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Welcome to the LADY-BRAINS podcast. Join your hosts and LADY-BRAINS co founders Caitlin Judd and Anna Mackenzie as they chat to the world’s most exciting female entrepreneurs to tap into their knowledge and world class insights. If you're



Season 1

Maeva Heim - Bread Beauty Supply

Maeva Heim, founder of Bread Beauty Supply, recalls how a chance meeting with a Sephora Buyer in LA set her on the path to secure a USA distribution deal -  before she had launched her brand. She shares how she raised just under $2M in capital from the same investors who backed Glossier, and why she’s driven to change the beauty industry by providing more representation for women of colour.  Find us at  Follow us on Instagram @lady.brains Chat to us in the Facebook group, the lady-brains clubhouse


EP54 - S1

9 Dec 20

Jenna Holmes - Plant Mama

Jenna Holmes, founder of plant styling studio Plant Mama, shares how she injects creativity into every single thing she does, why building trust with clients and employees has been pivotal in helping her scale, and why she aspires to be completely authentic in everything she does.  You’ll learn:  The advice Zoë Foster Blake gave Jenna that was instrumental to her growth The best way to start building your client base from day one  Why she stopped saying ‘yes’ to every job opportunity  Her 3 tips for pricing your service with confidence Discovering how to put a dollar value on creativity Why she decided to expand her brand and offering, with Pasta Mama For more podcast action follow us on Instagram @lady.brains, or sign up to our monthly newsletter at


EP53 - S1

24 Nov 20

Elle Ferguson - ELLE EFFECT

Elle Ferguson, founder of beauty brand ELLE EFFECT, shares how she implemented systems and processes during COVID that have fully streamlined her business operations, the crucial mistake she made that cost her almost 20,000 bottles of product, and why she’s seeking external investment to fund her next wave of growth.  You’ll learn:  Why Elle reviews her numbers weekly, and how this informs her decision making  Why she’s separated the Elle Effect and Elle Ferguson businesses and brands The 3 secret ingredients she uses to create a killer campaign  Why she postponed a set of product launches multiple times  How she manages to continuously create new, exciting and inspiring content at scale  For more podcast action follow us on Instagram @lady.brains, or sign up to our monthly newsletter at . To download the free ‘Brand Collaboration How To Guide’ head to


EP52 - S1

9 Nov 20

Jess Sepel - JSHealth

Jess Sepel is the founder of JSHealth, a multifaceted wellness brand valued at over $200 million. In this chat, she shares why she feels uncomfortable owning the business’s success, her tips for building an engaged online community that converts, her struggles with mental health in a recent period of rapid growth, and why her ultimate goal is to live the simple life. -Find us on Instagram @lady.brains - Join the lady-brains clubhouseon Facebook -Sign up to our monthly newsletter at No spam, we promise!


EP51 - S1

28 Oct 20

Lucy Feagins - The Design Files

Lucy Feagins, founder of Australia’s most popular design blog The Design Files, shares insights into how she generates content that’s creative and commercial, how she has built a well-oiled content machine that is monetised in multiple ways, and why she’ll never sell the brand.   We covered:  How to produce content that’s both creative and on-brand, and commercial   How TDF continues to innovate in the content creation space   Why Lucy believes that not being an expert in design has been important in building her own audience  The relationship between Lucy’s personal brand and TDF brand, and the tactical things she does to insert herself in a way that feels authentic to her   How TDF has diversified their income streams over time, and the new way Lucy is considering monetising her audience   How TDF operates, allowing them to push out high-quality content at scale   How Lucy built a content machine with a close-knit small team of only six staff  For more, visit, or visit @lady.brains on Instagram.  


EP50 - S1

16 Oct 20

Liandra Gaykamungu - Liandra Swim

Liandra Gaykamungu, founder of Liandra Swim, shares how her brand was designed to spark positive dialogue around her Aboriginal Australian heritage and change the way Indigenous Australian women are viewed and celebrated, how she fuses storytelling into her brand – right down to each individual product line, how she manages to operate a business from the remote island of Milingimbi, and why creating sustainable and ethical swimwear is simply part of the brand DNA.   For more behind the scenes action, head on over to Instagram @lady.brains, join the conversation in our Facebook Group, the lady-brains clubhouse, or sign up to receive our monthly newsletter at  


EP49 - S1

28 Sep 20

Amy Iheakanwa - Shekudo

Amy Iheakanwa, founder of shoe and accessories brand Shekudo, shares why she uprooted her life in Sydney to move to Lagos, Nigeria to grow her brand, how she works with local Nigerian artisans to create her iconic styles, why she is adamant that her pieces will always remain handmade by local craftspeople even if this means turning away orders that would result in tens of thousands of dollars, as well as how she managed to get featured in the pages of Vogue of Grazia.  For more behind the scenes action, head on over to Instagram and find us at @lady.brains, or join the conversation in our Facebook Group, the lady-brains clubhouse.  


