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The guide to hacking life - how to hack our lives to feel, look and live better. Life is busy and demanding. The pressures of work, family and life mean we don't always get to look after ourselves as well as we should; our choices around fo


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Season 1

If you breathe this way it could be harming your health, but you can fix it

After one weird day in a yoga studio that left him drenched in sweat, science journalist and author James Nestor then spent years researching and experimenting breathing which culminated in his book, 'Breath'. Adam and James hack into his book on how we should breath and what will change in our body as a result and just scary, how bad it is for us if we don't change!


EP70 - S1

17 Jan 21

Heal your heart with the Mediterranean diet & Dr Catherine Itsiopolous

If there's one diet you should stick to, it's this one... Adam hacks into the heart health benefits of the Mediterranean diet with Dr Catherine Itsiopolous. 


EP69 - S1

3 Jan 21

Understanding natural and added sugar with Dr James Muecke

Australian of the year Dr James Muecke dives into his research with Adam to help us understand and avoid the different type of sugar and right diets to not only prevent but even reverse one of the biggest killers in the world, diabetes. 


EP68 - S1

20 Dec 20

The Gordon of Ramsay of fitness - James Smith

James Smith is opinionated and has amassed an enormous instagram following but for good reason - He's done the research and hours on the gym floor to be able to call it as he see's it - especially when the things he see's are usually misleading the public. A refreshing conversation with plenty to learn about our bodies and minds from someone in the health space who gives a damn about the people as much as Adam does. 


EP67 - S1

6 Dec 20

Why is sugar so addictive and how to beat it?

Sugar, it's more addictive than illegal drugs and one of the biggest villains fighting against our health - It's also one of the most requested topics you ask us to hack into. In this episode Adam explains why our bodies love it, the different forms it comes in, how it affects us and more importantly, how to avoid eating it too much of it.


EP66 - S1

22 Nov 20

Hacking into the brutal S.A.S. training with Merrick Watts

Comedian Merrick Watts takes Adam MacDougall through what it was really like to go through the course of SAS Australia TV show and how it has changed him. 


EP65 - S1

8 Nov 20

Dairy, is it good or bad for you?

Dairy... It's one of the biggest question we receive from you, so Adam is going to get to the bottom of it.


EP63 - S1

25 Oct 20

Adam's top immune boosting foods

There are certain foods that boost our immunes and Adam has found out which ones will give us the biggest bang for our buck. 


EP62 - S1

11 Oct 20

These suppliments will boost your immune system

Now, more than ever we want to make sure our immune systems are as strong as they can be to help fight off whatever comes our way. Adam has dug deep into the supplements we should take that will give our immune systems the biggest boost.


EP61 - S1

27 Sep 20

The top 6 lifestyle hacks to avoid catching viruses

Viruses aren't going anywhere, so how do you arm your self and your body to give you the best chance to fighting them off. 


EP60 - S1

13 Sep 20

Why we catch viruses?

What actually is a virus, how many are there and how do we catch them? COVID-19 has changed our lives now more than ever and Adam hacks in to how the virus and all viruses work and how to best avoid them


EP59 - S1

30 Aug 20

How to train smarter with Commando Steve

The Commando Steve Willis hacks into how focusing your mind to further fuels the body, and visa versa. The man behind the camouflage pants and wrap around sunnies is much more enlightened and insightful than you would have expected. 


EP58 - S1

16 Aug 20

The science uncovering gut health truths and myths

Gut health is so important, but there's a lot of mistruths and theories out there. Adam MacDougall speaks to gut health dietitian Nicole Dynan & Dr Emma Becket, molecular nutritionist from Newcastle University to set the record straight on what you should and shouldn't be eating to maximise good gut health.. 


EP57 - S1

2 Aug 20

The top hacks to getting abs

If you've wanted 6 pack abs all your life, this is how you can finally get them. Adam MacDougall covers what type of fat you need to lose, what diet to follow and the exercise to make those abs pop!


