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    Global Truths with Dr Keith Suter

Global Truths with Dr Keith Suter

One issue in global politics explained each week, so you understand what’s really going on, why it’s happening and what’s likely to happen next. Dr Keith Suter is Australia's leading media commentator on global affairs and geo-politics. Th



Season 1

The war on Populism

Even with a loss, President Trump still amassed 70 million votes and in 2016 had received more votes than any Republican elect in history. Dr. Keith Suter explains how American became a country focused on the individual rather than community, why Trump still has such a lrage following and why the Democrats need to do some soul searching.


EP140 - S1

19 Nov 20

The US election

The US election has the world on the edge of their seats. But with a country so divided, will President Elect Biden be able to make a big change? Dr. Keith Suter explains the key factors that predicted this outcome, the reality of President Trump going to court and what this means for US Ambassadors.


EP139 - S1

12 Nov 20

What has happened to ISIS

It's been one year since the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the ISIS, but has much changed since then? Dr. Keith Suter explains the timeline from the creation of ISIS until now, the growth of the Taliban and how the main conflict is not a Western issue.


EP138 - S1

5 Nov 20

The new nuclear disarmament

In 1945, nuclear weapons changed the entire nature of warfare, but in a way that's more like using a shotgun to kill a flea. Dr. Keith Suter discusses the good news of a nuclear treaty that's being signed off, requiring the halt of developing nuclear weapons and disabling those already built. 


EP137 - S1

29 Oct 20

The good things Trump has achieved

There are many flaws you can call the Trump administration out on. But has he actually achieved some good things whilst in office? Dr. Keith Suter discusses how corporate power joins left and right parties, the brilliance of Trumps marketing and how he transformed the Republican party.


EP136 - S1

22 Oct 20

More scandals at the Vatican

 We all know the situation with Cardinal Pell and the accusations. But did you know the Vatican is also being investigated for financial misconduct? Dr. Keith Suter explains how the Vatican acts as its own country, how it may have misused funds that were for helping people and the vast wealth it has. 


EP135 - S1

16 Oct 20

Is Chinas rise to power inevitable

The world has increasing tension between rising global powers, such as China. They say they will be the world superpower by 2049, is this prediction inevitable? Dr. Keith Suter explains why he believes nothing is inevitable in politics through his 10 warning signs detailing the history of other countries' rise and fall of power.


EP134 - S1

8 Oct 20

How safe is 5g?

The information surrounding 5g has led to violent outbursts by protestors fearing their safety. But what damage can 5g actually do? Dr. Keith Suter explains the conspiracies surrounding 5g, how your attention is now a valued asset and why this might be an information overload


EP133 - S1

1 Oct 20

A new world order

The effects of COVID19 have accelerated the trends of what could be a new world order. Dr. Keith Suter breaks these trends down, talking about a new global supply chain partnership between Japan, India and Australia, which requires less reliance on China and explains the trends in diplomacy and warfare.


EP132 - S1

24 Sep 20

The politics of energy

A simple multi-billion dollar gas pipeline called the Nord Stream Pipeline 2 is 90% complete after nearly 9 years, but now it finds itself wrapped up in terrible politics. Dr. Keith Suter discusses how the project might be cancelled as a punishment to Putin, why we're heading to a new era of diplomacy and what would actually happen if it got finished.


EP131 - S1

17 Sep 20

China vs. the world

Amidst the COVID19 pandemic, increasing tension is arising between China and Australia, with the recent expulsion of Australian Journalists. Dr. Keith Suter breaks down the way China conducts diplomacy, how America could have handled the Coronavirus better and how this collision of great powers might seem familiar. 


EP130 - S1

10 Sep 20

The origin of Anti-Vaxxers

With the Australian government announcing a partnership with Oxford University on a new Coronavirus vaccine, the opposition - or "Anti-Vaxxers" have begun to make noise again. Dr. Keith Suter explains the origins of hundreds of years of anti-vaxxers, how discredited doctor Andrew Wakefield fooled the world and how even subject matter experts can be driven by ambitions.


