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Season 1


WE MADE IT. Welcome to 2021. Let's all agree that last year can go straight into a bin that is then lobbed directly into the sun. But before that happens, let's reminisce on the dumpster fire that was the last 12 months...Here's just the gist of 2020! We give you Just The Gist, but if you want more, there's this: Normally we put links here, but... for real... we all lived it. Just google stuff.  Email us with your suGISTions! [email protected]


EP65 - S1

31 Dec 20


Whether you're stuck dealing with racist Uncle Barry or chilling at home eating Chinese food and watching movies, we decided to get you through the day with a sneaky lil history on the origins of Santa Claus! And it's a pretty intense history tbh. There's pimping out women for cash, children being turned into ham and eaten, and way more guns than you would've thought.Oh, and we answer the question everyone asks in primary school: Was Santa's red and white suit really invented by the Coca Cola company? We give you Just The Gist, but if you want more, there's this: This is an excellent documentary about Christmas traditions from around the world  Read about the 'real' Saint Nick's life  Check out Santa's appearances in wartime propaganda  Some more details on Sinterklaas traditions  Here's some detail on how the New York Knickerbockers made Santa a thing in the USA  Email us your suGISTions! [email protected]


EP64 - S1

25 Dec 20

Pepe The Frog

How did a cute, unassuming cartoon frog end up a symbol of racism and favourite mascot of the alt-right? Pepe started off as a funny little meme, created by an artist who just wanted to spread joy and laughter in the world. NEXT MINUTE - his creation was popping up on banners at Trump rallies and being used by white supremacists to spread the worst kinds of bigotry and racism. So why did the racist and sexist trolls on awful websites like 4chan pick Pepe? And what's to stop them making any other much-loved character a symbol of hate? Is Sesame Street safe? The Wiggles? BIG TED? We give you Just The Gist, but if you want more, there's this:Watch the documentary Feels Good Man:  Some light reading:  Read more on the protestors in Hong Kong who have reappropriated Pepe: Check out some Rare Pepes:  And brush up on your hate symbols by visiting the Anti Defamation League's Hate Symbol Database - there are some surprising ones there:  Email us your suGISTions! [email protected]


EP63 - S1

18 Dec 20

The Sydney Luna Park Ghost Train Fire

In 1979, a fire broke out on the ghost train at Sydney’s Luna Park, killing 7 people - 6 of them children. Despite being over 40 years since the tragedy occurred, it’s still considered one of Sydney’s greatest unsolved mysteries, as authorities never figured out how or why it happened. But, there are main two theories that refuse to go away - that an infamous Sydney criminal caused the fire in an attempt to take over the park, or... that a devil-horned man named Moloch started the fire as part of a child sacrifice. We give you Just The Gist, but if you want more, there’s this: Daily Telegraph article with interviews: Mosman Collective article with good collection of pics: Some podcast eps:  Fairground F*uck-Ups: True Crime Island: Investigates: Email us with your suGISTions!  [email protected]


EP62 - S1

10 Dec 20

The Bling Ring

In 2009, six celebrity-obsessed teenagers decided that the best way to live like their idols was to, well, steal their stuff. These kids used Google, TMZ, Facebook and good ol' Hollywood Star Maps to figure out where celebs lived and when exactly when they weren't at home. Then they'd break into their (usually unlocked) mansions and steal piles of their stuff. They ransacked the homes of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Rachel Bilson, Orlando Bloom and more. By the time they were caught, they had $3million worth of stuff, and the crazy thing? Most of the celebrities hadn't even noticed anything was missing. We give you Just The Gist, but if want more, there's this: This is the article that blew up the story around the world, Nancy Jo Sales’ The Suspect wore Louboutins: Her book 'The Bling Ring': The Bling Ring movie by Sophia Coppola (available in Australia on STAN): Read all the details of how Nick Prugo destroyed a woman’s life in a vicious, evil way  Here’s an update on where the Ring members were in 2018  Watch the Alexis reality show 'Pretty Wild' (this ep is the one where she gets mad at Vanity Fair for saying she was wearing the wrong shoes):  Email us with your suGISTions! [email protected]


EP61 - S1

4 Dec 20

The Jenny Jones talk show shooting

In 1995, daytime talk shows like Jerry Springer and Jenny Jones were at the height of their popularity thanks to using a tactic called ‘ambush television’ - getting guests on stage and shocking or embarrassing them for entertainment. There were episodes like ‘Mom, I’ve been sleeping with your boyfriend’ or ‘Remember our one night stand? WELL THIS IS YOUR BABY!’  One episode of Jenny Jones at the time was called ‘Guess your secret crush!’ and in it, a man called Scott Amedure admitted to his friend Jonathan Schmitz that he had a crush on him. Three days later, Scott was dead. Jonathan had murdered him, and he blamed The Jenny Jones Show. We give you Just The Gist, but if you want more, there’s this: The doco episode of ‘Trial By Media’ that Rosie talked about, called ‘Talk Show Murder’ (on Netflix): Episode of ‘Criminal’ podcast about the ‘Gay Panic’ defence: Some articles: This episode may have been triggering or upsetting for members of the LGBTQIA community, so please reach out if you need to. Here’s some links: Lifeline: Q Life: ACON: Beyond Blue: Email us your suGISTions! [email protected]