EP56 - S1

19 Jul 20

Top 6 hacks to bullet-proof your body for the gym

Gyms are open again! These hacks will help you prepare your body for the triumphant return 


EP55 - S1

5 Jul 20

Having a feel might save your life

AFL legend Rob “Dipper” DiPierdomenico is spreading the word on the importance of men monitoring for testicular cancer. In this chat also speaks to host Adam MacDougall on a deeper, or should we say ‘Dipper’ level, on how he discovered embracing our weaknesses, like his to stutter, helped him to achieve this dream of being a public speaker, entertainer and men’s health advocate.


EP54 - S1

21 Jun 20

How you prepare food can improve its health benefits

The food you eat and the way you prepare it can actually change your genes! Genomic scientist Amanda Archibald explains to host Adam MacDougall the science behind her food hacks that help us fight disease and increases our level of health. This is an absolutely fascinating episode for the deep health nerds!


EP53 - S1

7 Jun 20

Hacking the Hackers: Gotcha 4 Life with Gus Worland

"It's not mateship, it is friendship" - The loveable philanthropist, sporting tragic and radio announcer Gus Worland explains to Adam MacDougall how his foundation, Gotcha4Life is changing the lives of Australian blokes and their families. It's men 2.0 and it all starts with a simple chat.


EP52 - S1

24 May 20

How to eat, drink and still shrink

Is it possible to lose weight and eat normally? Well… Yes, according to Michele Chevalley Hedge in her latest book Eat drink and still shrink. Adam MacDougall finds out her tips to managing your diet long term and also, how to understand the serving information on the back of the packet, it will change the way you shop forever.


EP51 - S1

10 May 20

The top 6 weight loss hacks for women

Interval weight loss expert Dr Nick Fuller is back on health hacker to take us through his new book discussing the 6 principals to interval Weight Loss for Women and to keep it off for good  


EP50 - S1

26 Apr 20

Hacking The Hackers: Pro Surfing with Tom Carroll

Surfing icon Tom Carroll gives you health, life and mindfulness lessons to overcome your physical and mental hurdles taken directly from his time on the pro circuit, his own injuries and demons and from his new found passion of meditation.


EP49 - S1

12 Apr 20

How do you live a life of greatness?

Podcaster Sarah Grynberg has been on a mission interviewing inspirational people to find out, What a life of greatness means to them? No more prudent is that question now as most of us self-isolate and reflect on what is truly important to us now and how to get it. 


EP48 - S1

29 Mar 20

How we have gotten dieting all wrong?

Say goodbye to dieting forever. Psychologist Glenn Mackintosh, author of the fantastic book ‘Thinsanity’, takes us through the 7 steps to changing our relationship with food and identifying how your mind is obsessed with being thin.


EP47 - S1

15 Mar 20

Hacking The Hackers - Changing mindset with Wayne Pearce

How can you change your mindset to get what you want and achieve your goals? And how do you know you have chosen the right goals? Super coach to the football greats and now executive coach to the boardroom big hitters, Wayne Pearce explains to Adam how to hack your brain to only let the good information in and expel the time wasting thoughts from our mind.   


EP47 - S1

1 Mar 20

Hacking the Hackers - Spartan race founder Joe De Sena

“No one says 'I wish I had more ice cream last night', but you remember the time you ran further than you thought you could” Boston based Joe De Sena created the Spartan race. An obstacle course to help people gain perspective for what's tough in life and set a new benchmark on what they can really achieve when they push themselves. He's helped thousands of people around the world and is in Australia to conduct the Spartan race in bush fire affected areas. More at


EP46 - S1

16 Feb 20

Hacking the Atkins diet

Do hi fat - low carb diets work? Adam explores a listener question on the Atkins diet whilst also taking a look at Keto and the effects these diets have, both good and bad, on the body. Send your questions to [email protected]


EP45 - S1

2 Feb 20

Hacking The Hackers - Sensory trainer Da Rulk

Could you do a hard core work out blind folded? Sensory trainer Da Rulk has worked with firefighters, Navy Seals and even the God of Thunder, Chris Hemsworth. While training the body is important, Da Rulk's unique sensory training techniques help his recruits build a stronger and more alert mind. He's even worked with gaming headset brand Turtle beach, Da Rulk is next level!


EP44 - S1

19 Jan 20

Listener health questions

Your questions on the Game Changers documentary. What's more effective Exercise vs Diet? And Is coffee good or bad for you?  Adam MacDougall hacks answers to your questions in his first, but what will be many Q&A episodes to come. Keep the questions coming in on Adam's and PodcastOne Australia's socials. 


