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    Good Humans with Cooper Chapman

Good Humans with Cooper Chapman

Pro-surfer Cooper Chapman speaks to fellow surfers, athletes and social media stars about the challenges they’ve been through like failure, body-image and grief, and what positive things they did to help themselves through these tough times


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Season 1

Sally Fitzgibbons

Does winning make us good humans? Maybe not... 3 times world championship tour runner up Sally Fitzgibbons, is the kindest and happiest person you will likely hear. Sally tells host Cooper Chapman about the skills she uses to constantly make herself and the people around her feel better everyday that reap the most reward, winning is just a bonus.


EP11 - S1

24 Sep 20

Alex Hayes

"Another level, another devil” is Alex Hayes’ moto - the skydiving, surfing, cliff jumping, Instagram star and lover of life. But before all this, he was bullied to tears because he “didn’t fit in” to what people wanted him to be. Alex and host Cooper Chapman talk about the importance of being ok with not being common and how if you have a strong belief, you need to follow it.


EP10 - S1

10 Sep 20

Kyuss King

When Kyuss was 13 years old, a trip to Nicaragua show'd him the true meaning of selflessness when he met a kid on a horse. Yep...a horse. Kyuss King talks openly with Cooper about his fear of burning out, and how his hobbies might be the reason why and how he keeps a level head amongst all his success. 


EP09 - S1

20 Aug 20

Griffin Colapinto

So you've reached your biggest dreams - now what? Californian Pro surfer and all round nice guy Griffin Colapinto talks to Cooper Chapman about the other side of achieving your goals, that when you get there sometimes the feelings aren't always what you expected. 


EP07 - S1

23 Jul 20

Jason Patchell

How can you letting go help find what is truly important to you? Surfing Australia sports psychologist Jason Pathcell takes Cooper through the mental resilience skills he passes on to many of the surfers we hear in this series. This soft-spoken Guru shares his lessons on the art of letting go, choosing your values over goals and how to keep a level head when the stakes and waves are high.


EP06 - S1

9 Jul 20

Kid Peligro

"Everyday, be like the Tiger" - Kid Peligro love's his metaphors and this small boy from Brazil that everyone picked on, who became a respected Jujitsu and surf breath coach in Hawaii is as wise as person as you'll ever hear. Kid Peligro shares with Cooper his knowledge on marital arts, breath work and life lessons that we can all adopt everyday


EP05 - S1

25 Jun 20

Laura Enever

What does it take to ride a wave the size of a building? Cooper chats to Pro Surfer turned big wave charger about the choices she made to not become the Instagram model/ professional surfer everyone thought she would be, but to suit up and tackle bone crushing big waves instead - and then make a film about it. 


EP04 - S1

11 Jun 20

Leonardo Fioravanti

How do you become a pro surfer when you grow up nowhere near the waves? Italian surfer Leonardo Fioravanti shares with host Cooper Chapman how he made it to the top surfing stage by finding some pretty inventive ways to catch a wave. Only then having to overcome a broken back and 2 dislocated shoulders from the notorious Pipe Line wave in Hawaii.


EP03 - S1

28 May 20

Wade Carmichael

Wade Carmichael saw a movie that changed his life and his surfing career forever. Wade shares with host Cooper Chapman what happened since that day and why he’s ok with not fitting into the stereotype that people expect. This surfer is focusing on the simple things in life to stay present and focused 


EP02 - S1

28 May 20

Ryan Callinan

Shortly after Pro Surfer Ryan Callinan achieved his dream of making it on to the world tour, tragedy struck. Cooper Chapman & Ryan chat about what it felt like experiencing the highest of high’s and the lowest of lows, at the same time, and the importance facing your emotions head on.


EP01 - S1

28 May 20

Good Humans - Trailer

While the guests on this podcast - professional surfers, athletes and social media stars - might look like they have the perfect life, it’s not always what it seems. Pro-surfer Cooper Chapman speaks to them about their challenges and what positive things they did to help themselves through these tough times. You’ll get to know the real people behind the personas and pick up a few tips to build your own resilience along the way - because Cooper believes that everybody has the right to be happy.


0 - S1

7 May 20

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