EP48 - S1

15 Sep 20

Hannah Spilva - Lvly

Hannah Spilva, co-founder of same-day floral delivery service Lvly, shares how she’s coped with 500% business growth in the first 4 weeks of COVID lockdown, the operational challenges with scaling so quickly during a global pandemic, and how Lvly is paving a new way forward for their customers and their team.   You’ll learn:   The importance of knowing your personal and brand purposes, as it’s the thing that will keep you going when times get tough How Hannah approached her pricing strategy in the beginning, and how this has evolved over time  The challenges associated with same-day delivery, and some key pieces of advice when planning your logistics  Her three-pronged approach to customer retention – we all know that retaining customers is cheaper than acquiring new ones! What it takes to lead a large team and growing business through an unprecedented crisis Come play!  @lady.brains on Instagram  The lady-brains clubhouse on Facebook  


EP47 - S1

31 Aug 20

Lindy Rama-Ellis - Fig Femme

Lindy Rama-Ellis, co-founder of Milk & Co and founder of new brand Fig Femme, shares insights into how a challenging experience during the birth of her first child led her to create one of the first intimate wellness brands, the criticism she’s received launching a controversial product into a relatively conservative Australian market, and the importance of building a deeper purpose into your brand from the get-go.  


EP46 - S1

18 Aug 20

CJ Hendry - Artist (interview 3.0)

In a follow-up episode to part 1 & 2, artist CJ Hendry is back! In this episode she discusses the impact of COVID on her art business, drops the scoop on an Australian museum exhibition in 2021, as well as the low-down on a new art business she’s created with her husband, called "Andy".   Download our brand collaboration how-to guide, to help you design your next collaboration for maximum impact:   Join us in our Facebook Group, the lady-brains clubhouse, or find us over on Instagram @lady.brains  


EP45 - S1

4 Aug 20

Alex McCabe - Kip&Co

Alex McCabe, co-founder of Aussie lifestyle and homewares brand Kip&Co, shares insights into how swift decision-making earlier this year in response to the COVID pandemic secured the longevity of the business, as well as advice on how fashion brands should approach pricing, new product development, and securing press.   In this chat we covered:  How Kip&Co secured their first 10 stockists from a trade show in Melbourne   The fine balance of where to spend your marketing dollars, and why it’s important to invest in paid advertising and PR   Why Kip&Co choses to work with an agent in India instead of directly with the manufacturers   The impact of COVID on their supply chain   The Kip&Co creative process, and why investing in brand (especially photoshoots) is so important  


EP44 - S1

20 Jul 20

Kristy Chong - Modibodi

Kristy Chong is the founder of multimillion-dollar leak proof underwear and apparel brand, Modibodi. In this chat she discusses how she started the brand with only a $25k investment, why she recently took on external investment, how she feels about competitors copying her brand, and why financial literacy is so important for founders.   You’ll learn:   Which customer segments she targeted in the beginning and how this has evolved over time   The challenges associated with inventing a whole new category of product  How to build impact into your business model from the get-go  Why you should adopt a test and learn marketing approach  How to go about building a financial model for your business   To stay in the loop, follow us on Instagram @lady.brains, or sign up to our email newsletter at (no spam, we promise!). 


EP43 - S1

6 Jul 20

Jodie Fox - Shoes of Prey

Jodie Fox is the co-founder of Shoes of Prey, a brand that allowed women to design their shoes in any colour, material, shape or size. In this chat provides insights into how she achieved on-demand manufacturing and customisation at scale, how she raised over $27 million in funding, and why in 2019 it all came crashing down around her. We learn what it was really like for Jodie to fail in such a public way.   You’ll learn:  Why Jodie thinks the business failed, and what she would do differently if she had her time again  How her identity was wrapped up in being an entrepreneur, and what this meant for her after Shoes of Prey closed its doors   The challenges with the mass on-demand manufacturing business model   How she raised over $27 million in funding to scale the business globally   The importance of being curious and doing your research when building a business    To access our lady-brains Decision Making Framework, head to  


EP42 - S1

22 Jun 20

Julie Hirsch & Nicole Lamond - Eloments Organic Vitamin Tea

Julie & Nicole, co-founders of the world’s first fair trade, naturally-enriched vitamin tea brand, share insights into how they spent two years developing a patent-pending manufacturing technique, the moment they landed a huge distribution deal with Woolworths, and how they were able to embed ethical practices into their business model from the beginning.


EP41 - S1

9 Jun 20

Hannah Bronfman - HBFit

Hannah Bronfman, renowned DJ, author and founder of HBFit, shares how she was frozen out of her tech startup, on-demand beauty appointment app Beautified after raising $1.2 million in seed funding, the lessons she learned after experiencing this huge business setback, how she’s built her personal brand and Instagram following to over 600k, and how she’s strategically leveraged this audience in the creation of her new online health and wellness platform.


