploys when dealing with difficult people including; controlling your own behaviour, establishing influence, building trust, addressing insecurities as well as identifying the common mistakes you need to avoid.


EP05 - S1

18 Feb 19

How to be a positive leader

Treat people with dignity and respect. Joanna Boundy, Executive Manager Qantas Loyalty Marketing (CMO) and Qantas Group Hotels explains positive leadership. It’s not about being happy at work. Join Executive Coach Margie Hartley in considering the foundations of positive leadership, its' potential benefits and how you can become a positive leader.


EP04 - S1

11 Feb 19

How to cope with setbacks

It’s how you react that matters. Neil Ackland, CEO Junkee Media shares his biggest career setback and offers insight on how to be better - not bitter. Executive Coach Margie Hartley and Neil discuss attitude, perspective and reflection and how to turn significant setbacks into lessons that accelerate your development and career. Neil Ackland is one of Australia’s most respected and successful digital leaders. He is the CEO and co-founder of Junkee Media, Junkee, Punkee, AWOL and inthemix


EP03 - S1

11 Feb 19

How to nail a job interview

Preparation, research and rest are key to avoiding post interview roadkill. Debra Tagg, Chief Officer of Member Experience HCF has a 100% success rate in job interviews. She talks through the approach and process she engages and which she attributes to her success with Executive Coach Margie Hartley. HCF is an Australian not-for-profit health fund.


EP02 - S1

11 Feb 19

How to get a mentor

How vital are mentors to your success? Do you need one? Geoff Brady, Director Service Experience with Optus, advocates for a council of mentors and the benefits of varied perspectives on the challenges you face. Learn the do’s and don’ts of mentor relationships, how to establish expectations and set boundaries with host and Executive Coach Margie Hartley. Geoff Brady is Director Service Experience with Optus, an Australian integrated telecommunications service provider. 


EP01 - S1

11 Feb 19

Fast Track - Trailer

Career Insights from CEO’s and business leaders. Margie Hartley, Executive Coach to 11 of the top ASX listed companies, discusses the challenges preventing people in the corporate world from advancing their careers and speaks to leading Executives and CEO’s about how to overcome these challenges.


0 - S1

4 Feb 19

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