EP43 - S1

5 Jan 20

Hacking The Hackers - Juvan Langford

Professional Basketballer Juvan Langford realised his passion was actually something else - the devotion to helping men around the world got the next level bu adjusting their pre conceived masculine mindset. Adam MacDougall and Juvan talk about his journey to creating the MenTour and how it's changing lives for men and the communities around them.  


EP42 - S1

22 Dec 19

The top 5 supplements you'll need everyday

Using supplements to boost your diet is proven to increase your health and fitness, but which ones are the most effective. Adam hacks into the top 5 supplements you'll need everyday to get fitter, stronger and feel great  


EP41 - S1

8 Dec 19

Hacking The Hackers - Paul and Tami Roos

Meditation hacks with Paul and Tami Roos. The powerfully calm couple explain how lifting weights and running km's can only do so much for your success. The control of your mind through meditation is what won the Sydney swans premierships, allows them to work together as husband and wife and breeds success for you in work, relationships and health.  For any episode or guest suggestions, send your ideas to [email protected] or via the Man Shake socials. 


EP40 - S1

24 Nov 19

Hacking the Vegan diet

Is a Vegan diet right for you? Adam explains how the Vegan diet works, why it’s different to becoming a vegetarian, and the supplements you will need to take now that meat is no longer in your diet.


EP39 - S1

10 Nov 19

Hacking the Hackers - Eloise Wellings

Overcoming Olympic disappointment, injury and training while pregnant - Eloise Wellings is a true athlete who has hacks that us mere mortals can apply to our own life to optimise our health. Get in touch with Adam at


EP38 - S1

27 Oct 19

Hacking the Hackers - Shane Crawford

Shane Crawford shares the how values he learnt from his mother was the key to his success in football, TV and raising money for charity. Get in touch with Adam at


EP37 - S1

13 Oct 19

The top hacks to improving your mood

Food is information, Adam explains the right foods to send positive information around your body to improve your mood and making you feel great. Ask Adam a health question at


EP36 - S1

29 Sep 19

Hacking the Hackers - Chris Judd

The top hacks to success with AFL legend Chris Judd - From his footy career to a life after footy with 4 kids and multiple part time jobs. 


EP35 - S1

15 Sep 19

Top 5 Hacks to Spring into Spring

Spring has sprung and over winter so did our bellies, buns and tums. Adam hacks into the best way to get fit and feel great in Spring. 


EP34 - S1

1 Sep 19

Hacking the hackers - Damien Mu

Adam learns from AIA Insurance CEO Damien Mu, how his vision to make Australia and New Zealand the healthiest nations on the planet starts at home with his own work, fitness, diet and mental goals... and it's a never ending process 


EP33 - S1

1 Aug 19

The top hacks to all day energy pt 2

Part 2 of Adam MacDougall hacking into how to bounce out of bed, do a day’s work and still have energy well in the evening.  


EP32 - S1

9 Jun 19

The top hacks to all day energy pt 1

Adam MacDougall hacks into how to bounce out of bed, do a day’s work and still have energy well in the evening   


EP31 - S1

26 May 19

Hacking the hackers - Dr. Dale Bredesen

Adam MacDougall learns how your diet can help your brain health with Alzheimer’s expert Dr Dale Bredesen. To learn more connect with Dr Bredesen on Facebook or Twitter.


EP30 - S1

12 May 19

How to exercise to live to 100?

Does your health span match your life span? Adam MacDougall hacks into not just how to increase your life expectancy span but how to be healthy when you get there.


EP29 - S1

7 Apr 19

How to exercise to be stronger, faster, and fitter

Adam MacDougall hacks into the most requested fitness goals and how to achieve them. From improving recreational sport, to running a marathon, growing muscles, increasing strength and exercising to lose weight.


EP28 - S1

24 Mar 19

Hacking the hackers - Luke Benedictus

The former Editor of Men's Health Magazine shares his hacks to fatherhood with Adam MacDougall as well as his new venture helping dads to be the best for their kids.  


EP27 - S1

10 Mar 19

Hacking the top health trends for 2019 pt 2

New Year, new you! But what's worth your time when getting fit and healthy? In Part 2 Adam MacDougall continues to break down the biggest health trends across the globe to make your choice easy.  


