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Future Women Leadership Series

Leadership takes courage and resilience. Host and founder of Future Women, Helen McCabe shares insights from some of the most influential women on the sometimes complex challenges faced by women on the path to senior leadership. Leadership



Season 1

Behind every great leader is a great executive coach

Meredith Hellicar is already the guiding force for many of Australia’s top performing executives and strives to build future CEOs, directors and C-suite executives. Now the Executive Chairman at Merryck & Co, Meredith’s extensive senior executive career, including several Managing Director and CEO roles with global companies, her success and experiences have led to her become one of the most sought after Executive Coaches in Australia. Meredith shares with host Helen McCabe the biggest mistakes that she sees leaders consistently make, tips on how to assess where your time is best spent as a leader and why those who aspire to leadership positions should be more vocal about their career ambitions.


EP20 - S1

20 Jan 21

Being pragmatic about your passion

Siobhan McKenna is one of Australia’s leading businesspeople, but when she was growing up, she wanted to become a writer. Siobhan made the decision to pursue business over writing, but not wanting to abandon her passion entirely, she spent ten years writing her debut novel alongside her successful career as a director of some of Australia's largest companies. Siobhan speaks with host Helen McCabe about making pragmatic career decisions, being true to herself and creating an identity for herself outside of work.


EP19 - S1

18 Nov 20

Leading teams through change

Nicole Sheffield's decisive leadership style has earned her a reputation for effectively leading businesses through times of transformation. As Executive General Manager for Community & Consumer at Australia Post, Nicole is leading a team through an unprecedented period of change and upheaval. Nicole speaks with host Helen McCabe about the importance of being openly ambitious, about recognising when it's time for a career change and learning to adapt her leadership style to suit each workplace's team and culture.


EP18 - S1

23 Sep 20

Following your passion

Renee Carter always knew she wanted her career to be more aligned to her purpose. So after several years working in corporate and investor relations, she decided to follow her passion for social change and became the CEO of Adopt Change. Renee speaks with host Helen McCabe about finding purpose through work, transferring skills across different industries and the differences between leading in corporate and not-for-profit sectors.


EP17 - S1

9 Sep 20

Building culture from the top down

Sue Cato is an expert in crisis management for business leaders and executives and the founder of corporate communications agency Cato & Clive Partners. Sue speaks with host Helen McCabe about the culture changes needed for a workplace to be successful, why boards are giving leaders less time to prove themselves and her tips on managing your reputation capital.


EP16 - S1

12 Aug 20

Finding your voice as a leader

Anna Bligh AC was the first woman to become the Queensland Premier and the first woman to lead the Labor party. Anna shares with host Helen McCabe the importance finding your own identity and purpose as a leader, what it was like to hold her own in the houses of parliament (with the weight of an entire gender on her back) and why she has learned to relish difficult problems and roles.


EP15 - S1

29 Jul 20

The importance of learning from other leaders

Former Wallabies captain John Eales says that there is one key difference between leading a sports team and a team in business, and that difference is emotion. John speaks to host Helen McCabe about the most effective way to lead a team through hard times, the importance of learning from other leaders as well as mentoring the next generation of women and the role of conscious and unconscious bias when hiring for leadership positions.


EP14 - S1

16 Jul 20

How to present yourself and your content well

Andrea Clarke is a former journalist and humanitarian aid worker whose background has led her to understand, and master, the power of effective communication. Now, as the founder of Future Fit, Andrea uses her experience to teach businessmen and women the skills they need to stay relevant & competitive in the modern workplace. Andrea shares with Helen McCabe the biggest mistakes women make when presenting, her tips for building a good reputation for yourself both online and in-person, and why she thinks introverts will thrive at work during COVID19 times.


EP13 - S1

8 Jul 20

Why women need to make more space for female leaders

Margie Hartley is a career coach and CEO and Founder of Gram Consulting Group and is an Executive Coach to 11 of the top ASX listed companies. Margie speaks to host  Helen McCabe about the differences she has observed between how females lead versus how males lead, the impact of unconscious gender bias when considering staff members for a leadership role and why it’s important that women in particular create space for other female leaders in the workplace.