EP60 - S1

27 Nov 20

The 1904 Olympic Games - aka the one that was so bad they almost cancelled the Olympics forever

Imagine if Donald Trump and the dude who created Fyre Fest were allowed to run an Olympics - that’s the level of disaster that was going on at the 1904 St Louis Olympic Games. Nothing was organised, competitors almost died, and the US kept giving citizenship to foreign athletes who won so they could have the highest medal tally. Who cares if cars were literally driving through races? AMERICA WANTED TO WIN BIGLY. We give you just the gist, but if you want more, there’s this: Some fun articles to read about the Marathon:  This one in particular has some great photos:  And some articles about the Olympics as a whole:  One of many videos on YouTube about the Games:  For scale, check out how big the St Louis World’s Fair was in comparison to the Olympics:  The Conspirituality Podcast Jacob mentioned:  Send us your suGISTions! [email protected]


EP59 - S1

20 Nov 20

The Messed Up History of the Ice Pick Lobotomy

In the 1940s and 1950s, Dr Walter Freeman performed his 'pioneering' procedure on thousands of people, and trained other doctors to perform it on thousands more. The media was calling it a 'miracle cure' for any and all mental illness. You could get it done at your local doctor's office in five minutes for the bargain price of 25 bucks. The only problem? The 'procedure' involved taking an ice pick, sticking it through the eye socket up into the brain, and swishing it around at random. People would go in suffering mild depression, and come out with the mental capacity of a toddler. But that didn't stop Dr Freeman, with hundreds of thousands of people getting the 'miracle' Ice Pick Lobotomy before he was finally stopped. We give you Just The Gist, but if you want more, there's this: Psych Central article: Wiki: Guardian article about Howard Dully: NPR interview with Howard Dully: More info on Rosemary Kennedy: Great episode of 'LORE' with super gory reinactments, but tells the story really well (watch in Aus on AmazonPrime): Follow us on Insta! @[email protected]@justthegistpodcast Email us your suGISTions! [email protected]


EP58 - S1

13 Nov 20

Rudy Kurniawan - the guy who tricked rich idiots into buying homemade wine

There are people in this world who spend literally hundreds of thousands of dollars on wine - sometimes on a single bottle. These wine 'experts' say they can taste the difference between a fancy bottle and a sack of goon, but... Rudy definitely proved they can't. He made a bunch of wine in his kitchen, slapped some snobby labels on the bottles and SOLD THEM TO RICH IDIOTS FOR MILLIONS OF DOLLARS. And not only did they buy the wine, they INSISTED they loved it, and that it was the 'best wine' they'd ever tasted. Gotta love rich idiots! We give you Just The Gist, but if you want more, there's this: Watch the 'Sour Grapes' documentary: Watch 'The Greatest Wine Forger' documentary: Read some articles: Vanity Fair: The Guardian: The New Yorker: Follow us on Instagram! @RosieWaterland @JacobWilliamStanley  @JustTheGistPodcast Email us with sugistions!! [email protected]


EP57 - S1

6 Nov 20

Tania Esteve Head - the fake 9/11 survivor

Her story was one of triumph over trauma. When planes flew into the World Trade Centre twin towers on September 11, Tania Head was on the floor where the plane hit. She somehow made it out, only to still be at ground zero when the tower collapsed. Waking up in hospital with horrific injuries, she is told that her fiancé who was in the other tower, has died. She goes on to become president of the World Trade Centre Survivor’s Network, and is the public face of those who made it out.  One little problem - she had never even been to the World Trade Centre. She wasn’t even in the country on 9/11. IT WAS ALL A LIE.  So how does a woman who made up her entire story of survival end up president of the damn Survivor’s Network? And what happened when they found out she’d been faking it all along - that she was the woman who wasn’t there? We give you Just The Gist, but if you want more, there’s this: Watch the documentary The Woman Who Wasn't There: Read the book of The Woman Who Wasn’t There: Angelo Guglielmo explains how he came to make the film and write the book: David Dunlap’s 2007 article that revealed all of Tania’s lies: Documentary about the hoax from 2008 called The 9/11 Faker: RECCOS! The prison podcast by the FyreFest guy Billy McFarland called ‘Dumpster Fyre’: A good article breaking down all the Quibi nonsense: DISHMANTLED! The AMAZING Coogee Bay Hotel poo article in Junkee by Rob Stott: Follow us on Insta! @[email protected]@justthegistpodcast Email us with ideas/comments/complaints about the Breakin’ News song! [email protected]