EP40 - S1

25 May 20

Jess Ruhfus - Collabosaurus

Jess Ruhfus, founder of Collabosaurus, shares insights into how she’s built a leading tech platform as a non-technical, female, solo founder, why collaborations have a ROI 25x greater than digital marketing, how to structure brand-to-brand collaborations correctly, and why she describes trying to fundraise in 2018 as an absolute ‘nightmare’.   We covered:  Her biggest mistakes in the early days, including spending too much time and money on making version 1 of her product ‘perfect’    Why she spent a year trying to raise capital before deciding to give up  Why she decided to build her business with a subscription model   How small & medium sized businesses should approach brand collaborations, and the big mistakes to avoid   To access the lady-brains x Collabosaurus 'Brand Collaboration How To Guide', go to


EP39 - S1

11 May 20

Lisa Teh - Codi Agency, 101 Lifestyle, Couturing

Lisa Teh, founder of Codi Agency, beauty brand 101 Lifestyle, and digital publishing platform Couturing, shares why now is a unique opportunity for businesses to capture market share by continuing to invest in digital marketing and content creation.  In this chat we covered: How you can continue to serve your client or customer throughout this challenging time If you’re a service based business, how you can refresh your offer to remain relevant in the market What is support marketing, and why businesses need to lead with this approach from now on How to be strategic when creating content, and the ways you can get the most out of each content asset  Why LinkedIn is the most important platform to be on right now, and how you can use it to your advantage to generate business leads Come and join our Facebook group here, where we share resources and information that will be helpful for you and your business during this time. 


EP38 - S1

27 Apr 20

Jane Martino - Smiling Mind

How can we look after our mental health and wellbeing in these unprecedented times? Jane Martino, serial entrepreneur and founder of Australia’s number 1 meditation app Smiling Mind, shares how we can look after the wellbeing of ourselves and our business during these stressful times. As new trends and consumer behaviours start to emerge, Jane shares the importance of being considered in your business decisions rather than reactive, and to always remain true to your brand and your customer.   In this chat we covered: - The routines and rituals that have a proven effect on mental health and wellbeing - How the Smiling Mind team are responding to the recent exponential growth in downloads and usage of the app  - The launch of a new program within the app – Thrive Inside – and how the team were able to deliver this to market in just 10 days  - The steps founders should take when pivoting to ensure the longevity of their business  - How to spark word of mouth and build your customer base through referrals  Join us in our Facebook group here, where we share resources and information that will be helpful for you and your business during this time. 


EP37 - S1

13 Apr 20

Grace Brennan - Buy From The Bush

How do you create opportunity in times of hardship and struggle?  Grace Brennan, creator of the Buy From the Bush campaign, provides insights into how businesses and brands can identify emerging needs out of the COVID-19 crisis and pivot their businesses accordingly. In times of challenge, social distancing and uncertainty, Grace shares the importance of tapping into online communities, supporting those in need, and finding ways to keep your spirits high.  In this chat we covered:   How Grace has drawn on startup methodology to help design the Buy From the Bush campaign   How the campaign gained traction so quickly, and the content strategies she employed to get cut through   The importance of having a unique brand voice, and how to be authentic in times of crisis  Finding the opportunities by focusing on the needs that are emerging within your consumer base  How she’s planning on monetising the campaign  Join us in our Facebook group here, where we share resources and information that will be helpful for you and your business during this time.  


EP36 - S1

30 Mar 20

Olivia Carr - Shhh Silk on managing external impacts on your business

Olivia Carr, founder of Shhh Silk, shares the new and unforeseen challenges being experienced by COVID-19, including the impact of the virus on the production and supply of silk, and her insights into the immediate effects for businesses reliant on Chinese manufacturing.  We also did a deep dive into her infamous relationship with the Kardashian family, her views on building and maintaining meaningful and successful relationships and the importance of integrating social impact initiatives into your business model from the outset. There’s a lot of juice in this episode and we hope that no matter what’s going on in your business right now there’s something for you to take away that will help.


EP35 - S1

16 Mar 20

What is the Entrepreneurial Gender Gap?

Did you know there’s $5 trillion of value being left on the table because women aren’t realising their full potential in business?   We’re talking about the Entrepreneurial Gender Gap – the fact that fewer women start businesses than men around the world.   The reasons for this are complex and in this episode we’re doing a deep dive to understand why this is the case by chatting with Scale Investors CEO Ariane Barker, and Confidence Coach Kate Richardson.   We cover; Why women struggle getting access to much-needed funding, and strategies we can employ when going into investor conversations  The reason it’s harder for us to access high-value networks of people, and tips we can use to approach others  How to overcome a lack of self-confidence to ensure we put our best foot forward every time   To continue the conversation head to and join our Facebook group Lady-Brains for resources to support your business growth.    


EP34 - S1

7 Mar 20

Nicole Eckels - Glasshouse, On effectively selling yourself, your product and your brand

We spoke with Nicole Eckels, founder of Glasshouse, about how selling door-to-door taught her critical sales skills which she used to start and grow a multimillion-dollar brand. In 2006, with Glasshouse Fragrances, Nicole established the scented candle category in Australia and she’s continued to dominate it for the last 15 years. In this episode you’ll learn:  How doing your research is critical to whether your sales pitch will get across the line Why feature dumping is the sure-fire way for your sales pitch to flop How being ready to walk away from a deal will boost your credibility in the long-term Tips to reframe the sales process so that you feel confident and excited to deliver your pitch


EP33 - S1

2 Mar 20

Kate Morris- Adore Beauty

How do you build a successful business before the market is truly ready? Kate Morris is the founder of Adore Beauty, the online beauty retailer she launched in 1999 at the ripe old age of 21. It took almost a decade for Adore Beauty to gain momentum and for customers to become comfortable with purchasing their beauty products online. Lucky for Kate she persisted, because 20 years on, Adore Beauty stocks over 200 brands and is forecast in 2020 to turn over $100 million in revenue. We covered a lot of ground in this chat, including: How she built out a team in the beginning, and what tasks she outsourced first How Adore Beauty acquires new customers through focusing on content marketing  Why she’s decided to invest heavily in AI technology The key ingredients to a killer pitch Why she decided to sell 60% of her stake in the business to private equity in 2019 Dealing with serious cash flow issues as recent as 2014, and the tactics she used to generate enough funds to make the following week’s payroll  


