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A weekly wrap of the “must-know” developments in Marketing, Media, Agency and Technology for leaders and emerging leaders in the industry. Veteran industry journalist and Mi3 Executive Editor Paul McIntyre talks each week with guest markete


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Season 1

The Feds are reviewing Australia’s Privacy Act - here’s what it means for marketing and media in 2021

If you have anything to do with first party data, personalisation, audience and customer segmentation or targeting, your number is up. The Federal Government in October released an issues paper on overhauling the current Privacy Act. In this podcast we teamed up with the IAB to hear from three privacy specialists on their Privacy Heaven and Hell scenarios for next year and a Q&A session with the panelists and Mi3’s Executive Editor, Paul McIntyre.   


EP103 - S1

7 Dec 20

Marketing Maths v Tech and Code 101: The marketing industry not so confident on its numbers - here’s a way out

Know how to crunch the numbers on Negative Binomial Distribution? How about Excess Share of Voice (ESOV), a P&L or cashflow? A new study of Australian marketers and agencies shows most are not so confident on any of the important maths to stay with the finance team, the CEO and boards. Brand Traction’s Jon Bradshaw and VMLY&R’s Chief Strategy Officer Ali Tilling break down a new industry study on how marketers and agencies rate themselves and where the gaps are. Their message? Start learning to count.  


EP102 - S1

30 Nov 20

How fake ads on social media and TV could help shape the future of cross channel media strategies and measurement

Australia is about to embark on a world first cross media measurement experiment that owes at least some of its DNA to fake ads created by Disney and run across its TV network and on social media. The Premium Content Alliance hopes it will help marketers truly understand how every channel impacts another – and prove that quality always delivers more powerful results. 


EP101 - S1

26 Nov 20

Capgemini eyes Accenture Interactive, Deloitte Digital and agency turf with Australia’s $93m RXP takeover

The global communications holding companies have missed a prime opportunity to fast-track their digital transformation and tech credentials - instead, the French IT and consulting giant Capgemini is heading their way like Accenture Interactive and Deloitte Digital have already. RXP owns data, design and brand agency The Works, which it paid $33m for in 2018 to augment its capabilities in CX, digital transformation and the Salesforce, Microsoft and ServiceNow platforms. Capgemini CEO Olaf Pietschner and RXP CEO Ross Fielding talk what’s next after the merger. 


EP100 - S1

23 Nov 20

Screen fatigue, surging brain chemicals, meaningful ads and why a more physical return to workplaces is inevitable

We know screen fatigue is real through Covid but a neuroscientist, a social researcher and OMA CEO Charmaine Moldrich say they’re having more impact than we think on people, community, industry and “purposeful” ads. Dr Fiona Kerr and Dynata regional director Marcus Pritchard join Moldrich on the case for more physical workplace interaction and why consumers might be headed for more conservatism.  


EP99 - S1

19 Nov 20

Is the "connected customer" boom delivering growth? CMOs, data and innovation leads at Budget Direct, First State-Aware Super, NRMA and Lavender CX reveal the trials and tribulations

Budget Direct is the fastest growing insurer in Australia - is it product, customer experience or marketing and comms that’s driving the growth? CMO Jonathan Kerr unpacks the answer and lobs a jibe at “transformation programs” - Budget Direct has never done one. Kerr is joined by the Head of Innovation at the rebranded Aware Super, Anita Ayres, NRMA’s Digital and Data lead Harris Hutkin and Lavender CX’s Damian Sharpley who get real on the customer roadmap.


EP98 - S1

16 Nov 20

Brands and media agencies, don’t miss this podcast if you plan on staying with global developments in the emerging attention economy and what impact it’s having on traditional audience and reach metrics

Marketers and agencies are missing huge opportunities by only superficially measuring attention. But that’s about to change. A new platform and metric, attentionTRACE, is about to go live. AttentionTRACE measures attention across channels, but Story54’s Jane Waterhouse argues even before the trial data is out, one medium in particular lands messages more deeply, at least in women’s minds, than any other. Amplified Intelligence CEO, Professor Karen Nelson-Field, and UK Neuro Science CEO, Shazia Ginai explain the science. Pay attention -  you’ll need to know this stuff.