EP56 - S1

30 Oct 20

The Blair Witch Project (AKA... The Greatest Movie Marketing Campaign of ALL TIME)

In October of 1994, three student filmmakers disappeared in the woods near Burkettsville, Maryland while shooting a documentary... A year later their footage was found. AND EVERYBODY LOST THEIR DAMN MINDS. The Blair Witch Project was a horror film that gripped the world because everybody (Rosie included) was convinced it was a real 'documentary'. It was a mania that could only have happened at that one point in time - the internet was new, 'found footage' horror movies weren't around yet, and we were all JUST SO NAIVE. But how did the creators actually do it? How did they make millions of people believe they were watching actual footage of missing students being murdered? Rosie gives Jacob Just The Gist on exactly how The Blair Witch Project was pulled off - from auditioning the actors to (whose parents got condolence cards from friends who thought they had died) to faking entire newspaper articles to pull people in. We give you Just The Gist, but if you want more, there's this: Ben Rock's 8 detailed blog posts about working on the film: The 1999 Blair Witch website: Article about the marketing strategy of the film: Wikipedia page: American Hysteria podcast mini-episode about The Blair Witch Project mania of 1999: This week's RECCOS: Watch Seduced (the other NXIVM documentary besides 'The Vow'): (Available to watch in Australia on Stan) Listen to the 'wellness debunking' podcast Rosie mentioned called 'Maintenance Phase': Reply All episode about QAnon 'A Country of Liars': Rabbit Hole podcast: Follow us on Insta! @[email protected]@justthegistpodcast Email us your [email protected]


EP55 - S1

23 Oct 20

The Chowchilla School Bus Kidnapping

In 1976 in the tiny town of Chowchilla, three men kidnapped 26 kids (aged 5-14) and their busdriver. They piled them into blacked-out vans, drove for 12 hours to the middle of nowhere, then forced them to climb down a ladder into a hole in the ground before locking them inside. As the older kids tried to comfort the younger ones, they suddenly heard the unmistakable sound of dirt being poured on top of them. They were being buried alive. BUT! As Rosie always says, arrogant male criminals are idiots, so things don't exactly go to plan for the kidnappers...   We give you Just The Gist, but if you want more, there's this: CBS 48 Hours documentary episode: A collection of the nutso photos Rosie mentioned: Trusty old Wikipedia page: My Favourite Murder podcast ep about it: News article about Frederick Woods' 2019 parole hearing: RECCOS! Class Action Park:  (Watch in Australia on BINGE) My Octopus Teacher: (Watch in Australia on Netflix) FOLLOW! Rosie on Instagram: @rosiewaterland Jacob on Instagram:@ jacobwilliamstanley Just The Gist on Instagram: @justthegistpodcast EMAIL US WITH SUGGISTIONS! [email protected]


EP54 - S1

16 Oct 20

Breakin' Nooz with special young fogey co-host Caleb Bond. Also Anna Delvey!

JACOB'S COMPUTER POOPED ITSELF. And he's in the middle of nowhere working on that ridiculous tan, so we couldn't record together this week. Buuuut... we know how sad you get when we take a week off, so I forced Caleb to jump on the mic and do half an hour of Breakin' Nooz with me! Then we re-dropped the Anna Delvey episode, because a certain actress is going to play her in a TV show and was recently seen visiting her in prison... This week's RECCOS: Watch Love Fraud: Watch Get Orgnaised: The Home Edit: Watch PEN15 Season 2: Listen to the American Hysteria podcast: Read 'The Diana Chronicles' by Tina Brown: --- She turned up in New York and said she was an heiress to a Russian billionaire family. She stayed in the best hotels, ate at the best restaurants and hung out with the coolest high society people. BUT IT WAS ALL FAKE AND NOW SHE'S IN PRISON. For scamming, well, pretty much everyone. Genius or con artist? Or both? We give you Just The Gist, but if you want to dive deeper, there's this: The viral article from The Cut that first made Anna (in)famous: The Fake Heiress podcast from BBC: The book by Rachel DeLoache Williams: 'My Friend Anna': Anna Delvey's Instagram:


EP53 - S1

2 Oct 20

Ron and Joy Holiday and the Killer Cat Dancers

Before Tiger King, before Carole Baskin, before even Siegfried and Roy, there was husband and wife Ron and Joy - two gloriously tacky (but crazy talented) dancers, who decided to spice up their show by bringing in the ultimate back-up performers: tigers. And leopards. Oh, and the occasional jaguar. Add to the mix their shared boy toy Chuck Lizza, throw in some sequins and buckle down for a crazy story... that obviously ends in more than one person getting eaten. We give you Just The Gist, but if you want more, there's this: Watch the Cat Dancers documentary:  Watch 'Tiger Terror' - Season 3 Episode 6 of 'Fatal Attractions' for some glorious reenactments:  Interview with Ron Holiday: Some articles:


EP52 - S1

25 Sep 20

The Execution of the Romanov Family

One day they were the most powerful and wealthy royal family in the world, their ancestors having been in charge of Russia for more than 300 years. NEK MINIT... Tsar Nicholas Romanov, his wife Alexandra and their five children (including the legendary Anastasia) are taken down to a basement in the middle of the night and killed, in a VERY botched and violent execution. For years, Russia refused to acknowledge what really happened that night, which led to much speculation about their fate. Did all of them die that night? Or did 16-year-old Anastasia Romanov escape and move to Florida, eventually retire and become one of the Golden Girls?  We give you Just The Gist, but if you want more, there's this: Watch docudrama 'The Last Czars': Watch BBC doco 'Russia's Lost Princesses': HIstory article about the remains of the Romanov family: Last Podcast On The Left 'Rasputin' series: Follow us on Instagram: Email us! [email protected]


EP51 - S1

18 Sep 20


We’ve had a makeover! And Jacob has finally been promoted from ‘And Friends’ to his whole name! And in true ‘ex drama school students who love nothing more than to talk about themselves’ style, this week we talked so much shit answering all your Ask Us Anything questions that we didn’t even get to an actual story!  Lots of Breakin’ Nooz, lots of reminiscing, lots of surprises and lots of singing (badly).  Thank you so much for listening so far - here’s to many more!  Follow us on Instagram: @justthegistpodcastEmail us: [email protected]


EP50 - S1

11 Sep 20

The Severed Foot Found in a Storage Locker (and the two guys fighting over it)

Shannon Whisnant bought an abandoned storage locker, and found a human foot inside. John Wood came forward and was like, "Um, hey, that's my foot, can I have it back please?" But Shannon liked the foot, and didn't want to give it back. He bought it fair and square, damn it! That's how the most bizarro (and hilarious) legal battle began - two men fighting over a LITERAL MUMMIFIED FOOT. Who is the rightful owner in the end? We give you Just The Gist, but if you want more, there's this: Make sure you watch the Finders Keepers documentary on Amazon Prime or Google Play - you will LOVE it!  Rolling Stone article that came out around the time of the Finders Keepers documentary:   Hear Shannon talking about the movie and his plans for the future in an episode of the podcast “In the Mouth of Dorkness”: Or just read a summary of it here in an obituary for Shannon published shortly after his death in 2016: Email us! [email protected]


EP49 - S1

4 Sep 20

Jennifer Pan

While living with her parents, Jennifer Pan finished high school, graduated university with a degree in pharmacology and started working as a pharmacist. Except... she didn't. None of it was true. Jennifer had basically spent years hiding in cafes and libraries and making pretend notes so her parents would think she was working hard. And when they found out, the shit really hit the fan. We give you Just The Gist, but if you want more, there's this: The book Rosie listed to (A Daughter's Deadly Deception by Jeremy Grimaldi): The Toronto Life article that made the story famous (Jennifer Pan's Revenge by Karen K. Ho): Casefile podcast episode with audio of her interrogation: Video footage of Pan's police interrogation: Email us! [email protected]


EP48 - S1

28 Aug 20

The killer bog terrorising a small town

Imagine you’re peacefully sitting by the lake after a lovely swim, you look up, and there is a floating island of mud and gunk the size of 60 tennis courts coming right at you. A poo tsunami. A POONAMI. You can’t run, you can’t hide. And there’s no way of knowing where the killer bog is going to go next. That’s what happened to this US lakeside town in 2017. A massive killer bog was on the loose and destroying everything in its path... until the locals decided to fight back. (Yes, this is completely true. And yes, Rosie loses her mind with poo jokes so strap yourselves in Gisteners.) We give you Just The Gist, but if you want more, there’s this: See just how big the bog was in this video:  If you want to jump in the rabbit hole Jacob spiralled down, you can read some of the articles written about the incident here:  See just how impossible it was to move the monster bog in one piece:  And see what it looked like when it got chopped up:  Watch Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story: Email us your ideas/comments/complaints about the Breakin’ Nooz song! [email protected]