EP129 - S1

3 Sep 20

The unravelling of America

America established itself as a world super power in the 1940's in many ways post World War 2. But over the last many decades it's been losing grip with its own exceptionalism. Dr. Keith Suter explains the causation of America's demise, when it started losing influence in the world and the cycles of rising and falling power in great countries. 


EP128 - S1

28 Aug 20

The coming disruption

Tech giants like Apple and Google will need to create new avenues for growth. and they have their eyes set on universities. Dr. Keith Suter discusses why COVID will disrupt more than what we think, including why elite cyborg universities will soon monopolise higher education and why online learning will need to be more engaging. 


EP127 - S1

20 Aug 20

The truth about Hiroshima

August 6th was the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. Dr. Keith Sutrer discusses the truth behind the build up towards the largest bombing in history, why Japan was bombed after they were objectively losing the war, new information on Russia getting involved during WW2 and how an Australian journalist broke the horrific news on the atomic aftermath snd the destruction that can be brought by just one bomb.


EP126 - S1

13 Aug 20

A potential Cold War

There is escalating tension between China and the united States, could there be a potential cold war in the near future? Dr. Kieth Suter explains the difference in tensions between the situation now and 1991 with the collapse of the Soviet Union as well Australia's future trading partners.


EP124 - S1

30 Jul 20

The coming anarchy

How much of a bubble are we in, in western society? Dr. Kieth Suter discusses the idea of a coming chaos that can spread from non-western worlds, why warnings of the future are falling on deaf ears and why Indonesia could possible migrate to Australia.


EP123 - S1

23 Jul 20

Three weeks that changed the world

America's mishandling of the coronavirus outbreak has been spread across the media, but how else could they have handled it? In this episode Dr. Keith Suter discusses how things might have been different if they followed the top 5 safety components of the National Transport Safety Bureau and how Trump flat out lied that the Obama administration didn't leave any game plan for something like this.


EP122 - S1

16 Jul 20

Food Deserts

Roughly 25 million Americans in 6 thousand urban areas lack access to affordable, healthy food. These are known as Food Deserts. Dr. Keith Suter explains how these deserts are formed becoming a vicious cycle of health issues, but also shares inspiring stories amidst all the chaos, including how community gardens might help push towards a healthier life for those affected.


EP121 - S1

9 Jul 20

The WHO explained

During the COVID19 Pandemic the World Health Organisation has been put in a negative light by Trump for their handling of the outbreak, but who exactly funds the WHO? Dr. Keith Suter explains the beginning of the WHO, what positive outcomes they have achieved and what near-eradicated diseases are making a comeback.


EP120 - S1

2 Jul 20

Political unrest in 2020

The issue with many political commentators is they tend to focus on a slice of any one problem. Dr. Keith Suter explains how 2020 was predicted to be the most politcally violent year, the evolution of economics and how Australia has one of the best voting systems in the world.


EP119 - S1

25 Jun 20

The system of police brutality

On average about 3 people per day are shot by police in the US. After the death of George Floyd and the ease of filming on our phones, police brutality has now been put on a platform. Dr. Keith Suter breaks down the deeper issue of these attacks and the 8 new reforms put forward to improve the pUS police force.


EP118 - S1

18 Jun 20

The danger of conspiracy theories

Conspiracy theories have been around since the shooting of JFK, but what happens when people begin to create misinformation that seems to end up everywhere. Dr. Keith Suter explains the dangers of conspiracy theories that can drive people to commit violent acts, how it affects our brains and the beginning of the enigmatic group Prophecies of Q.    


EP117 - S1

12 Jun 20

The underlying issues of systemic racism

The protests against police brutality in America has spread across the globe, but this anger stems from deeper issues. Dr. Keith Suter explains the history of systematic oppression, what the W.E.I.R.D world is and how America is taught they live in a classless society, which clearly isn't true.


EP116 - S1

5 Jun 20

The fatal calculations of climate damage

Climate change is a hot topic, and we hear a lot about the economic modelling relating to climate damage but is the situation worse than we thought? Dr. Keith Suter explains exactly what economic modelling is, if we're underestimating the threat and the angles used by the media.


