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    Hamish & Andys Remembering Project

Hamish & Andys Remembering Project

The world has changed a lot in 20 years. And when you’ve be broadcasting through all of it, you have the benefit of going back to see what things were like during those times. Whether it’s a personal memory, a significant moment in history



Season 1

The Bacon 100

Hamish & Andy remember back to when Hamish’s dad Noel challenged Justin Bieber to a table tennis match.  They discuss a theory that Wippa told them about the rules of disclosing blackbelt karate skills.  And listen back to what is possibly the longest tribute song of all time…the Bacon 100.


EP15 - S1

29 Nov 20

Hamish’s Drum Audition

Hamish & Andy remember some of Horgs’s best/worst inventions, and the time that Jerry Seinfeld told them off.  Their attention then turns to their band Cool Boys & The Frontman and their constant infighting as well as a prank where Hamish auditioned for a band down the phone line.


EP14 - S1

23 Nov 20

The Most Violent Fred Basset Of All Time

Hamish & Andy remember definitely not flirting with Jessica Alba and Shannon Elizabeth. They then reflect on the most violent Fred Basset reading that drew blood from Hamish’s bum, and resulted in an F Bomb dropped live to air from Japan.


EP13 - S1

22 Nov 20

Ricky Gervais Critiques A Horgs' Invention

Hamish & Andy reveal the trick to wrangling holidays from their radio boss, Grumpy Dave. Andy shares too much about the time he pooed his pants at school camp, and Hamish reminisces about the marathon he ran with zero preparation. The boys then listen back to an interview from 2009 with one of the show's favourite guests, legendary comedian Ricky Gervais.


EP12 - S1

16 Nov 20

The Mysterious Note Left On Hamish’s Girlfriend’s Car

Hamish & Andy try to remember why they had Chopper Reid on the show so often, given he was a convicted murderer. The boys recall a surprise visit to a stripper car wash in Darwin, and listen back to the moment Jack gave up on his panelling career. Plus, the boys look back on an uncomfortable investigation into a note left on Hamish's girlfriend's car.


EP11 - S1

15 Nov 20

Pat Your Head

Hamish & Andy have attempted some very ambitious phone topics over the years, none more so than this one in 2009 with a game that literally stopped traffic.  The boys also recall a pretty unfair prank they played on Glenn Robbins and feel that Glenn had every right to be a little pissed off about it.


EP10 - S1

9 Nov 20

Post ARIAS Potty Mouth

Hamish & Andy explain how Mike Munro from ‘This is Your Life’ ended up in Hamish’s living room waiting for a couch delivery. They then take us back to the day after the 2007 ARIAS where they spoke to Missy Higgins and John Butler, who used language that made Hamish and Andy fear for their jobs. The boys also discuss how recording segments for the Caravan of Courage would sometimes mean making something out of nothing, including a segment about ‘a big tree’.


EP09 - S1

8 Nov 20

Will Jack Cry?

Hamish & Andy remember how 'Layla’s Loot Shoot' came about and tell a story about how their old boss used some insider knowledge to leave the company and become the sponsor of the show.  The boys then revisit two of their more awkward moments: a challenge to see if Andy could make Cackling Jack cry, and a fake surprise birthday party for a fairly new employee.


EP08 - S1

2 Nov 20

Hamish’s New Girlfriend In 2010 Is Now His Wife

Hamish & Andy discuss a secret they had to keep from Tom Hanks and Ron Howard after something went wrong at the preview screening of Angels & Demons. The boys then go back to 2010 where Hamish is talking about his new girlfriend who, as it turns out, is now his wife. They also discuss the technique they used to talk about their girlfriends without fear of them hearing.


EP07 - S1

1 Nov 20

The First 'Ahoy'

Hamish & Andy recall having a porn star on the show during the early days and whether that was a good idea at all.  It leads them to discuss why they made their friend Wippa, now a breakfast radio host himself, get his nuts bronzed and we hear a pivotal moment for the show - the very first time it was suggested that all callers should greet the show with the word ‘Ahoy’.


EP06 - S1

26 Oct 20

The Secret Song

The boys learn that Andy’s Dad may have kissed Pete Hellier’s Mum and reflect on the time they attempted a very ambitious interactive phone topic with the help of a two thousand strong crowd at a live show. Hamish and Andy then discuss their ‘secret song’ performed live at their final show of the year in 2016, both wondering whether it should have remained a secret from the public rather than broadcast at all.


EP05 - S1

25 Oct 20

Nice And Easy Adam Labrizzi And The Not So Easy Eugene Levy

The two times Hamish & Andy's rhyming game names backfired, plus they remember back to Dicko hosting My Restaurant Rules, the deal they had with our boss for 3 Hungover shows a year and one of Jack’s worst button pushing efforts ever.


EP04 - S1

19 Oct 20

The Celebs We Were Worried About In 2009

Hamish and Andy float the idea of performing their original footy song “Duggins Duggins” at this years Grand Final. They also revisit the time just before the Marriage Equality Plebiscite with the PM and Hamish shares his deep concern for 2009 Lindsay Lohan living beyond her means.


EP03 - S1

18 Oct 20

The Tin Whistle

The four Caravan of Courage trips became one of Hamish & Andy's most loved expeditions as they travelled for up to two weeks in a van meeting locals and having adventures. In 2010, the boys were making their way through Great Britain and Ireland, where they stayed at a haunted castle, went on dates with local girls despite both having girlfriends at home and Hamish conducted an impromptu performance at an Irish Pub.


EP02 - S1

12 Oct 20

The First We’d Heard Of Taylor Swift

In 2009, a 19 year old Taylor Swift made her first appearance on the Hamish & Andy show, performing live and agreeing to try a prank call as Swifty Taylor! In this episode the boys also remember Michael Clarke and Lara Bingle's failed energy drink, and Hamish reveals why he was hoping to bump into Chris Martin backstage at a Coldplay concert.


EP01 - S1

11 Oct 20

Hamish & Andy’s Remembering Project - Trailer

Hamish and Andy are looking at the run sheets from over 2,500 shows across two decades and picking one singular talk break to discuss.


0 - S1

2 Oct 20

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