EP32 - S1

17 Feb 20

Jo Horgan - MECCA

How do you build a multi-million dollar retail empire by becoming best friends with rejection?  Jo Horgan is one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs – she is the founder and driving force behind multimillion-dollar beauty giant MECCA. At 27, Jo had an idea to create a new beauty concept in Australia, BUT she had no retail experience, no distribution experience and only 4 years’ in beauty…yet, she succeeded in getting some of the world’s biggest brands to buy into her vision.  22 years on, MECCA has emerged as the global leader in beauty innovation, and Jo, as one of Australia's most successful entrepreneurs.  In this chat we covered: How being persistent and unrelenting got brands like NARS on board in the beginning The unique way Jo deals with rejection, and uses it to her advantage How ‘fake it til you make it’ still applies, despite the fact she’s achieved incredible levels of success Her top tip for bringing a deal to a close The key drivers of MECCA’s growth over the last 10 years How Direct-to-Consumer brands are revolutionising the beauty industry How to build a good reputation, and keep it.                                                                       Find out more about the show and join the gang at Follow us on Instagram at lady.brains  


EP31 - S1

3 Feb 20

Holly Cardew - Pixc

Have you ever had an idea but parked it because you feel like you don't have the right skills or knowledge?  This conversation with Holly Cardew is a fantastic example of a non-technical founder building a multi-million dollar tech business. That business is Pixc - a platform for online retailers to edit their product shots. And...she's managed to build this with an entirely virtual team.  Holly is the product of accelerator programs both in Australia and in the US, and she now splits her time between Silicon Valley and Melbourne.  We covered a lot in this chat, including: How to build a completely remote workforce What to think about if you're considering to be part of an accelerator program  The dos and don'ts of operating in Silicon Valley How she managed to find out how Mailchimp's founder built his list from 10k to 1 million The future of software, and how Pixc is building an AI capability  How to get traction on your landing page 101


EP30 - S1

20 Jan 20

Sasha Benz - Cinq, All My Friends Are Models, Wyld Blue, Baybi Pop

How do you build a rolodex with high-value contacts and keep these relationships warm so they pay-off in the long run? Sasha Benz is the Aussie Born, New York based, founder of four businesses, as well as the Creative Director of The Surf Lodge – Montauks “it destination” (no joke…when we were there, Beyoncé was in town).  At 24, she moved to New York to pursue a career in fashion and styling before starting two businesses, both of which failed to get off the ground. After experiencing these setbacks, she dug deep and went on to launch fashion blog ‘All My Friends Are Models’, social networking app Cinq, and two retail stores in Montauk.  In this chat we cover:  Why two of her first businesses failed, and the lessons she learned The importance of building your rolodex, and how every opportunity has come through one of her contacts The challenge with transitioning out of a creative industry into tech, and how she’s managed to quickly up-skill The importance of brand partnerships and how to make sure you’re pursuing the right ones  The power of word of mouth The process of raising money for her tech start-up   Why relationships are the most important thing and should be invested in above all else  Find out more about the show and join the gang at Follow us on Instagram at lady.brains


EP29 - S1

6 Jan 20

Bec Donlan - Sweat with Bec, Go Basic

How do you recover after losing your life savings? And what affect does this have on your business? Bec Donlan is a personal trainer and health coach, and is better known as Sweat with Bec. She’s also the founder of Go Basic, a natural healthy snack company. After years of hustling in NYC as a trainer to some of the biggest celebrities and models, Bec realised an opportunity in a rapidly expanding CBD industry and decided to infuse many of her Go Basic products with small doses of CBD (the non-intoxicating compound of the cannabis plant). This is a very frank and honest conversation with Bec, where we cover: Her personal motivations for starting Go Basic Money pressures and how to navigate them How spending her life savings on back surgery led her to starting Go Basic Navigating an unpredictable landscape around CBD-infused products in the USA Find out more about the show and join the gang at Follow us on Instagram at lady.brains


EP28 - S1

23 Dec 19

Babba Rivera - ByBabba, HER Network

What does it take to market a product to the millennial audience? And how do you make it meaningful?  In this episode of LADY-LAND we chatted with Swedish-born Babba Rivera – the brand marketing guru!  At 21 she launched Uber into Sweden, making Stockholm the fastest growing launch city ever. At 25, she landed herself on the Forbes 30 under 30 list. She’s been the Head of Marketing at Away, the direct-to-consumer luggage start-up that was recently valued at over $1 billion. And as if that wasn’t enough, she founded her own brand and marketing agency ByBabba, and is the co-founder of HER Network, a global community that supports women in the workplace.  Her insights are inspiring and are great food for thought. We covered a lot in this chat, including:  How she created the opportunity for herself at Uber at such a young age How she built Uber in Sweden by targeting early adopters in the tech community  How she landed a role at Uber in NYC by pitching herself a new role to her boss  Working as head of fashion partnerships at Uber in NYC  Transitioning to Away at a time of insane growth, and how she coped working in such a chaotic environment  The decision to quit her full-time role and start her own brand marketing agency  How to market to millennials, and how to make it meaningful  Her experience working with huge brands like Bumble & Glossier  Co-founding the HER Global Network, and how she landed on the decision to introduce a paid membership model   Find out more about the show and join the gang at Follow us on Instagram at lady.brains