EP115 - S1

28 May 20

The new era of warfare

What will war look like in the future? Dr Keith Suter breaks down how far warfare has come with terrorist groups becoming more sophisticated, the rise and fall of militant groups and how we've changed from a unipolar world with one dominant player such as the US.


EP114 - S1

21 May 20

The world after Coronavirus

There are many questions that remain unanswered surrounding the COVID19 pandemic. Dr. Keith Suter tries to paint a picture of the possible outcomes as we head towards freedom again, including the two biggest long terms issues; National isolation and the extent of the government monitoring people.


EP113 - S1

14 May 20

Ten catastrophes facing humanity

This episode is all about surviving and thriving in the 21st century. Dr. Keith Suter breaks down the 10 big global catastrophic risks and the future of humanity including climate change, ploughing our earths atmosphere and rising food insecurities.  


EP112 - S1

7 May 20

How Coronavirus will change the world

The curve seems to be flattening but what are the long term impacts from this economic devastation? Dr. Keith Suter explains the deep structural changes we'll go through, the dangers of politicians using this as political point scoring and the tensions between Australia and China.


EP111 - S1

30 Apr 20

Deep fakes taking over the internet

The internet is a wealth of knowledge, but it isn't always telling the truth. Dr. Keith Suter discusses the rise of deep fakes; an easily accessible technology that mimics the facial movements of anyone you want.  


EP110 - S1

23 Apr 20

Is Coronavirus a threat to freedom

Is the suppression felt in the midst of COVD-19 a dictators dream? Dr. Keith Suter breaks down the infringements on our liberties, two common moves in an emergency playbook and how some governments are building their own narratives.


EP109 - S1

16 Apr 20

Conspiracy theories and cock ups

Misinformation is so easy to spread in this digital age, but it’s also easy to believe especially when trying to find a scapegoat for international situations like the Coronavirus. Dr. Keith Suter talks about getting your headspace in order with how we view the world, why conspiracy theories affect us in the worst possible ways and what he thinks happened with COVID-19.


EP108 - S1

9 Apr 20

A good year for 2019

2020 seems to have been month after month of unfortunate events. In this episode Dr. Keith Suter looks back at 2019 and the positive events that came with it including an increase in adult literacy, common diseases on the decline and the new generation of ambitious people in developing nations.


EP107 - S1

2 Apr 20

The origins of money

During an uncertain time like the Coronavirus pandemic, it's the damage to the economy that seems to have a lasting effect. In this episode Dr. Keith Suter explains the history of money, how it's evolved from a commodity and what a future looks like post COVID-19.


EP106 - S1

27 Mar 20

A new era of Socialism

Senator Bernie Sanders is a front-runner in the US Presidential election and his opponents are using the term Socialist like a slur, but what does it mean to be a Socialist? Dr. Keith Suter defines socialism and explains the changing definitions over history and what it might mean for the U.S. 


EP105 - S1

19 Mar 20

Peace in Afghanistan

We’re coming up to the 19th anniversary of the American lead invasion of Afghanistan but could a new peace deal from President Trump end all that? Dr. Keith Suter talks about what could happen if the US troops pulled out, why the Taliban have the upper hand in negotiations and why he is sceptic about all of it.


EP104 - S1

12 Mar 20

The rise of the new servant class

The rise of low paid, low skill jobs is changing the way society moves forward but what about the growing lack of trade workers? Dr. Keith Suter explains the emergence of service categories such as food delivery and the willingness to fill those roles, but why this may come at a cost to our mental health.


EP103 - S1

5 Mar 20

Killer epidemics of the 20th century

As the coronavirus begins to spread, so does the misinformation surrounding it. Dr. Keith Suter addresses the history of epidemics and pandemics and how the people of China feel after surrendering their rights to the government in hopes they will get on top of the outbreak.