EP26 - S1

24 Feb 19

Hacking the top health trends for 2019 pt 1

New Year, new you! But what's worth your time when getting fit and healthy? Adam MacDougall breaks down the biggest health trends across the globe to make your choice easy.


EP25 - S1

10 Feb 19

Hacking the hackers - Dr. Nick Fuller

"Avoid going to extremes with your nutrition", Dr Nick Fuller from The University of Sydney tells Adam MacDougall about 'Interval Dieting' for long term results.   


EP24 - S1

28 Jan 19

The top hacks to make fasting easy

The best diet is the one you stick to - Armed with the fasting knowledge you've learn't from the last two episodes, Adam MacDougall now teaches you how to start fasting and then stick to it.  


EP23 - S1

13 Jan 19

Which fasting diet is for you

Adam MacDougall's explores the most popular fasts and reveals the fasting program he’s hacked into that you can follow.    


EP22 - S1

9 Dec 18

The fastest way to lose weight

There are many ways to burn fat but this is Adam MacDougall's method for the simplest and most effective road to success.   


EP21 - S1

25 Nov 18

Hacking the hackers - Mark Bouris

What if your daily routine was leading to one event a year? At 62 years old, business icon Mark Bouris explains to Adam MacDougall how he can still successfully step into the boxing and business ring.    


EP20 - S1

11 Nov 18

The top 6 hacks to lose belly fat - pt 2

Adam MacDougall breaks down the two types of belly fat we have and how to get rid of it for good. 


EP19 - S1

7 Oct 18

The top 6 hacks to lose belly fat - pt 1

Adam MacDougall breaks down the two types of belly fat we have and how to get rid of it 


EP18 - S1

7 Oct 18

The top 6 hacks to avoiding the flu

Prevention is the best medicine and these 6 hacks well help you fight off the bug in Flu season. However, if the bug has already got you here are some of Adam MacDougall's hacks on how best to get rid of it quickly.


EP17 - S1

27 May 18

Hacking the top 10 health trends - pt 2

Everyone has an opinion on how you should be getting fit & healthy. This is part 2 of the top 10 health trends in the world which Adam MacDougall has researched sand will tell you whether they are worth your time including Fasting, Junk Light, Gut Health, Skinny Tea and CBD Oil.


EP16 - S1

29 Apr 18

Hacking the top 10 health trends - pt1

Rightly or wrongly people love to have an opinion, especially when it comes to fitness. To arm you with the knowledge on what trends you should actually look into, this 2 part episode Adam MacDougall breaks down the pro's and con's for the top ten health trends. This episode looks at DNA Wellness, Elimination Diets, Bare Foot Training, Electric shock training and H.I.T.-fit.


EP15 - S1

18 Mar 18

Hacking the hackers - Dr. happy

This is a Health Hacker interview, 'Hacking the Hackers'. This is when Adam sits down with inspiring people to find out how they have hacked their lives and then pass this information on to you - it's a hack within a hack. On this episode Adam and his producer Alex speak to Dr. Tim Sharp, also known Dr. Happy. Dr Happy is the founder of the happiness institute where he researches the field of positive psychology. He's written books, hosted podcasts, given talks all on how to mentally hack our lives into happiness. Download the PodcastOne app from the Apple and Google Play app stores.


EP14 - S1

4 Mar 18

The top 8 hacks to happiness

Sometimes the activities you do for pleasure are actually reducing your overall happiness? Adam MacDougall defines the difference between pleasure and happiness and his 'Top 8 Hacks to Happiness' will help you focus in on what's important in your life - Regardless of how much money you make or where you live. 


EP13 - S1

21 Jan 18

The top 5 hacks for sticking to your New Years resolutions

New Year's Resolutions, they all have one thing in common, they require your dedication to make them happen. 92% of the population don't stick to theirs. Hack into the top ways to stick to your goals with this New Year's Day with Adam MacDougall. Adam helps you nail 2018 and all of your life goals. 


EP12 - S1

31 Dec 17

The top 5 hacks for a healthy Christmas day

Adam MacDougall hacks into making Christmas Day work for you and not against you and your waist line. He explores how your enjoyment can actually deter your body from putting on weight, what to eat when the Christmas buffet is on offer and one simple tip that will have you drinking less alcohol than you did last Christmas. 