EP27 - S1

9 Dec 19

Sarah Friar - Nextdoor

How do you raise capital and secure investment? It’s just one of the questions we were able to ask Sarah Friar, one of the most respected executives in Silicon Valley. She’s worked as CFO of Square, SVP of Finance and Strategy at Salesforce, Goldman Sachs, McKinsey and her most recent role is as CEO of Nextdoor, a trusted communications platform to grow local communities, which operates in over 11 countries and connects more than 200,000 neighbourhoods.  Sarah recently raised over US$170 million for Nextdoor, with the company now valued at over US$2 billion. In addition to her vast experience she has a side hustle - Ladies Who Launch. Join us in one of the rare chats where we get to hear the inspiration and straight up lessons from someone truly at the top of their game. Find out more about the show and join the gang at Follow us on Instagram at lady.brains  


EP26 - S1

25 Nov 19

CJ Hendry - Artist (Part A)

Artist CJ Hendry is one of Australia's most fascinating exports. You may know her as the face of hyperrealism: that's the style of art that is so damn lifelike it could be a photograph. She's caught the art world's attention by independently selling her pieces online for tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars - and she calls Kanye West one of her customers. Over this two-part interview you'll hear her journey to becoming one of the world's most disruptive young artists. She is energetic, hilarious and generous, she does not ask for permission and stops at nothing to make her next big idea a reality.  Find out more about the show and join the gang at Follow us on Instagram at lady.brains


EP25 - S1

11 Nov 19

CJ Hendry - Artist (Part B)

This is part two with Australian Artist, CJ Hendry. Here we get into the business of art and how CJ has broken the traditional artist/gallery model by selling her pieces online. Her extravagant self-funded exhibitions are entirely unnecessary to sell her art - so why is she considering buying a church, in the heroin capital of the world to stage her next exhibition?  Find out more about the show and join the gang at Follow us on Instagram at lady.brains


EP25 - S1

11 Nov 19

Courtney Ray - Daily Blooms

Our next guest, Courtney Ray, began her career occupied in the fields of accounting and finance, tapping away on excel and powerpoint, until her honeymoon getaway in the US inspired a lightbulb moment in a completely unrelated industry - flowers! In fact, Courtney identified that the traditional business model of the flower industry was fundamentally flawed due to high store front costs and hard to forecast perishable inventory. So she immediately jumped into action and built a completely new model for a flower delivery business - one curated bunch of flowers, ordered online and delivered same day direct to your door. In hindsight it makes sense, Courtney grew up on a farm surrounded by gorgeous gardens and freshly cut blooms - so it seems plausible that she managed to take one of her passions and turn it into a profitable business....enjoy! Find Us: Follow Us: Daily Blooms: 


EP24 - S1

10 Jul 19

Katia Santilli & Vera Yan - Nimble Activewear

Katia and Vera are two best friends and former housemates who built a multi-million dollar business from their kitchen table. That business is Nimble Activewear: the trendy, Bondi-based fitness label with the bold colours and prints that you would recognise from a mile away. The girls had the idea for Nimble back in 2014 when they realised there were no real activewear brands available that were high performing, fashionable and affordable. What started out as a passion project quickly became a thriving business, so much so that Katia very soon after gave up her career in fashion to work in the biz full-time.The two have a pretty remarkable friendship - when Katia went full-time, Vera continued to work as a lawyer so she could financially support the two of them until it was time for Vera to dive in fully as well. This episode is a little longer than usual, but the girls were soo generous with sharing their story that we couldn't stop asking questions! There's so much to take away from this episode, including how the girls approached their families for funding, how they use an 'open to buy' to manage stock effectively, and the importance of building a thriving community around your brand. We sure hope you've got your notebooks ready! LADY-BRAINS Podcast 101 Workshop: Instagram: For information regarding your data privacy, visit 


EP23 - S1

27 Jun 19

Karla Dawes - KDPO

So far on the lady-brains you've heard stories about women that have launched product-based businesses. We've covered everything from concept development to the manufacturing process and getting product onto the shelves of some of the biggest retailers in the world. Today's chat is slightly different to our previous one's because for the first time we sit down with a founder of a service-based business, Karla Dawes from KDPO. Karla started her own PR agency in 2016 and quickly became the go-to food and beverage agency here in Melbourne and around Australia. Boasting big-name clients like Peroni, Capi, Broadsheet and The Lucas Group, Karla is a fantastic example of a smart and savvy businesswoman that chose a profitable niche, and excelled in servicing it. Karla gives us all the tips...including how to pitch a story to journalists to get cut-through, and how you can ensure your business stays in the headlines. We kicked off by asking Karla whether her parents helped influence her journey. For information regarding your data privacy, visit 