EP47 - S1

21 Aug 20

The Triplets Raised As A Science Experiment

Imagine walking down the street and bumping into your identical twin - a twin you never even knew you had? That’s what happened to these guys, except there were three of them. They were born identical triplets, and adopted out to seperate families as babies. 18 years later, they randomly found each other. And that’s not even the craziest part of their story... TW: this episode references mental health and suicide  We give you Just The Gist, but if you want more, there’s this: Watch Three Identical Strangers: The Lawrence Wright story from 1995: A couple more articles: Email us at [email protected]


EP46 - S1

14 Aug 20

The Murder of Selena Quintanilla

The ‘Queen of Tehano music’, people often said it wasn’t that she was ‘the Latin Madonna’ but that Madonna was ‘the English Selena’. She sung her Spanish-language music to stadiums of thousands, was one of the wealthiest Latin-music stars in America and was about to become a mainstream superstar by releasing her first album in English. Then she was murdered, at 23, by the president of her fan club.  We give you Just The Gist, but if you want more, there’s this: Podcasts Rosie listened to: Selena: A Star Dies in Texas Murder Made Me Famous-Yolanda Saldivar Selena (1997 biopic with J-Lo)


EP44 - S1

24 Jul 20

The Dancing Plague

It’s a plague! With dancing! A dancing plague! Like, literally. There once was a town where a plague wiped out a bunch of the residents... by making them dance until they died. (Count how many dancing references Jacob manages to squeeze into this one - it’s truly something to behold.) Some good, solid articles to get you started if you want to know more:  Puppet History episode that made Jacob briefly obsessed with the story: The book Jacob did not read is by a chap called John Waller - if you want to read it buy it here: 


EP43 - S1

17 Jul 20

The McDonald's Monopoly Fraud

Did you know that in the US from 1989-2001, there were no real major prize winners of the McDonald's Monopoly game, because THE WHOLE THING WAS RIGGED? Every single person who won a big prize was part of a major scam, and when the FBI found out, they teamed up with Maccas to go UNDER COVER BABY! This one is nuts. We give you Just The Gist, but if you want more, there's this: The doco called McMillion$ that just came out that Rosie is OBSESSED with and demands you all watch (available on Binge or HBO):!6090 The McMillion$ podcast hosted by the doco creators: Some great articles: The Mary Kay Letourneau article Rosie mentioned in Breakin' Nooz: Email us at [email protected]


EP42 - S1

10 Jul 20

The Great Emu War

So, did you know that in 1932, the Australian Army went to war... against emus? Like, actual emus. The birds. That run. And before you say it doesn't make any sense for the army to go to war against emus, the crazier part of this story is: THE EMUS BLOODY WON. Join us for this bizarre (and embarrassing tbh - for the army, not the emus) little piece of Aussie history. We give you Just The Gist, but if you want more, there's this: Some articles Jacob read: Images of the newspaper headlines/articles at the time: Write to us at [email protected] to tell us what you think! 


EP41 - S1

3 Jul 20

Julie d’Aubigny

This KICK-ARSE 17th century French woman started her own fight club for lols, seduced and bedded more men and women than Casanova (and was probs better at it too), got busted for grave-robbing and arson AND was a famous opera singer. Otherwise known as Mademoiselle Maupin, this is the kind of woman we should be learning about in history class. We give you Just The Gist, but if you want more, there’s this: A comprehensive written account of the life of La Maupin with good footnotes that help provide context  An even more comprehensive article  For those who prefer listicles to big slabs of text, here's one  An author called Kelly Gardiner wrote a novel inspired by La Maupin called "Goddess" - you can buy the paperback here or track down the ebook version. 


EP40 - S1

26 Jun 20

Mary Kay Letourneau and Vili Fualaau

She was his 36-year-old teacher. He was her 12-year-old student. She went to prison for sexually grooming and abusing him. When he turned 21, they got married. Rosie gives Jacob just the gist on why she’s FURIOUS that so many people still consider this a ‘love story’. We give you Just The Gist, but if you want more, there’s this: Scandal Made Me Famous episode (super cheesy but gets the story across). Rosie found it on Binge:!4746 The book 'If Loving You Is Wrong' by Gregg Olsen: The Barbars Walters interview that made Rosie MAD AF: And Rosie's podcast recco!Debutante - Race, Resistance and Girl Power (Hosted by Nakkiah Lui and Miranda Tapsell):


EP39 - S1

19 Jun 20

The Famous ‘Loch Ness Monster photo’ (and the man who faked it)

