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    Hook Line and Sinker - The Boat Shed

Hook Line and Sinker - The Boat Shed

The series that will take you from the comfort of your living room to the open seas in no time. From choosing what boat suits your lifestyle to navigating the seemingly endless choices around size, style and shape of boat, this series will



Season 1

Hook, Line and Sinker - Boat Shed - Trailer


0 - S1

22 Sep 20

Ep 1 - So you want to buy a boat?

Whether you're new to boat ownership or are looking at vessel number 10, the questions remain the same when it comes to purchasing. What am I looking for and where do I start? In this episode, Nick Duigan, Andrew Hart and Luke McCredden navigate you through some of the common questions to ask yourself when discovering which boat is right for you.


EP01 - S1

5 Oct 20

Ep 2 – Choices, choices…

So many choices in the boat purchasing game. Fibreglass or aluminium, inboard or outboard, cabin or console, single hull or multi-hull? These are just some of the choices. But don’t worry, in this episode, Nick Duigan, Andrew Hart and Luke McCredden break down these choices and make it easier for you to work out which direction you need to take.


EP02 - S1

5 Oct 20

Ep 3 – The Maiden Voyage

Well here we are, time to set sail. Well... almost! There are a couple of things you should know about trailers, boat ramps and etiquette and of course driving your new boat. In this episode, Nick Duigan, Andrew Hart and Luke McCredden run you through these things and more, ready to set you off on your first outing.


EP03 - S1

5 Oct 20

Ep 4 – Boat Fitout

There comes a time in any boat owners life where you start thinking about setting up your boat with more of the bells and whistles! After all, as the guys say, boats are never finished. In this episode, Nick Duigan, Andrew Hart and Luke McCredden look at the areas of your boat that you can and should upgrade, essential and not so essential add ons, plus some boat fitout hacks that you might not have thought of.


EP04 - S1

5 Oct 20

Ep 5 – Not Just Boats

All the talk to this point has been predominantly around power boats, but there are more ways to hit the water than just that! In this episode, Nick Duigan, Andrew Hart and Luke McCredden are taking to the water with kayaks, inflatables, jetskis, yachts and even houseboats and giving you the low down on all the options to get you out on the water.


EP05 - S1

5 Oct 20

Ep 6 – Project Boats

The idea of a project boat is exciting indeed, but is it for you? In this episode, Nick Duigan, Andrew Hart and Luke McCredden are sharing the wins and fails of the project boats they have undertaken over the years. Plus, they share some very useful golden rules of taking on a project like this.


EP06 - S1

5 Oct 20

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