EP22 - S1

12 Jun 19

Gemma K. Watts - Glow Journal

Gemma Watts is the founder of Glow Journal, a brand focused on producing beautiful, educational and honest content for the beauty consumer. As a solopreneur, she wears many hats in her business. She writes content for her blog, she heads up Glow Journal Creative - an agency specialising in tone of voice development and content creation for beauty brands, and she hosts the Glow Journal Podcast, interviewing some of the best in the beauty biz about what it takes to succeed in one of the most dynamic industries today. Gemma opens up about how she got to where she is today, the risks she's taken along the way, and why, in business and in life, it's so important to know your worth. We hope you enjoy! Come find us: Web - Instagram - lady.brains


EP21 - S1

30 May 19

Megan Gale - Mindful Life

Megan Gale is a well-known Aussie supermodel, TV presenter, brand ambassador and business owner. After being discovered by talent scouts at 18, she moved to Sydney to pursue a professional career but struggled to make the big time. After five years of grit, determination and following her gut (she knew something big was around the corner), Megan rose to international fame when she was cast in an Italian ad campaign. Since then, Megan has spent two decades working in Australia and overseas for some of the world's biggest brands. But what she's most proud of (aside from her beautiful family, of course!) is her brand new venture as the business owner of Mindful Life - a range of natural skincare products for babies and children. The name says it all - she's built a brand that teaches us to live with presence and purpose, to reconnect with ourselves and those that matter most. In this episode, Megan shares with us what it's taken to build Mindful Life as a one-woman-show, and why it's so important to clarify your why - your reason for going into business in the first place. Enjoy! 


EP20 - S1

16 May 19

Mia Klitsas - Moxie

In this episode we chat with the co-founder of personal care and hygiene brand Moxie. You may recognise it as the brand of tampons in the cute, pink tin packaging that's on the shelves of major retailers in Australia and also around the globe. The brains behind the brand is Mia Klitsas, who was just 21 years old when she thought of repackaging tampons into a tin container so that they would finally stop getting lost in the bottom of her bag. Guys – stick with us, coz we think you’ll also get a lot from this chat too! Mia shares with us her story on transitioning from working at one of the largest tobacco companies in the world to doing her own thing, how she lost half a million dollars worth of stock in the UK, and about her passion for social entrepreneurship – driving an initiative that provides women around the world with access to clean sanitary products. There’s so much to love about her, and the thing we admired about her the most is that she’s tenacious, she’s comfortable sitting in the uncomfortable by breaking down taboos, and she sends a very clear message that you can do good business as well as do good in the world. 


EP19 - S1

2 May 19

Sara Crampton - The UNDONE

Today's chat is with one of the pioneers of the fashion blogging industry in Australia. Sara Crampton is the face of Harper and Harley; a fashion, lifestyle and beauty blog that has captured the attention of women all over the world. From humble beginnings, quitting her job at 21 and uprooting her life to move to Sydney, Sara has managed to grow her Instagram audience to over 560k and her CV reads like the contents of a Vogue magazine, partnering with brands like Gucci, YSL, Estee Lauder, Nike, and many more. But Sara isn't just an influencer, in 2016 she made the leap into retail, launching The Undone - an online boutique selling a carefully curated line-up of beautiful, minimalist clothing. We sat down with Sara in her stunning Surry Hills office, to chat about how she came to be at the forefront of Australia's fashion scene. 


EP18 - S1

17 Apr 19

Christy Laurence - PLANN

Our next guest may not be a household name just yet, but let us tell you, after you hear this episode we don't think you'll forget her anytime soon. She's gritty, hilarious and has one of the most inquisitive minds. Christy Laurence is the brains behind PLANN - a social media management tool that is widely used by creatives, influencers and big organisations. Her business building journey is a unique one - struck by a debilitating illness that left her unable to move independently for two years, she somehow managed to not only make a full recovery, but in the process conceived of PLANN and persuaded someone to build the app for free. Three years on, Christy has achieved over 1 million downloads across 150 countries, employs 35 people in 9 countries, and now splits her time between Sydney and Silicon Valley. She's a real pocket rocket - we hope you enjoy it! 


EP17 - S1

4 Apr 19

Julie Stevanja - Stylerunner

Imagine finding yourself sitting across the board room table negotiating the deal of your life with the world's biggest sporting brand - Nike. Well, in 2012 this was the reality for Julie Stevanja, who invested her life savings into Stylerunner - a brand that just a few years later would become the world's biggest online activewear retailer, valued at over $50M. Impressive right? We can confirm that in person, she is just as amazing as she sounds! But aside from the awards, accolades, and financial success, what really blew us away was Julie's kind nature, her authenticity, and her willingness to share advice with not only us, but also with all of you. We began our chat in the Stylerunner board room, surrounded by mood boards featuring the upcoming winter collection. 