EP97 - S1

12 Nov 20

Smoke and fire: WPP AUNZ boss Jens Monsees rubbishes rebellion rumours as board instigates CEO review; counters Sir Martin Sorrell on S4 Capital's ’new model'

Jens Monsees is one year into running WPP’s AUNZ operation and the market is now rife with talk of broad internal leadership unrest with how he’s transforming the business. In this conversation, Monsees addresses talk of a fallout after the abrupt departure of COO John Steadman, a board-instigated review of his performance across staff and clients and he fires back at S4 Capital’s jibes around the troubled future of holding companies.


EP96 - S1

9 Nov 20

Commbank CMO Monique Macleod weighs in on the downside of short-term marketing and what she sees next for customer personalisation, AI, media and tech

Hot off the heels of overseeing a brand refresh for the Commonwealth Bank, CMO Monique Macleod talks the art and science of marketing, customer personalisation and how her team is structuring and adapting to AI and new tech stacks - and what it now means for media and team capabilities. "Your tech is never sorted,” she says.


EP95 - S1

2 Nov 20

Penfolds v Louis Vuitton: Chief Winemaker and Global CMO reveal the bold three-year strategy to create a global Australian luxury icon - beyond a fine wine brand

Penfolds Chief Winemaker Peter Gago and global marketing boss Kristy Keyte talk through their ambitious strategy to reinvent Penfolds into an Australian global luxury icon, like Gucci, Aston Martin or Louis Vuitton. Joined by WundermunThompson CEO, Lee Leggett, this conversation is fascinating, including how Penfolds sold-out of the $200,000 release of its Ampoule edition and how they’re managing strategy, product and portfolio management, consumer behaviour, shifting direct-to-consumer and e-commerce models, long-term branding and executional complexity.


EP94 - S1

26 Oct 20

ViacomCBS Market Voice: Other TV networks should be ‘terrified’ - top Australian ViacomCBS execs say the megamerger and new content and streaming assets of Network’s 10’s new US parent company will rattle local rivals

In this Market Voice podcast, ViacomCBS chief content and sales officers Beverley McGarvey and Rod Prosser lay out the streaming, content and commercial plans for the Australian group - including the launch of the new Paramount+ service and when the biggest ad-supported digital TV service in the US, Pluto TV, will arrive Down Under. Prosser also suggests advertisers frustrated by the “mess” over cricket rights may have found a silver lining.


EP93 - S1

22 Oct 20

Australian marketers are flocking to applied Behavioural Economics - Simply Energy marketing and sales boss Andrea Bernard and Hardhat’s Dan Monheit explain how - and why - it’s on-trend this year

Andrea Bernard, the head of marketing and sales at Simply Energy, ultimately part of the $60bn French energy giant, Energie, started using Behavioural Economics thinking 18 months ago - now it’s central to her strategy on everything. And Andrea isn’t alone. Behavioural Economics specialist and co-founder of Hard Hat, Dan Monheit, says there’s been a surge of interest from brands this year. Here’s why. 


EP92 - S1

19 Oct 20

IPG Mediabrands exec: If regulators don’t get to grips with data, we will all end up working for Facebook and Google

Australian Joshua Lowcock is Chief Digital and Innovation Officer at UM in the US and UM’s global Brand Safety Officer. Based in New York, he’s spearheaded development of a Media Responsibility Audit of social media platforms alongside initiatives to try to make businesses see the billions they spend on advertising within the same frame as corporate social responsibility – and says it’s gaining traction “faster than even I imagined”. Now regulators need to quickly deal with data monopolies without getting distracted by sideshows. If they don't, Lowcock fears we may all soon be working for the tech platforms - because nobody else can compete.