EP102 - S1

27 Feb 20

The economic impact of the Coronavirus outbreak

The Coronavirus outbreak is having devastating affects on the health of thousands, but how damaging are the restrictions to our economy. Dr. Keith Suter explains the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak from a political science point of view and how the Chinese Communist party should respond so it doesn't fail its people and cause an uprising.


EP101 - S1

20 Feb 20

The age of fire

The planet is burning, so is it time to declare that the humans have created a pyrocene? In this 100th episode special, Dr. Keith Suter breaks down the evolution of humans using fire and how we're more reliant on it than ever and discusses how China might be leading the way in the future of renewables. 


EP100 - S1

13 Feb 20

The crumbling of the Pacific Tomb

Between 1946 and 1958 the US detonated 67 nuclear bombs, but where does all that nuclear waste go? Dr. Keith Suter talks about the Pacific Tomb leaking nuclear waste, why it's crumbling and how this could affect Australia in the future.


EP99 - S1

6 Feb 20

Is Trump destined to fail

President Trump has been a constant highlight in the media since taking government but with the recent impeachment inquiries how long will that last? Dr. Keith Suter explains the 4 categories previous presidents fall into and whether Trump is in a category of his own.


EP98 - S1

30 Jan 20

Top 5 geopolitical trends of 2020

It’s only one month into 2020 and already we’ve seen a shift in global politics. But what can we expect for the rest of the year? Dr. Keith Suter explains the top 5 international political trends of 2020, including the rise of disinformation, antisemitism and worldwide protests.


EP97 - S1

23 Jan 20

US assassinating world leaders

In 2016 Trump promised he would get out of war torn countries, but with the assassination of Iranian military leader Qassem Soleimani that might not happen for some time. Dr. Keith Suter breaks down the situation in Iran, international laws and the long tradition of the United States attempting assassinations. 


EP96 - S1

16 Jan 20

Ukraine 101

Why is everyone talking about Ukraine at the moment? In this 'Ukraine for dummies' episode, Dr. Keith Suter explains the history of Ukraine, their significance in the impeachment of Trump and their problematic relationship with Russia.


EP95 - S1

9 Jan 20

Losing in Afghanistan

The war in Afghanistan has been the longest in US history, and US leaders have constantly assured us of the progress they've made until recently when secret documents revealed the lies told by government officials. Dr. Keith Suter explains in detail what these papers mean and who is invested in this never-ending war.


EP94 - S1

2 Jan 20

The end of babies - A Christmas story

The truth is our population is not replacing itself. So will our countries eventually become empty? Dr. Keith Suter discusses the need for immigration, why women aren't having babies anymore and the future of medicine and technology on our ageing population


EP93 - S1

26 Dec 19

Australia's relationship with China

Does Australia still need china? Dr. Keith Suter explains why this question may be decades too late, how we can rely less on China and why political scientists such as himself have, so far, got China wrong.


EP92 - S1

19 Dec 19

Past, present and future of NATO

NATO recently celebrated it’s 70th year, with a little bit of controversy from some of the world leaders? Dr. Keith Suter discusses the history of NATO and three main challenges it faces including Islamic terrorism, the rise of China and space exploration.


EP91 - S1

12 Dec 19

Elizabeth Warren - Democratic front runner

The story of Elizabeth Warren's rise to become the democratic front runner has been interesting to follow. Dr. Keith Suter tells the history of Candidate Warren's lower middle-class upbringing, her academic leadership  and how she made a name for herself fighting against the banks.


EP90 - S1

5 Dec 19

Who are the Kurds

The situation in the middle east is difficult to understand, especially with so many parties involved. Dr. Keith Suter breaks down the complexity of the issue surrounding the Kurds, their history, constant betrayal by the west and why this will cause problems for President Trump.


EP89 - S1

29 Nov 19

The future of the UN

The United Nations is turning 75 in 2020, which means there are a lot of people who don’t know what it was like before it was established. Dr Keith Suter explains some of the things that people don’t know the UN contributes to and runs through 4 possible scenarios for its future.


EP88 - S1

21 Nov 19

Human Trafficking

The 39 bodies found in a truck in Essex shocked the world, as we found out it was related to human trafficking. Dr Keith Suter explains the unfortunate reality that many people live in, and what factors allow this industry to still exist today.


