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Rebuild your body, health and your life, no matter what stage of motherhood you’re at. With more than two decades of experience in the health and wellbeing industry, host and mum of four Amelia Phillips speaks to the top parenting, fitness


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Season 1

David Campbell on parenting, self worth and Stupid Carrots

You know him from the Today Show, so what's he like away from the cameras? David Campbell reveals to host Amelia Phillips how dealing with an early trauma has shaped his parenting style, what led him to write Stupid Carrots and how he juggles a public life with raising three kids. 


EP30 - S1

10 Nov 20

Boosting body image in kids

Worried about your kid’s self esteem and body image? Clinical psychologist Amy Talbot joins host Amelia Phillips to discuss the warning signs, how to respond to your child’s negative self talk, strategies to boost body image and how to not pass on your own issues.  


EP29 - S1

3 Nov 20

Are you worried about a child’s weight?

Are you worried your child or someone else’s child is overweight? Host Amelia Phillips and Paediatric Endocrinologist Dr Gary Leong discuss the best way to approach this issue, how to determine if a child’s health is suffering and how to broach the conversation sensitively with family, friends and the child.  


EP28 - S1

27 Oct 20

Time management blueprint for mums

Drowning in your to-do list? Feeling disconnected from your kids? New York Times best selling author Julie Morgenstern and host Amelia Phillips discuss the ultimate time management guide for parents. Plus instant hacks to connect more deeply with our kids and bring our stress levels down.


EP27 - S1

21 Oct 20

Endocrine Disruptors, hormones and weight gain

Hormones wreaking havoc after having kids? Endocrine disrupting chemicals can play a big part in disrupting hormones and weight, and they can be found in plastics, sunscreen, and even our cosmetics. Endocrinologist Dr Katherine Samaras joins host Amelia Phillips to discuss the simplest ways to reduce our exposure to EDC's and lose weight the healthy way.


EP26 - S1

13 Oct 20

Managing kids screen time

If you feel stressed about how much your kids are glued to their iPad, phone or tv screen then you’re not alone! Host Amelia Phillips chats to social researcher David Gillespie about whether or not too much screen time is damaging for our kids, recognising signs of screen addiction and the best ways to manage your kids screen time if they are having too much of it. 


EP25 - S1

6 Oct 20

Getting your sex life back on track

Having kids can affect your sex life, your view of your own desirability and leave things feeling a bit beige in the bedroom. So how do we get that spark back? Dr Nikki Goldstein, a Sexologist who holds a doctorate degree in Human Sexuality, shares her tips with host Amelia Philips on how to start feeling body positive and sexy again, how to make time for those spontaneous intimate moments with your partner and how to start the conversation about spicing things up in the bedroom. 


EP24 - S1

29 Sep 20

Are mums more prone to bloating and IBS?

Feeling bloated more often than not? NY Times best-selling author and Gastroenterologist Dr Will Bulsiewicz explains why mums are more prone to bloating and IBS and what you can do about it. Dr Will and host Amelia Phillips discuss the easy changes you can make to start improving your gut health.


EP23 - S1

22 Sep 20

Covid19 and health: Staying healthy in isolation

Many of us gained weight whilst in lockdown, even though we theoretically had more time on our hands to cook and exercise. So what is it about this situation that’s led to unhealthy habits? Host Amelia Phillips speaks to nutritionist and personal trainer Jacqueline Alwill about the biggest weight gain traps people fall into and how to get back on track before the world opens up again.


EP22 - S1

3 Jun 20

Covid19 and health: How to stay married during isolation

With many of us currently spending more time than ever at home with our partners, it’s no wonder our relationships might be feeling the strain. Host Amelia Phillips speaks to relationship psychologist Emma Cholakians to find out how we can stay emotionally connected with our partner and keep the spark alive, even during trying times.


EP21 - S1

27 May 20

Covid19 and health: How to overcome loneliness

Being a mum can sometimes be a lonely business, even if you’re surrounded by people. Loneliness in Australia was on the rise even before Covid19 hit, so how has this new world of social distancing, isolation and working from home impacted us emotionally? Host Amelia Phillips speaks to clinical psychologist Dr Michelle Lim to find out how we can reduce feelings of loneliness and identify if people around us are feeling lonely and need our support.


EP20 - S1

29 Apr 20

Covid19 and health: How to reframe your mindset and stay positive during challenging times

We all react differently in times of crisis, so how do we manage these emotions for the better? In this episode about navigating coronavirus, host Amelia Phillips speaks to  Psychologist Dr Tim Sharp, aka Dr Happy, about how we can reframe our thinking around unexpected life changes. He also shares his tips on how we can use this time to motivate ourselves to focus on our health and feel more optimism.


EP19 - S1

8 Apr 20

Covid19 and kids: How to keep your kids engaged and learning while they’re at home

Struggling to know where to even begin in home-schooling your kids? In this episode about navigating coronavirus with kids, online learning expert Dr Selina Samuels gives host Amelia Phillips her top tips on how to make home-schooling effective, fun and engaging, whilst not putting too much pressure on parents.    