Jacob tells Rosie about a guy called Marmaduke Wetherell, a surgeon who just wanted to cut people open in peace, and how a crazy plot to bring down The Daily Mail is actually what led to the most (totally real!) photo of the Loch Ness Monster in history. We give you Just The Gist, but if you want more there’s this: NYT article about Marmaduke and the hoax:  Background on how ‘The Surgeon’s Photo’ came to be:  Book Jacob read - Nessie: The Surgeon’s Photograph Exposed by David MArtin and Alastair Boyd:  Very nerdy blog deep-diving on all things Nessie and Marmaduke:  The recommendations of Aboriginal and Black Lives Matter voices/material/everything you should be looking into right now (CLICK ON LOTS OF THESE PLEASE!):  Listen to: Speaking Out with Larissa Behrendt:  Pretty For An Aboriginal with Nakkiah Lui and Miranda Tapsell:  Breathless - Guardian podcast covering the death in custody of David Dungay Jr:  1619 - New York Times podcast covering the USA’s history of slavery:  Floodlines - Atlantic podcast covering the racist response to and aftermath of Hurricane Katrina:  Read: Growing Up Aboriginal in Australia edited by Anita Heiss: Welcome To Country by Marcia Langton:  Australia Day by Stan Grant: The Tall Man by Chloe Hooper: Dark Emu by Bruce Pascoe: Blood On The Wattle - Massacres and Mistreatment of Aboriginal Australians since 1788 by Bruce Elder: So You Want To Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo: White Fragility: Why it’s so hard for white people to talk about racism by Robin Diangelo:  How To Be Less Stupid About Race by Crystal M Fleming: White Tears/Brown Scars by Ruby Haamd:  #BlackInTheIvory on Twitter:  Follow: Lynda June-Coe:  Amy McQuire:  Nakkiah Lui:  Roxy Moore:  Nayuka Gorrie:  Indigenous X:  NITV:  Rae Johnston:  Roxane Gay:  Watch: The 8/6/20 episode of QandA (Hard Truths): but in particular Meyne Wyatt’s monologue from his play City of Gold at the end:  The Final Quarter: and The Australian Dream: - documentaries about the racism Adam Goodes faced in the AFL In My Blood It Runs - about a ten year old Aboriginal Boy trying to balance his traditional upbringing with public school education:  After The Apology: - about Grandmothers Against Removals, a group that reveals the racism inherent in the child protection system in this country:  Anything on NITV (National Indigenous TV):  13th - Oscar Nominated documentary about the criminalisation and imprisonment of African Americans:  When They See Us - miniseries about the wrongful imprisonment of the Central Park Five:  Donate: GoFundMe for Justice for David Dungay Jr - the Aboriginal man killed in custody in 2015:  FreeHer - many Aboriginal women are in prison just for being unable to pay simple fines. FreeHer aims to pay these fines, court costs etc to keep women out of the prison system:  Aboriginal Legal Service - provides legal representation for the Aboriginal community: 


EP38 - S1

12 Jun 20

Amelia Earheart

The most famous female pilot in history who disappeared in 1937 without a trace. There are a gazillion theories about what happened to her, and the most likely one also happens to be THE MOST NUTSO. We give you Just The Gist, but if you want more, there's this: Official website: TIME article Rosie read: THE CRABS OH GOD THE CRABS: The Int. Group For Historic Aircraft Discovery break down their theories/search:


EP37 - S1

5 Jun 20

The 1989 Oscars (or: The Worst Oscars in history)

The 1989 Oscars are infamous for being the most embarrassing ceremony ever. The producer never worked again. The lead actress went back to her home town never to return. THERE WERE GIANT DANCING TABLES, PEOPLE. Whip these video clips out at a dinner party and you'll be the star of the evening. We give you Just The Gist, but if want more, there's this: The infamous Snow White/Rob Lowe opening number: The 'Stars Of Tomorrow' number: Interview with Eileen Bowman (SNOW!): Los Angeles Magazine longread about how it all came together (or didn't lol):


EP36 - S1

4 Jun 20

Stuart Semple vs Anish Kapoor

Did you know there's a mean, cranky artist who tried to buy and own colours so nobody else could have them? (Yeah, you can own colours apparently.) But then another artist decided LOL NO HOW DARE YOU and started doing everything he could to stop him, BECAUSE COLOURS SHOULD BE FOR EVERYONE. This one is a crazy, crazy ride and turned out to be Rosie's absolute favourite episode so far. This is the story of the hilarious Stuart Semple vs the meanie Anish Kapoor. We give you Just The Gist, but if you want more, there's this: WIRED article: Interview with Stuart Semple: Buy all the awesome Stuart Semple stuff Jacob talked about: Stuart Semple's Youtube Channel:


EP35 - S1

22 May 20

The Billionaire Boys Club

Rosie could not believe she had never heard of this one. There's scammers (her favourite), Ponzi schemes (another fave) and IDIOT MEN AND GENDER DYNAMICS. Also murder. And 80s heartthrob Judd Nelson.  We give you Just The Gist, but if you want more, there's this: People Magazine Presents: Murder Made Me Famous - The Billionaire Boys Club: Marcia Clark Investigates: The First 48 - Billionaire Boys Club: Washington Post Article 1990 'Dirty Rotten Kids': 1987 Miniseries starring Judd Nelson: Some cheesy Doco Rosie found on Youtube:


EP34 - S1

15 May 20

Fake Heiress Anna Delvey

She turned up in New York and said she was an heiress to a Russian billionaire family. She stayed in the best hotels, ate at the best restaurants and hung out with the coolest high society people. BUT IT WAS ALL FAKE AND NOW SHE'S IN PRISON. For scamming, well, pretty much everyone. Genius or con artist? Or both? We give you Just The Gist, but if you want to dive deeper, there's this: The viral article from The Cut that first made Anna (in)famous: The Fake Heiress podcast from BBC: The book by Rachel DeLoache Williams: 'My Friend Anna': Anna Delvey's Instagram:


EP33 - S1

8 May 20

The Challenger Disaster

Rosie gives Jacob the gist on the 1986 space shuttle that broke apart 73 seconds after lift-off, killing all 7 crew on board - with thousands of school kids watching live because a teacher was going into space for the first time. Also look we're profresh and doing show notes now! We give you Just The Gist, but if you want to know more, there's this: The 'You're Wrong About' podcast ep Rosie talked about: Doco Rosie watched 'Rush To Launch': Live footage: National Geographic stuff:


EP32 - S1

1 May 20

One Crazy Summer: The Patty Hearst Story

Imagine if Paris Hilton was kidnapped, became besties with her kidnappers, and started robbing banks with them. That’s Patty Hearst - a millionaire heiress who went rogue in the 1970s.


EP31 - S1

24 Apr 20

Imelda Marcos

As a special lil treat this week, Jacob is giving Rosie just the gist of something! (And of course he named it SHOES GLORIOUS SHOES: The Imelda Marcos Story.) She owned lots of shoes and (allegedly!) killed lots of people. Enjoy!


EP30 - S1

17 Apr 20

Sir Alfred Nasseri

You think being stuck at home for a few weeks is bad? This guy got stuck living in an airport for 18 YEARS. A lost passport meant no country would take him, so he set himself up near the Maccas in the food court and that was that. Seriously - this one is nutso and sad and almost too hard to believe. 


EP29 - S1

10 Apr 20

JonBenét Ramsey

Hey all you cool cats and kittens. Rosie tells Jacob the tragic story about the little girl who’s only remembered for being a murdered child beauty queen. (Also TIGER KING CAROLE BASKIN DID IT GOODNIGHT.)


EP28 - S1

3 Apr 20

Bernie Madoff

He stole billions of dollars through the biggest Ponzi scheme in history... which meant Rosie had to figure out what the hell a Ponzi scheme is so she could explain it to Jacob. Also Jacob questions the origin of Rosie's 'BREAKIN' NEWS' accent and Rosie is not happy about it. 


EP27 - S1

27 Mar 20

Spanish Flu

Felt apt this week, no?


EP26 - S1

20 Mar 20

Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Brrrrreakin’ Noooos

Toilet paper, baboons, Jacob’s Byron Bay conspiracy theory addled brain, and Rosie’s brave feminist dating stance.


EP25 - S1

6 Mar 20


“NOT THE MOVIE THE ACTUAL SHIP YOU CHUMPS.” - Rosie Waterland (Titanic nerd since 1991)


EP24 - S1

21 Feb 20


AKA Dr. Matt Agnew. AKA Rosie’s husband. In our first ever special guest episode, Astro Bachie gives Rosie and Jacob just the gist on Space Guessing! There’s talk of alien predators, the sun blowing up and juuuust a little Bachelor goss. Matt’s Agnew’s Adelaide Fringe show A Guide To Life Beyond Earth runs from Feb 14-23. Get tickets by pasting this link into your browser: Rosie Waterland’s show Kid Chameleon starts touring nationally on Feb 25. Get tickets by pasting this link into your browser:


EP23 - S1

14 Feb 20

Belle Gibson



EP22 - S1

7 Feb 20

Henry VIII’s wives

Divorces, beheadings and a body that explodes at a funeral. And nobody sings this week!


EP21 - S1

24 Jan 20

Dee Dee and Gypsy Rose Blanchard

One of recent history’s most famous Munchausen by proxy cases... or was it? Rosie Waterland and Jacob talk about what happened between Dee Dee and her daughter Gypsy Rose. Also they sing again - harmonies this time!


EP20 - S1

17 Jan 20

What is actually the plot of CATS?

Everyone is talking about it. Nobody understands it. Rosie attempts to give Jacob just the gist of the plot of CATS. They both needed a lot of wine to get through it. (And as a special end of year treat, they sing a live duet of ‘Memory’. You’re welcome!)