EP87 - S1

14 Nov 19

The death of Al Baghdadi

As the leader of ISIS, Al Baghdadi would often talk about the 100 year war but with his recent death will things change? Dr. Keith Suter explains the events leading towards the US raid and why it doesn't necessarily mean the end of the Islamic State.


EP86 - S1

7 Nov 19

The end of history

In the Summer of 1989, Dr. Francis Fukuyama gave a speech predicting the end of history, stating that there would be an end of soviet power. Dr. Keith Suter breaks down what Fukuyama thought would happen and explains why he believed a western democratic way of living was the way of the future.


EP85 - S1

31 Oct 19

The ongoing war in Afghanistan

The war in Afghanistan has been going on since 2001. It seems never-ending. Dr. Keith Suter explains what started the war, how the US Presidents have contributed and when, or if, it will ever end. 


EP84 - S1

24 Oct 19

What's happening in Syria?

The situation in Syria is complex and ongoing. Dr. Keith Suter helps break down the different points of view in the conflict, who wants to occupy the Country and what the future looks like.


EP83 - S1

17 Oct 19

Jobs of the future

As technology improves and replaces humans in the workforce, what sort-of jobs will be available in the future? Dr. Keith Suter talks about some of the new jobs that may be created as a result of technology evolving.


EP82 - S1

10 Oct 19

Killer robots

Drone attacks, automated missiles and more. Dr. Keith Suter discusses the future of this destructive technology, what we have to be fearful of and where we are in the world of military robots. 


EP81 - S1

3 Oct 19

Love affair with guns

There has been a large increase in gun violence over the last 30 years, but it hasn't always been this way. Dr. Keith Suter explains the history of the second amendment and how Former Prime Minister John Howard's gun reform worked for Australia.


EP80 - S1

19 Sep 19

The death of a tyrant

How will Robert Mugabe, the former Prime Minister of Zimbabwe be remembered? These days his tyranny is mostly what we saw, but will some people still regard him a hero? Dr. Keith Suter discusses the life of Mugabe and how his leadership changed over the years.


EP79 - S1

12 Sep 19

The state of the housing market

Is Australia obsessed with the housing market? The Australian dream of owning your own slice of land is seemingly harder than ever, Dr. Keith Suter talks about the history of the housing market and what the impact of foreign investors has on our prices.


EP78 - S1

5 Sep 19

The truth about dams

Most of us just think dams are there to hold water. But what do they really do? Dr. Keith Suter explains the importance of dams to most cities and why we need to maintain a strong upkeep and create more public attention around them.


EP77 - S1

30 Aug 19

The death of Jeffrey Epstein

In the wake of his death, Jeffrey Epstein set up a will worth half a billion dollars in assets. Dr. Keith Suter discusses the history of Epstein, his connections and the conspiracies surrounding his untimely suicide.


EP76 - S1

23 Aug 19

The great space race

It’s been 50 years since America first touched down on the moon, so why hasn’t anything else happened since then? Dr. Keith Suter explains the new space race between China, India, Russia and America and how it could affect the 50 year old space treaty.


EP75 - S1

8 Aug 19

Heading towards climate change

97% of scientists believe there is a severe human impact on our climate. So why isn’t more being done? Dr. Keith Suter discusses a possible breakdown in communication from scientists and some strategies on how we could move to a greener society.


EP74 - S1

1 Aug 19

Peace in the Middle East: Part Two

In this second part, Dr. Keith Suter dives deeper into the roots of the many conflicts in the Middle East, explaining that solving the issue isn't as easy as a truce between Israel and Palestine. 


EP72 - S1

18 Jul 19

Peace in the Middle East: Part one

Will peace ever be established in the Middle East? In this first part, Dr. Keith Suter takes us back through the history of the conflicts that embedded a deep-seeded struggle that continues to this day.