EP11 - S1

20 Dec 17

The top gifts to hack into a healthy Christmas

On the first day of Christmas Adam MacDougall said to me, "Hack your Christmas gifts by making them affordable and health-eey". This festive season as you exchange gifts, Adam will hack into the smartest buys that will keep on giving to your health and well-being; most of which keeping it light on your wallet too. From exercise equipment to tech, games and household appliances. 


EP10 - S1

13 Dec 17

The top 5 hacks to avoid a hangover

Adam MacDougall has you covered with his hacks for avoiding a hangover which begins at preparing the body with his specially formulated "Pre-Tox" drink. Then when you're out - what alcohol to drink and what to avoid. Adam then hacks the morning after: what are the best ingredients needed for your perfect hungover meal? 


EP09 - S1

3 Dec 17

The top 5 hacks for good gut health

Gut health is one of the least spoken about aspects of our personal health but one of the most critical. In this episode, Adam MacDougall breaks down the basics of gut health and gives us five easy to implement hacks for good gut health. It's about your choices of food, about when not to eat, getting moving and outdoors and our own personal outlook. 


EP08 - S1

17 Nov 17

The top 5 hacks to make smart food choices

Your mind makes on average 200 decisions a day about food, but 90% of these are subconscious. Because food marketing is so well researched plus our basic human nature to crave certain foods, those subconscious decisions are not always the healthiest for us. In this episode Adam MacDougall will hack into how to make the conscious decisions the right ones without going to extremes like becoming a Vegan or giving up bread.


EP07 - S1

22 Oct 17

The top 5 hacks to build muscle fast

What types of gym work should you be focusing on to get results? What should you be eating to help muscle growth? Adam MacDougall explains to Producer Alex the keys to building muscle fast with his top 5 hacks. Hear Adams hacks built from personal experience and expert sports scientists, along with how Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson - aka the Rock - super charges his own muscle growth.


EP06 - S1

2 Oct 17

The top hacks to get fit fast

How long should you train for and what type of training gets you the best results? Learn what LIFE FIT is, how to replicate training at altitude and an exercise regime that will increase your fitness by 28% from just 4 minutes of training a day. Adam MacDougall hacks  how to get fit fast and stay fit.


EP05 - S1

23 Aug 17

The top 5 fast fat loss hacks

How long does it take to turn burn off 2 slices of pizza? What abut a single chocolate coated peanut? Adam MacDougall teaches you how to lose weight the right way by hacking into your gut health, the 10 hour food window and the importance of knowing the difference between fat loss vs weight loss.


EP04 - S1

23 Aug 17

The top 5 food hacks to lose weight and feel great

How can you minimise the weight gaining impact of carbs on the body? How should you cook your vegetables to maximise their nutrition? What is the impact of reheating? And in what order you should eat your food? Adam MacDougall hacks into the process of cooking and eating.


EP03 - S1

6 Aug 17

The top 6 hacks for a perfect night's sleep

The key to starting each day the right way is by hacking into the night before. In order to implement what we learned in Episode 1, this episode will set yourself up for the morning with the top six hacks for a perfect night's sleep. Learn Adam MacDougall's  hacks around how to quiet the mind, the role of your phone, how to set up your bedroom, the use of colours and how long to sleep for.


EP02 - S1

10 Jul 17

Why we should all be health hackers and the 6 best hacks to kickstart your day

What is "Health Hacking"? Meet Adam MacDougall and producer Alex; find out what made Adam take the steps to become a fitness economist and learn how we can all make positive changes to our lives by just putting in place a few hacks. It's not just about the right advice, its also about countering the misinformation that is regularly out there about food and our health & fitness. The guys also kick off this series with the first set of hacks - the six best hacks to kickstart your day.


EP01 - S1

26 Jun 17

Health Hacker trailer

There's a lot of health information out there, so you do you trust? If you are looking to take charge of your physical health, former athlete and health and fitness economist Adam MacDougall does the heavy lifting for you by researching and breaking down health topics for you in the form of the top hacks which are simple, achievable and sustainable.  


0 - S1

25 Jun 17

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