EP12 - S1

7 Jun 20

Gaining the respect of your team

Ann Sherry AO is a former banker turned CEO who now holds several non-executive board director positions. Throughout her career Ann has faced many leadership challenges and she shares with host Helen McCabe what she has learned about gaining the respect of new teams, navigating office politics and leading companies through difficult times. Host, Helen McCabe, the founder of Future Women.


EP10 - S1

24 May 20

Learning resilience through adversity

Jamila Gordon is the Founder & CEO of technology platform, Lumachain. Jamila was born in a rural village in Somalia and overcame civil war and homelessness before moving to Australia and creating a new life for herself as a Chief Information Officer at some of Australia’s largest companies. Jamila tells a powerful story of finding opportunity and learns resilience through adversity. Host, Helen McCabe, the founder of Future Women.


EP09 - S1

6 Apr 20

Personal branding and crisis management

Lynn Dang is the Head of Talent Acquisition at Microsoft and Fleur Brown is the Founder of Launch Group and EntrpreneursTV. Together, they discuss the importance of creating and maintaining a personal brand, engaging effectively on different social media channels and what recruiters look for when they’re hiring new talent. Host, Helen McCabe, the founder of Future Women.


EP08 - S1

6 Apr 20

Learning from your challenges

Felicity Zadro, the founder of Zadro Agency and Niti Nadarajah, Senior Counsel at Philip Morris AU, NZ & Pac. Isl. have overcome many challenges over their respective careers. They share their learnings and then join Lisi Schappi, Head of Design at Deputy for a greater discussion about how to best deal with making mistakes at work. Host, Helen McCabe, the founder of Future Women.


EP07 - S1

24 Jul 19

Building your brand

Megan Houghton is the Executive General Manager Energy Solutions at ERM Power. Megan shares her 4 steps to building your brand and creating a sphere of influence made up of people who will advocate for you when the chips are down. Host, Helen McCabe, the founder of Future Women.


EP06 - S1

24 Jul 19

Driving cultural change

Jodie Auster is the General Manager of Uber Eats ANZ. Jodie shares her experience of driving cultural change internally at Uber Eats ANZ when she joined the company in the aftermath of a sexual harassment scandal that hit the company. Host, Helen McCabe, the founder of Future Women.


EP05 - S1

24 Jul 19

Creating a sense of belonging

Aubrey Blanche is the head of Diversity and Belonging at software giant Atlassian. She shares insights that will change the way you think about inclusion and most importantly change the way you lead. Host, Helen McCabe, the founder of Future Women.


EP04 - S1

1 Jul 19

Being bold and taking risks

Wendy McCarthy is a businesswoman, activist and feminist icon. She shares the challenges she overcame to forge her position in senior leadership and advises women to take control of their lives and warns that the fights are not all in the workplace. Host, Helen McCabe, the founder of Future Women.


EP03 - S1

1 Jul 19

The benefits of being a female founder

Tammy Barton is the founder of multimillion dollar company MyBudget. She shares her thoughts on why being perfect is ‘the enemy of great’ and why having a higher EQ makes females better leaders. Host, Helen McCabe, the founder of Future Women.


EP02 - S1

1 Jul 19

Giving honest feedback

Lisi Schappi is the global head of design for Deputy, an Australian software company. She shares how she overcame the need to be liked while still being ‘fearlessly kind’ and why being transparent in your feedback actually builds better relationships. Host, Helen McCabe, the founder of Future Women.


EP01 - S1

1 Jul 19

Future Women Leadership Series - trailer

Leadership takes courage and resilience. Host and founder of Future Women, Helen McCabe shares insights from some of the most influential women on the sometimes complex challenges faced by women on the path to senior leadership. Leadership thought-leaders will inform and at times challenge your thinking on what it means to be leader and advise you on how to build respect and loyalty from your team members. Future Women is a club for women to connect, learn and lead. To find out more go to Future Women Leadership Series out soon on PodcastOne Australia


0 - S1

20 Jun 19

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