EP16 - S1

21 Mar 19

Michelle Battersby - Bumble Australia

Michelle Battersby is the classic definition of an intrapreneur. While she doesn't technically own her own business, she was tasked with the huge responsibility of starting and expanding US born dating and networking app, Bumble right across Australia. Headhunted by founder Whitney Wolf, Michelle backed herself and quit her job after a conversation with Whitney that she says completely sold her on the brand's mission to support and empower women. She's been on a whirlwind adventure ever since, and in just two short years has achieved 2 million app registrations with no signs of slowing down. We sat down to chat all things Bumble and to hear about Michelle's new role as Associate Marketing Director of the APAC region. LADY-BRAINS WEBSITE = INSTAGRAM = 


EP15 - S1

7 Mar 19

Sage Greenwood & Tahli Watts - Golden Grind

Today's chat is with two of our oldest and dearest friends Sage and Tahli who are the lady-brains behind Golden Grind - the brand that brought the turmeric golden latte to mainstream cafe culture.The business has come along way since the early days and can now be found not only in cafes around Australia but also on the shelves of some of the biggest retailers in the world...we're talking Selfridges in the UK and Urban Outfitters in the US! The girls have build this business with grit and hard work and have a no bullsh*t approach to sharing the story of their success. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did! LADY-LAND [LIVE] X FLUFF EVENT TICKETS = LADY-BRAINS WEBSITE = INSTAGRAM = 


EP14 - S1

21 Feb 19

Jess Thomas - Health Lab

Jess Thomas is the founder and brains behind Health Lab - a multi-million dollar wellness and beauty brand that was born out of a desire to create healthy snacks to cure that afternoon stress-induced sugar craving we all know too well. After testing out her all-natural protein balls on her co-workers in the early days, she quickly realised she was onto a winning formula and started selling them to cafes all over Melbourne. Fast forward three years, and Jess has managed to bootstrap her way onto the shelves of Australia's biggest retailers including Woolworths, My Chemist Warehouse, David Jones, 7-11, and the list goes on! We started the chat by asking Jess if she was an entrepreneurial kid growing up. LADY-LAND [LIVE] X FLUFF EVENT TICKETS = LADY-BRAINS WEBSITE = INSTAGRAM = 


EP13 - S1

7 Feb 19

Erika Geraerts - Fluff

A few years ago, Erika did what some might consider crazy or even unthinkable. She left the business she co-founded with her best friends at the height of its success, to go out on her own. Erika is the co-founder of Frank Body – the $20 million brand that’s referenced as one of the best Aussie start-up successes in recent years. It was courageous decision, but one that was driven by Erika’s mission to fight back against the unrealistic portrayal of women by the beauty industry, and her desire to create a positive narrative around what it means to be beautiful. After selling all of her shares in frank and raising additional seed funding on just her idea, Erika started building her next venture, Fluff. It’s a beauty brand for the Gen Z-ers and while it’s novel, it can be polarising and at times confusing for anyone over the age of 20. It’s not like any beauty brand you’ve seen before, and that’s precisely the point.  Today’s episode is the story of leaving a business at its peak to build another one from the ground up.


EP12 - S1

24 Jan 19

Bree Johnson - Frank Body

Let's be frank, if you haven’t lathered yourself in some Frank Body or seen babes all over the internet posing in their bathroom covered in coffee scrub, then you need to go take a peek! With just a pocket full of a cash, some ground coffee and a killer brand, our next guest Bree Johnson along with her business partners Jess, Alex and Steve have managed to build a thriving multi-million dollar beauty biz off the back of just one scrub. And not only that the ladies behind Frank also run creative agency Willow and Blake which they started at just 22. Talk about serial entrepreneurs. We sat down with Bree and learnt that Frank was almost called Piccolo and got the inside scoop on how the team were able to generate an almost 100,000 person waiting list for their long-awaited shimmer scrub. 


EP11 - S1

11 Oct 18

Alison Rice - Allure Media

Alison Rice is a bit of unicorn in the digital media world – she's kind, humble, and above all, real. If you're not in media-land, you may not know her by name, but we’re sure you know her work. Alison is the Group Publisher of Allure Media's Women's Lifestyle Division, and oversees the digital brands Who What Wear, Byrdie Beauty, Pop Sugar and My Domaine. Today’s conversation is not one of entrepreneurship, or of a business that was birthed in the golden age of Instagram, but it is a story of passion, dedication and hustle, and a lesson in making your dreams come true. We sat down with Alison recently to chat about how a girl from Western Sydney who failed her HSC, has become one of the most influential women in the Australian media landscape today. 


EP10 - S1

27 Sep 18

Laura Foley - Bali Body

In 2014, Laura Foley quit her day job and moved to Bali with her partner in search of inspiration. Without having to look too far afield, Laura realised she was already onto a winning business idea – vegan and all-natural tanning oils that she was blending and using herself. Despite not having a business or marketing background, Laura started out by gifting her oils to influencers who fell in love with the product and soon enough, the Bali Body brand was born. With a cult following around the globe and an Instagram page that will make you want to chase the sun all year long, Bali Body is the true embodiment of what it means to take a simple idea and turn it into a beauty brand must have. 


EP09 - S1

13 Sep 18

Beck Wadworth - An Organised Life

For Beck Wadworth, what began as a simple blog turned into an international minimalistic stationary brand – An Organised Life, which is stocked in a curated selection of over 45 stores across Australia and New Zealand. We sat down with Beck to chat about her career and business building journey to date, including a dream come true partnership with fashion brand, Karen Walker. This is Beck’s story of paving her own path, and taking the plunge from being a full-time employee to an entrepreneur. 