EP91 - S1

12 Oct 20

Ex-Woolworths, Myer, Quantium customer loyalty boss takes on Ehrenberg-Bass and explains why loyalty schemes need a reboot

Even the discount-averse Apple uses Bernard Wilson’s company to move product. The one-time investment banker - who was part of a consortium which made a failed hostile bid for Qantas - lead Woolworths’ first attempt at a loyalty program, which also didn’t work. The second version did. After stints at Myer and Quantium, the new CEO of cash-back trailblazer, Cashrewards, says as brands and companies chase the Covid-fuelled e-commerce surge, loyalty programs need a rebrand and retailers and marketers need a rethink on loyalty. Cashrewards customer base is up 40% this year and he’s about to go hard on building the brand, more customers and an IPO.


EP90 - S1

5 Oct 20

Content marketing overkill? Coles, IAG, Storyation on the COVID-induced surge in brands doing content and standing out through more noise

Bigger budgets are pouring into content marketing this year but IAG’s Director of Content & Customer Engagement, Zara Curtis, says there’s “a lot of bad content” being produced by brands. IAG is producing less but better quality. Curtis says she’s a “content killer” as IAG works out the art of what not to produce. Meanwhile, Coles’ Senior Content Manager Jill Tenner is doing much more in the past six months because of customer demand for inspiration. The key takeout, says Storyation’s Head of Content, Lauren Quaitance, is brands have been scrambling over the past five months to overhaul or develop new content marketing plans.


EP89 - S1

28 Sep 20

CommBank's analytics boss on how its AI-powered ‘customer engagement engine’ is changing everything

Commonwealth Bank Chief Analytics Officer Andrew McMullan studied machine learning, taught mathematics and is now leading the bank’s AI-fuelled customer strategy. The ‘math man’ and CMO Monique Macleod have been working hand in glove on what is next for Australia’s biggest bank.


EP88 - S1

22 Sep 20

Russel Howcroft, Nine Radio boss Tom Malone on media the “most ruthless” sector in Howcroft’s career, the broadcaster's talent purge, advertiser age bias and leaving PwC

Howcroft says media is the most ruthless industry, consulting the most influential but advertising the smartest. Nine Radio’s new boss Tom Malone, meanwhile, spills the beans on how Russel Howcroft left PwC to join 3AW’s breakfast slot and the complete overhaul he’s implemented at Nine Radio to skew younger and address advertiser bias against older, lucrative audiences in radio. Malone also tells a very different story around Alan Jones and his exit from radio. 


EP87 - S1

14 Sep 20

Former Foxtel, News Corp boss Peter Tonagh talks legacy media’s challenged future, why he’s still investing and the merits of “soft socialism” in business

Peter Tonagh knows a bit about the media sector and is part of an investment group piling into new media ventures. Big Media is consolidating while he argues future media is specialising and fragmenting. There is tension everywhere. 


EP86 - S1

7 Sep 20

Why entertainment giant Vivendi wants more culture, less tech for its global agency division Havas and new Australian indie acquisition Hyland

French-owned Havas Media last week acquired Australian independent agency HYLAND with plans to plug into its vast parent company Vivendi, controlled by the French billionaire industrialist, Vincent Bollore. Vivendi owns music labels, Hollywood studios, TV networks and gaming and ticketing companies and is moving Havas to a very different position versus its bigger global marketing services rivals like WPP, Omnicom, IPG, Dentsu and Publicis. More culture, not just tech is the idea. Havas Media’s Australian team talk the HYLAND acquisition, Vivendi and a pick-up in media spending now underway for the December quarter.


EP85 - S1

31 Aug 20

TV’s old guard or digital’s new blood? Nestle talks an ‘All Screens’ video and TV strategy in a power-packed roundtable on who wins on programmatic video v converged and connected TV planning, buying and measurement

Nestle’s Head of Media, Data and Content, Antonia Farqhuar is joined by UM’s Nicole Prior, Seven’s Kurt Burnette, Hearts & Science’s Issy Dunn and Amobee’s Liam Walsh in a robust discussion on a red hot industry theme...who emerges on top in a converged and connected TV world - digital video professionals or their broadcast TV peers? The playbook has started.