EP71 - S1

11 Jul 19

Changing Tides in Africa

By the year 2035 there will be as many people going for their first job in Africa than the rest of the world combined. Dr. Keith Suter explains the key factors of the huge economic growth in Africa and why we should be investing more in this Forgotten Continent.


EP70 - S1

4 Jul 19

John Bolton on the warpath

Trump always claimed he wouldn’t start any new foreign conflict but this could all change with his newly appointed National Security Advisor John Bolton. Dr Keith Suter discusses Bolton’s history and how he might impact the current showdown in the Iranian Gulf.


EP66 - S1

27 Jun 19

Hong Kong extradition protests

With protests in response to the controversial bill allowing extraditions to mainland China showing no sign of quietening down, Dr Keith Suter explains the history behind the tension and what it all means for the relationship between Hong Kong and China.


EP65 - S1

20 Jun 19

Jacinda Adern's groundbreaking budget

New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has made headlines after delivering the world's first ever "wellbeing budget". Dr Keith Suter breaks down what exactly that means and why other countries should be following suit.


EP63 - S1

13 Jun 19

The future of the monarchy

The stability of the British monarchy is top of mind this week, with Trump's visit to the Queen throwing Twitter into overdrive. Dr Keith Suter discusses how the Royal family's image has evolved over time, and whether there's a future for the many other monarchies around the world.


EP62 - S1

6 Jun 19

US-China tensions escalate

Trump's trade war with China shows no sign of slowing down. Dr Keith Suter explains how the tariffs imposed by the US President on Chinese imports could impact Australia and the global economy.


EP61 - S1

30 May 19

The demise of the weird world

Has the West lost the plot? Dr Keith Suter explains the decline of the so-called Western, Educated, Industrialised, Rich and Democratic world and what it means for the future of countries like Australia.


EP60 - S1

23 May 19

How to end the arms race

As Trump embraces a nuclear arms race, Dr Keith Suter explains how the development of a global peace economy could create the political will to end it.


EP59 - S1

16 May 19

China's social problem

The one-child policy domino effect. Dr Keith Suter lays out the many social challenges China is currently facing, despite being seen as an economic powerhouse.


EP58 - S1

9 May 19

Japan - the land of robots

Japan is an ageing society and somehow, they need to fill the void. Dr Keith Suter discusses how the government is implementing Japan 5.0, a program designed to encourage the population to embrace the use of robotics and what it means for the future.


EP57 - S1

2 May 19

Ignorance is bliss

Since Trump came into office, we've seen a revival of a psychological theory about people being, well, stupid. Dr Keith Suter looks at the "Dunning-Kruger" effect and how it applies to the current President of the United States.


EP56 - S1

25 Apr 19

The death of globalisation

Dr Keith Suter discusses why the world is moving away from integrated capitalism and towards police states, heightened geo-political tensions between the great powers and the resurgence of populism.


EP55 - S1

18 Apr 19

The environmental future of the world

Will we save the planet from climate change? Dr Keith Suter sheds light on what needs to be done to achieve sustainable development goals, whether we're likely to meet them and what the consequences could be if we don't.


EP54 - S1

11 Apr 19

The role of fear in US politics

Trump is a master of fear - but he's not alone. Dr Keith Suter explains how fear is used in politics in the US and around the world to gain control of a country's narrative and population.


EP53 - S1

4 Apr 19

Is the Islamic State collapsing?

Trump is talking about the collapse of the Islamic State in Syria - but is that true? Dr Keith Suter takes a deep dive into how ISIS was formed and how just active the extremist group really is today.


EP52 - S1

28 Mar 19

The rise of right-wing extremism

In the wake of the tragic Christchurch attacks, Dr Keith Suter discusses the alarming rise of right-wing terrorism in Australia and across the world - and whether we should be surprised.


EP51 - S1

21 Mar 19

The future of the Commonwealth

With Britain's departure from the EU now more uncertain than ever, Dr Keith Suter explains why the Commonwealth was created and whether it's still significant on a world scale.


EP50 - S1

14 Mar 19

Iran - 40 years on

The Iranian Revolution shook the country - and the world - in 1979. Dr Keith Suter explains how Iran has progressed since this defining moment in history.