EP19 - S1

27 Dec 19

Lorena Bobbitt

Rosie gives Jacob just the gist of the woman who cut off her husband’s special place and threw it in a field. A hotdog box, a lot of ice and the cinematic masterpiece Frankenpenis all play a role. 


EP18 - S1

20 Dec 19

The Jonestown Massacre

Ever wondered where the phrase ‘drinking the kool-aid’ comes from? Rosie gives Jacob just the gist of the largest ‘mass-suicide’ in history, and explains why we technically shouldn’t be calling it that...


EP17 - S1

6 Dec 19

Elizabeth Holmes

Jennifer Lawrence is about to play her in a movie. She was once the youngest self-made female billionaire, now she’s worth nothing. Rosie actually did some work for this one.


EP16 - S1

29 Nov 19

Monica Lewinsky

To kick off Just The Gist classic, Rosie is telling Jacob everything about Monica Lewinsky! Well, not ‘everything’... just, you know, the gist. That’s the name of the show. FINALLY WE CAN TALK ABOUT STUFF OTHER THAN BACHIE!


EP15 - S1

22 Nov 19

Bachelorette - Week Six

WE MADE IT TO THE END. I would to thank wine. And Oprah. Oh and she picked the human Ken Doll.  


EP14 - S1

15 Nov 19

Bachelorette - Week Five

All these guys are duds but we are pushing through, like Timmmmm at a club at 3am. NEARLY AT THE FINISH LINE PEOPLE!


EP13 - S1

8 Nov 19

Bachelorette - Week Four

CIARRAN FOREVER. Jaime never. There’s also some other dudes we barely noticed.


EP12 - S1

31 Oct 19

Bachelorette - Week Three

THIS WAS CLEARLY A FILLER WEEK NOTHING HAPPENED BUT JACOB AND I HAD SOME WINE AND MADE THE BEST OF IT. Manchester Guy continues to be amazing. Jaime continues to be creepy. Dog Guy continues to... like dogs.


EP11 - S1

24 Oct 19

Bachelorette - Week Two

Rosie thinks she has evidence ANGIE ENDS UP WITH NOBODY. Also, Manchester guy's peen, Stalker Jaime collecting Angie's toenails and a 'Dog Guy' who seems to be unemployed, but very handsome.


EP10 - S1

17 Oct 19

Bachelorette - Week One

Angie is our bogan, relatable queen (but still hot cos that’s important)! Also 74 guys with long hair and a puppy called Rosie.


EP09 - S1

10 Oct 19

Astro Bachie - FINALE WEEK

Get boozy with Rosie and Jacob as they break down Astro Bachie’s final decision under the South African Peen Tree.


EP08 - S1

20 Sep 19

Astro Bachie - Week Seven

Rosie finally cracks it and rage quits watching an episode because FEMINISM. Plus Elly gets booted back to her Tarago and Subtly Bitchy Helena’s brain completely malfunctions over... France, we think?


EP07 - S1

13 Sep 19

Astro Bachie - Week Six

We have a new Cheeser, but is it Abbie or Astro Bachie himself? PLUS Helena is told by Bachie Royalty/The Superior Women that her only future is to be a gestational carrier IMMEDIATELY.


EP06 - S1

6 Sep 19

Astro Bachie - Week Five

We are in mourning over the loss of Cheeser and Bad Batch Of Shit Cake. Pray to Oprah. Never forget. PLUS f-bombs on Studio Ten and Persian Princess Sogand proves she’s sexy by imitating Shakira.


EP05 - S1

30 Aug 19

Astro Bachie - Week Four

Persian Princess Sogand goes full KILL BILL REVENGE on Abbie


EP04 - S1

23 Aug 19

Astro Bachie - Week Three

It finally happened: DOG C-WORD WEEK IS HERE! Listen to Rosie emotionally exhaust herself as she tells Jacob how all the drama went down.


EP03 - S1

16 Aug 19

Astro Bachie - Week Two

Astro Bachie literally avoids pashing a girl he hates by eating cheese instead. Other highlights include Vag Juice Perfume and Vakoo just existing.


EP02 - S1

9 Aug 19

Astro Bachie - Week One

Sorting the Potential Wifeys from the Reject Stunt Cast is what Episodes 1 and 2 of The Bachelor are all about. Rosie Waterland recaps The Bachelor for her friends Emily and Jacob. Highlights include the Chinese Tourism Robot, the Stage 5 Pube Stealer and of course, a bad batch of sh*t cake.


EP01 - S1

2 Aug 19

Just The Gist - Trailer

Rosie Waterland ‘gives the gist’ of any topic she finds interesting, to her comedian friends by recapping the things that she has learned that week, that they know nothing about…and don’t necessarily need to know about. So If you want to know just enough about something to get you through a dinner party, we’ll give you just the gist.


0 - S1

24 Jul 19