EP84 - S1

27 Aug 20

Deloitte overhauls marketing: Ex-WPP CEO, Network 10 brand boss Matt McGrath on his global CMO role; Rochelle Tognetti on being first female CMO for Australia

Australia's first female CMO is teaching meditation at the firm through COVID and pushed through a major Salesforce rollout internally in the past two months to "connect the data pipes" - Rochelle Tognetti joins Matt McGrath, the new Australian global CMO, on the radical shifts in B2B marketing, the end of physical events, virtual pitching, deploying AI marketing chat bots and what next for the global Deloitte brand. 


EP82 - S1

18 Aug 20

“The myth of rationality": Why Boeing’s return to supersonic travel, FedEx and investment bankers prove B2B (and B2C) marketers need to rethink behavioural economics and psychology

Behavioural science is the trojan horse marketers need to get psychology back into business and the boardroom. Rory Sutherland, vice chairman of Ogilvy UK and a founder of its behavioural science practice, suggests B2B marketers (and B2C marketers for that matter) must explode the myth that businesses and their people only make logical decisions, or they'll keep making the same mistakes until their tenure ends.


EP81 - S1

17 Aug 20

Follow the money: Nestle, AANA, MFA, OMD, Nine and The Guardian say marketers must step up on digital ad supply chain’s black hole

Nestle's head of eStrategy, Marketing and Brand, Martin Brown, says 50% of advertiser digital budgets going to working media is "not good enough" - 70% should be the baseline. With the competition regulator digging into the digital ad supply chain and PwC finding half of digital ad dollars are eaten up before they get to publishers, marketers must get a grip on where they are spending their money. Nestlé‘s Brown - also chair of the AANA - OMD‘s Aimee Buchanan, IAB chair and Pedestrian Group‘s Matt Rowley and Guardian Australia boss Dan Stinton debate transparency, remuneration, brand safety and suggest cutting out programmatic middlemen could be key.


EP80 - S1

10 Aug 20

CEOs at world’s leading Out Of Home companies say the turnaround has started despite volatility; why WFH's a bubble and programmatic OOH to surge

They’ve arguably been the hardest hit media companies through COVID-19 but the bosses of some of the world’s leading OOH companies - with iconic sites like NY’s Times Square, London’s Piccadilly Circus and Sydney’s Glebe Island Silos in their portfolios - come out swinging on this Mi3 podcast. Existential threats from COVID-19 and changes to public mobility and WFH are overcooked, they claim. And they’ve learnt the lessons from publishing - programmatic trading is set to surge but not through intermediaries and open exchanges like Google's. They’re not so united, however, on industry-wide trading platforms to tackle Big Tech. Sound familiar? This one’s a cracker.


EP79 - S1

4 Aug 20

Data governance alert: Apple's September bombshell will hit ad market, user tracking - Adore Beauty joins a panel of adtech, martech and 'demand-gen' industry experts

A more privacy-aggressive Apple is again pressuring its big tech peers like Google and Facebook to play cleaner on gaining “informed consent” from users to be tracked. A September iOS mobile operating system update from Apple will bluntly force more disclosure on how users and their behaviour data is matched and traded across the open web, apps and minute-by-minute geo-location journeys and patterns - anything from work commutes and exercise routines to retail precincts. Industry insiders say Google will have to follow Apple to maintain regulatory optics, like it’s been forced to by Apple’s Safari browser in the pending 2022 Google Chrome “cookie apocalypse”. Complex consent and transparency headaches for brands and marketers are weeks away.   


EP78 - S1

3 Aug 20

Famed ad agency network DDB’s week-old global CEO Marty O’Halloran is an Australian with grand plans to shake up the DDB world. Here’s how he’s going to do it

Within days of DDB Australia and New Zealand chairman and CEO Marty O’Halloran landing the global CEO role last week, he made a radical move to appoint a black, data-led CEO, Justin Thomas-Copeland, to the North American advertising institution. In this conversation, O’Halloran admits it’s a signal for the DDB world that he will shake things up. John Wren, the boss of DDB’s giant NY-listed parent company Omnicom, says if O’Halloran can replicate the performance of the Australian and New Zealand group internationally, they’re going to “have a great time together”. Here’s what the low-profile O'Halloran says he’s going to do.    