EP08 - S1

30 Aug 18

Jess Gerring - Hello Hair

In case you hadn't heard, vegan beauty is in. Demand for cruelty free products is booming and the US market alone is set to be worth $3.1B by 2025. While many of the big beauty brands are only now jumping on the vegan trend, today's guest predicted it would happen quite a few years ago and she had the foresight to create a brand that filled a significant market gap - vegan, cruelty-free hair care. Today we're speaking to Jess Gerring from Hello Hair - she founded the business with two friends back in 2013 and over the past 5 years has created a thriving global business with a social following of 400K. Not bad for a trio who had no experience in hair care before they got started! 


EP07 - S1

16 Aug 18

Sarah Holloway - Matcha Maiden

Sarah Holloway thought she had her life planned out. She'd studied Arts/Law, graduated top of her class, secured a job at a top-tier law firm in mergers and acquisitions, and soon after had received an offer to become an associate to the Chief Justice of the High Court – a position she’d been working towards for the previous six years. At the very same time her career was taking off, Sarah was busy launching her side-biz ‘Matcha Maiden’, which was born out of her recognizing a gap in the Australian market for matcha-based products. By 2015, and after a year of selling her products locally, it all became real when she was approached by US retailer Urban Outfitters with an order of 10,000 units. Sarah was forced to make a huge life decision – accept the High Court position or quit her job and fulfil the order. Fast forward to now, Matcha Maiden is stocked globally, Sarah and her team have opened a vegan restaurant called Matcha Mylkbar in Melbourne, and the business was recently accepted into the Chobani Incubator program – the first of its kind in Australia. 


EP06 - S1

2 Aug 18

Lauren Silvers & Lisa Maree - Glamazon

Back in 2014, peer-to-peer platforms were on the rise - we were all renting our houses out on Airbnb, and jumping in strangers’ cars for a ride home. While this was happening across various sectors, at the time Lauren Silvers and Lisa Maree recognised that in beauty, there was a gap. No tech platform existed to allow people to book beauty services on-demand. So they started formulating an idea, seeking funding, and building a business…separately. Yes, the two originally started out as competitors. Lisa was creating a booking app for beauty freelancers, while Lauren was doing the same, but with a focus on salons. It wasn’t until an investor introduced them that they decided to join forces and build Glamazon – the Uber of beauty, which allows customers to book stylists, on demand, directly to their homes. Since its launch in December 2016, Lauren & Lisa have appeared on Shark Tank, secured over half a million dollars in funding, are dominating the Australian on-demand beauty market and are already looking at international expansion. 


EP05 - S1

19 Jul 18

Jane Lu - Showpo

Jane Lu calls herself the lazy CEO, but after listening to this episode, you’ll come to realise that she’s anything but lazy. Jane is the founder of Showpo - a fashion e-commerce empire that she bootstrapped from her parents garage to over 2 million social media followers and $30 million in revenue. In this episode Jane gives us the inside scoop on how she did all of that and more, in just 7 years.  


EP04 - S1

5 Jul 18

Alyce Tran - The Daily Edited

Four years ago, Alyce Tran was working as a corporate lawyer in Sydney. She didn't love her job, and spent much of her time using the office printer to make mood boards that inspired her. Her co-workers often commented on her style, and because of this she decided to start a blog called The Daily Edited - a daily edit of the things she loved. Fast forward to today, and The Daily Edited has transitioned from a blog to a globally recognised fashion brand, with annual revenue of over $30 million. On this episode of lady-land, hear how Alyce built her thriving business selling stylish, monogrammed accessories to customers all over the world. 


EP03 - S1

21 Jun 18

Gretta van Riel - Skinny Me Tea

Over the past five years, Gretta van Riel has been a very busy lady. In 2014, with only a few dollars in her bank account, then 22 year old Gretta launched her first start up Skinny Me Tea, which she scaled to $600,000 in revenue in just six months. Since then, she’s founded another five businesses, including the 5th Watches & Hey Influencers, and grown her social following to an audience of 16 million people. Don't miss Gretta's top tips for launching a brand and business on Instagram today. 


EP02 - S1

7 Jun 18

Cleo Wade - Heart Talk

Cleo Wade's life story to date is a fascinating one, and she's only 28 years old. After growing up in a highly segregated and racist area of New Orleans, Cleo moved to New York, skipping college and living out of a tiny apartment which doubled as her art studio. Things changed for Cleo in 2014, when she posted to Instagram for the first time with a simple poem. This subsequently went viral, providing her with a unique platform to speak her words of wisdom to a younger generation. Fast forward four years, and Cleo is now a respected poet, artist, activist and writer, having built a personal brand and cult following around the world. 


EP01 - S1

7 Jun 18

Lady-Land Trailer

Welcome to Lady-Land, a podcast by Lady-Brains. Join your hosts and Lady-Brains co-founders Caitlin Judd and Anna Mackenzie as they talk shop with inspiring female founders about what it really takes to build a successful business. Find out more about the show and join the gang at Follow us on Instagram at lady.brains


0 - S1

11 Nov 19

Welcome to lady-land

Welcome to lady-land: a podcast by lady-brains. Join Caitlin, Anna and Maeva as they chat to ambitious, successful and inspiring entrepreneurial women about what it takes to become an overnight success. Huge spoiler alert - the overnight success does not exist. Get comfy and settle in fellow lady-brains and ride with us to lady-land. 


0 - S1

4 Jun 18

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