EP49 - S1

7 Mar 19

Why is Saudi Arabia on the radar?

The history of Saudi Arabia and why everyone in the West wants a piece of this controversial country.


EP48 - S1

28 Feb 19

China and Russia's friendship explained

Dr Keith Suter explains why Russia and China are increasingly joining forces and what it means for the West.


EP47 - S1

21 Feb 19

Venezuela's rising tensions

With Venezuela facing a humanitarian crisis, Trump's severe sanctions on oil imports have President Nicolás Maduro up in arms. Dr Keith Suter explains the driving forces behind America's intervention, the current leadership instability in Venezuela and the rise of socialist governments in Latin America.


EP46 - S1

14 Feb 19

How to take over the world

From Hitler to Trump, Dr Keith Suter canvasses the "grand masterminds" who have influenced some of the most key political figures in history and in turn, shaped the world's destiny - for good or for evil.


EP45 - S1

7 Feb 19

The making of Trump

Donald Trump was a failed businessperson - until The Apprentice came along. Dr Keith Suter explains how a reality TV producer managed to resurrect Trump as an icon of American success, and helped to forge his path to presidency.


EP44 - S1

31 Jan 19

UN plane crash investigation

The death of UN secretary general Dag Hammarskjöld in a 1961 plane crash, was at the time, thought to be caused by pilot error. Now, with Dr Keith Suter part of a fresh UN investigation into the Swedish aristocrat’s death, he discusses why anyone would want him dead – and who could have done it.


EP43 - S1

24 Jan 19

The rise of Russia

Does Putin have Trump over a barrel? As investigations into the US President and Russia continue, Dr Keith discusses the turbulent history between America and Russia and why Trump seems so set on distilling the hostility between the two countries.


EP42 - S1

17 Jan 19

Slave trade - alive and well

Slavery unfortunately still exists in many forms around the world – yes, even here in Australia. Dr Keith Suter chairs the Australian Anti-Slavery Society and discusses how the exploitation of workers has evolved over the years, common misconceptions about slavery and how we can put an end to it.


EP41 - S1

10 Jan 19

Global ageing crisis

The World Economic Forum calls it the financial equivalent to climate change. Dr Keith Suter discusses the looming ageing crisis we can’t continue to ignore. People in Australia and around the world are living longer lives than ever before - but how will we fund our newfound longevity?


EP40 - S1

3 Jan 19

Most dangerous country in the world

When former C.I.A official Michael Morell named Pakistan as the most dangerous country in the world, it came as a surprise to many. Dr Keith Suter explains why, with a rapidly growing population, high unemployment rate, nuclear weapon possession and a military that calls the shots, Pakistan may soon prove a threat not only to itself but the rest of the world, too.


EP39 - S1

27 Dec 18

Islam 101

It's 1300 years old but many misconceptions still exist about the youngest of the old religions. Dr Keith Suter sheds light on the birth of Islam, the Sunni-Shia divide across the Middle East and the similarities between Christianity, Judaism and Islam. If you are experiencing a personal crisis, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14.


EP38 - S1

20 Dec 18

The evolution of human rights

With the 70th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights taking place this week, Dr Keith Suter discusses how the revolutionary mechanism for the protection of human rights came about and how what constitutes as human rights has evolved over the decades.


EP37 - S1

13 Dec 18

The rise of white supremacy

Alarming research shows that if you’re living in America, you’re more likely to be killed by a white, right wing, terrorist than you are by an Islamic terrorist. So why is the issue of white extremism being ignored in the White House? Dr Keith Suter discusses the upsurge of white supremacy and the problems it’s posing in the United States.


EP36 - S1

6 Dec 18

The environmental warning we all ignored

It could be a Dan Brown novel. Back from the Club of Rome conference held deep in the confines of the Vatican, Dr Keith Suter explains how 50 years ago, the organisation uncovered eerily accurate information about how the planet could be impacted by the high rate of economic growth, resource depletion and environmental destruction.


EP35 - S1

29 Nov 18