EP77 - S1

27 Jul 20

Danny Bass from the outside: Ex-IPG Mediabrands CEO says culture requires agencies, media people back in the office for magic to happen; COVID to hurt media owners more than agencies

It won’t be music to some ears but Danny Bass has been conducting executive leadership offsites for media and agency top brass in recent weeks and he’s convinced those that can get their people back in the office, or at least physically interacting as groups beyond Zoom, will have “first mover advantage”. It’s about the industry’s culture breeding creativity, ideas and magic. 


EP76 - S1

20 Jul 20

Media’s “most influential” person of the decade? Bob Hoffman is bleak, grumpy and wishes the advertising holding companies would fail for a better industry

Mark Ritson calls him one of our "truly great marketing iconoclasts". Professor Byron Sharp says “I wish I was brave enough to be this rude” and NY-based ID Comms CEO Tom Denford predicts Bob Hoffman will possibly be "the most influential person of the decade in media". Here’s Hoffman in full flight. Enjoy.


EP75 - S1

13 Jul 20

Influencer marketing - cowgirls, cowboys, brands and agencies prepare for more regulatory scrutiny, cash-for-comment disclosure and measurement rigour

Cash for comment used to be - and still is - quicksand for advertisers and media companies but not so for influencer marketing, worth $87bn globally and upwards of $240m in Australia. But a new code of practice from the recently formed Australian Influencer Marketing Council (AIMCO) aims to tackle the big challenges that could thwart the credibility of mega, macro, micro and nano influencers. Big fines is but one of the incentives motivating AIMCO and the big five global communications holding companies which are backing the initiative.    


EP74 - S1

6 Jul 20

IBM CMO Jodie Sangster, Volvo’s Julie Hutchinson join Deloitte economist and Rob Brittain on Australia’s ad spend black hole and why 'how we marketing has changed forever'

Deloitte partner John O’Mahony says advertising and marketing “definitely has a perception issue” amongst executive leadership while arguing marketing drives growth and shouldn’t be a cost centre. Volvo and IBM marketers respond on their strategic shifts and hurdles in moving to brand over short-term tactics. Rob Brittain, co-author with Peter Field on the Communications Council's landmark Australian advertising study, cuts through with answers. 


EP73 - S1

29 Jun 20

Vodafone’s former global media chief on lessons in-housing media, transparency and why programmatic is ‘ripe for regulation'

Paul Evans was one of the driving forces of Vodafone’s global in-housing of search, social and digital media but he’s still not sure the ad industry at large has solved John Wanamaker’s famed conundrum that half his advertising was wasted but he didn’t know which half. Evans was also involved in the early scoping of PwC's recent forensic dive in the UK into the programmatic supply chain - which couldn't find where a third of cost is ending up. Given the billions advertisers are spending programmatically, he thinks regulation beckons. And while in-housing programmatic is “hard work”, Evans believes Vodafone and others that have committed for the long term will only gain... and won't be U-turning any time soon.


EP72 - S1

22 Jun 20

Bleak but not over - Nine-Fairfax ad deal with Google to end;  Premium Content Alliance says record subs, eyeballs and cookie collapse good for local, “contextual” media v Google, Facebook duopoly

Nine’s Chief Digital and Publishing Officer Chris Janz says the once contentious ad deal Fairfax struck with Google before Nine’s takeover will now "likely mean we’ll have a different relationship with Google" as the newly formed Premium Content Alliance (PCA) of major local publishers plans another counter strike on Google and Facebook with “effectiveness research”. It will also upend the market’s current and outdated preoccupation with Nielsen audience rankings, say PCA heavies Kim Portrate, Chris Janz (Nine) and Gereurd Roberts (Seven West Media).        