EP18 - S1

8 Apr 20

Covid19 and kids: How to talk to your kids about the coronavirus

In this episode about navigating Covid19 with kids, host Amelia Phillips speaks to Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Professor Brett McDermott, about the best ways to talk to our kids about coronavirus and its impact on their lives, plus how to spot signs of stress and reassure our kids.


EP17 - S1

8 Apr 20

Is mummy brain a thing?

It’s true! Research shows having kids does actually alter the way our brain works – but don’t freak out just yet. Host Amelia Phillips speaks to neuroscientist from the Body Brain Performance Institute, Paul Taylor, about how we can hack our new, improved noggins to better our motivation, mood swings and even our food cravings.


EP16 - S1

27 Jan 20

Building a bond with your child

We all want to have a beautiful bond with our children – but what exactly does that look like? Host Amelia Phillips asks councillor Kaylene Harry how we can forge loving connections with our kids whilst still maintaining discipline. The good news? We only have to get it right 30% of the time.


EP15 - S1

27 Jan 20

Kids taking years off your life?

As if the constant, underlying worry that comes with being a parent wasn’t enough, a one-off stressful event can just tip you right over the edge. Whether it’s your kids having fall, a shouty outburst or even running onto a busy road, host Amelia Phillips asks certified mind-body practitioner, Joannie Lemay, about how to recover quickly and stay calm in any situation.


EP14 - S1

27 Jan 20

Stuck in a career rut?

Whether you’re revising your work-life balance following maternity leave, feeling stale in your nine-to-five, or struggling with your own start-up, it seems career ruts are rife amongst mums. Host Amelia Phillips speaks to life and business coach, Fiona Craig, about how to get clarity and purpose when it comes to our career choices.


EP13 - S1

27 Jan 20

The sandwich generation

Caught between caring for your kids and your elderly parents? Turns out, you’re not alone. Host Amelia Phillips asks social researcher, Mark McCrindle, whether this emerging trend is making life harder for mums or whether it could lead to a healthier, happier family unit.


EP12 - S1

27 Jan 20

Help, I’m turning into my mum!

Remember promising yourself that you would never speak to your kids the way your mum did, or maybe wag your finger like your dad? Host Amelia Phillips speaks with psychologist Robin Grille about how to avoid passing on the less desirable traits of our parents (while still passing on those good ones).  


EP11 - S1

27 Jan 20

Super cruisy or structured?

Australia’s “supernannies” Donna Sheppard and Angela Hadzipasic have been flies on the wall in hundreds of families’ homes. Host Amelia Phillips asks them how we can raise happy, resilient and well-behaved children, no matter our parenting style.


EP10 - S1

27 Jan 20

How not to murder your partner

Get your relationship back on track. Host Amelia Phillips speaks with psychologist, Jacqui Manning, about how we can foster a deep connection, communicate effectively and be kinder to our partners, even with kids in the mix.


EP09 - S1

1 Sep 19

Managing “mummy rage”

Overcoming the lava monster. Host Amelia Phillips speaks with the founder of Spilt Milk Psychology, Amanda Donnet, about why parenting can bring up overwhelming emotions like anger and rage, how we can manage them when they arise and why you’re not alone.  


EP08 - S1

1 Sep 19

I don’t know how she does it!

From a stressed out corporate worker to a super engaged, healthy mum, host Amelia Phillips chats to lifestyle motivator Dani Stevens on how she transformed her health and her life. Get some practical tips on how we can run a healthier, happier household.


EP07 - S1

1 Sep 19

Can food improve our mood?

For years, we’ve suspected that food can impact our mood, and now the studies prove it! Host Amelia Phillips speaks with nutritionist and dietician, Meghan Hockey, about which foods can actually improve our mental health and how we can include them in our family meals.  


EP06 - S1

1 Sep 19

Hormones after children

Hormones in a tailspin, even years after kids? Host Amelia Phillips sits down with nutritionist and author of The Australian Healthy Hormone Diet, Michele Chevalley Hedge, about how we can get our hormones back on track, with a few simple changes to our diet.


EP05 - S1

1 Sep 19

Find time to exercise

From washing line squats to couch crunches, host Amelia Phillips speaks to founder of Two Minute Moves, Lizzie Williamson, about how mums can find the time and motivation to exercise, and how life-changing it can be.


EP04 - S1

1 Sep 19

Embrace our post-baby body

“You weren’t born into this world hating your body.” Host Amelia Phillips chats with founder of The Body Image Movement, Taryn Brumfitt, about how we can stop negative self-talk and learn to love our bodies after kids - stretch marks, muffin tops, mum tums and all.


EP03 - S1

1 Sep 19

Career and kids

“Work to live, don’t live to work.” Host Amelia Phillips sits down with executive coach, Margie Hartley, to find out how we can achieve a healthy work-life balance and stop feeling guilty when we leave the little ones at home.


EP02 - S1

1 Sep 19

Beat sleep deprivation

As mums, getting enough sleep can make or break us. Host Amelia Phillips speaks to sleep whisperer, Dr Carmel Harrington, about how we can get a good night’s sleep once kids come into the picture and how to thrive even when we are feeling sleep deprived.


EP01 - S1

1 Sep 19