EP71 - S1

15 Jun 20

VB, Bunnings, Toyota top Australia’s first Audio Logo Index as smart speakers set new branding challenge

Mastercard and Intel are among the highest profile brands who have invested heavily in “sonic branding” but Procter & Gamble and a host of big names are now treating audio branding as important as visual and video identity. New York-based Veritonic and SCA tested a 400,000-panel of Australians to produce the first annual Audio Logo Index in which Bunnings, VB and Toyota were leaders. Here’s why.


EP70 - S1

11 Jun 20

Global ad effectiveness grandmaster Peter Field on Australia’s big problem with ad spend and GDP and why B2B marketers could be powering ahead of their consumer marketing peers in driving short and long-term growth through COVID

Australian marketers could be showing "signs of panic” if sobering new analysis from Peter Field and The Communications Council is right. What’s more, B2B marketers here could be powering ahead of their consumer marketing peers in reassessing short-term tactical marketing to longer term brand building to drive growth. LinkedIn’s Prue Cox joins Comms Council CEO Tony Hale and Peter Field for a conversation that captures the Australian conundrum. And a way out.   


EP69 - S1

8 Jun 20

'Massive reinvention, huge success': The AFL’s COVID  "digital makegoods” strategy changed everything for commercial partners and content, says AFL ‘livewires’ Kylie Rogers and Sarah Wyse

After a $600m loan, standing down 85% of its staff and the competition set to restart on June 11, off-season audiences are up 50% for AFL Media as COVID forced new digital products for fans and fast-tracked a surge in women and younger audiences with more entertainment and lifestyle content. “We’re all working seven days a week but frankly we’re in great shape,” says ex-Network Ten exec and Mammamia MD, Kylie Rogers, now General Manager, Commercial, for the AFL. 


EP68 - S1

1 Jun 20

Marketing cloud ‘fatigue' and ‘personalisation 2.0' - the post-COVID changes for CX, online targeting and ads run deep

Massive complexity is creating “marketing cloud fatigue”, says Gartner’s California-based senior director and analyst Ben Bloom, who joins Publicis Sapient ANZ managing director Sarah Adam-Gedge, Citi’s Head of Digital and Segments Roger Slater and Brand Traction’s Jon Bradshaw in Episode Two on why personalisation is a quaint bygone - even with tech.


EP67 - S1

25 May 20

Clemenger BBDO chair Robert Morgan: More divisions to merge or close, creative agencies to follow CHEP ‘powerhouse’ into e-comm, data

Clemenger BBDO Group executive chairman Robert Morgan has a long-held view that "you take your medicine early” in a downturn, flagging more consolidation within the group as the big creative agency brands become central hubs for creative, e-commerce, data and precision marketing. But he “absolutely won’t” be replicating WPP’s centralised production model in Australia and New Zealand for lower-cost, high velocity work. “We won’t be doing it that way,” he says. Morgan also believes there’s "no question" a shift of at least 20% of people working more flexibly out of Clemenger offices is a given.      


EP66 - S1

18 May 20

Google's new 2022 cookie apocalypse: Why it will hit first party data and a solution from Westpac's ex-digital media and tech boss

From 2022, Google will ban the use of third party cookies within its Chrome browser, joining Apple and others in voiding the digital marketing industry's most widespread currency. That's going to break things - including new pressure on first party data. Many companies don't even know what's going to hit them but for those that want to stay in business, there's still time - just. 


EP65 - S1

11 May 20

Wasteland of tech tools: Gartner says 80% of marketers will ditch personalisation by 2025. ‘No chance’ says Citi, WPP

Gartner’s provocative forecast that personalisation will prove an expensive wasteland of tech tools in five years has Citi’s Australian head of segments and digital, Roger Slater, fired up. Yes, a day of reckoning is coming for tech vendors and ‘fundamentally lazy’ marketers who think personalisation is a tech problem. But it’s not about the tech, Slater says. WPP’s Adam Good worries there are too many tech Ferrarris idling in the garage being used by people "trained in the tools, not marketing”. Another problem. Brand Traction’s Jon Bradshaw has the science. Time to listen up.


EP64 - S1

4 May 20

Getting personal: Emerging agency leaders trade views with senior industry execs on half the industry facing emotional stress and mental health pressures; the struggle of managing fragile teams remotely and a post-COVID seachange movement in media.

WPP’s Team Red media lead on Vodafone, Emily Cook, says WFH has “humanised” client-agency relationships but Bohemia’s national planning director Mark Echo says he’s been on a more volatile emotional rollercoaster than when in the office. Wavemaker CEO Peter Vogel still heads to work daily and can’t wait to get his teams back together in the office. MFA CEO Sophie Madden, however, agrees with Mark Echo that post-COVID up to 50% of the industry will see material shifts in how they work. Want a real, no BS conversation? This one delivers. 


EP63 - S1

27 Apr 20

‘Market got it wrong’ - radio audiences surge as streaming, catch-up, apps, smart speakers surpass broadcast ‘commute’ listening

Southern Cross Austereo’s Brian Gallagher says the market got it all wrong on concerns COVID radio audiences would crater because of vanishing work commutes. Omnicom Media Group’s head of audio and outdoor Jo Dick agrees. SCA’s 1.2 million digital streaming and app users show the typical spikes in breakfast and drive slots have spread across the day. Now for a revolution in radio’s diary-based audience currency…Jo Dick calls for overnight radio numbers, like TV, within a year.  


EP62 - S1

23 Apr 20

Trusted media? Editors at The Sydney Morning Herald and Nine News talk COVID news ad blacklists, booming audiences and subs and a swing to non-COVID content with Carat CEO Sue Squillace and Nine’s Michael Stephenson

Two leading “trusted media" news editors mix it up with Carat CEO Sue Squillace and Nine’s Chief Sales Officer Michael Stephenson on media consumption trends and what advertisers will do next. Squillace says the online shopping surge is affecting media channel allocation - to digital performance - but Carat’s strategy teams have "never been busier” planning for the mid and longer term around brand.


EP61 - S1

20 Apr 20

HiPages CCO Stuart Tucker flips from brand to performance marketing; Ex-Diageo CMO Adam Ballesty banks on COVID alcohol boom to halt

Two former blue chip corporate marketers tell a very different story now they’re at smaller, scrappier start-up ventures. Former Combank marketer Stuart Tucker says many marketing peers in large organisations are "out of touch” with mainstream Australia and need a dose of humility. Meanwhile Seedlip APAC general manager, Adam Ballesty,  is scrambling to push the fast growing non-alcoholic, distilled spirits category when restaurants and bars are closed and everyone is reaching for a drink.


EP60 - S1

15 Apr 20

Coles CMO Lisa Ronson on media mix, the rise of TV and newspapers and splitting marketing for a post-COVID strategy

The Coles research and insights team is feeding the broader marketing operation daily on insights and messaging strategies coming from what Google and Facebook are capturing in search and social and what the just-overhauled creative and media agency partners are tapping from international markets that are weeks ahead of the Australian COVID-19 situation. She talks with Mi3 Executive Editor Paul McIntyre.       


EP59 - S1

13 Apr 20

Mark Ritson v Suncorp CMO Mim Haysom on marketers as “communications muppets”; Suncorp declares no COVID cuts to marketing spend

Like Telstra CMO Jeremy Nicolas two weeks ago, Suncorp’s marketing and brand boss Mim Haysom says "we haven't cut our marketing budgets and have no intention of doing that”. An 18-month effort by Haysom to convince Suncorp's leadership and board to view long-term investment in brand and marketing as a growth driver has paid off. Mark Ritson says Haysom is "a 1-in-100 marketer” as he joins up with ADMA to launch a 12-week work-from-home "Marketing Masterclass” series later this month. But…they do don the gloves for a light stoush over marketing’s obsession with communications.


EP58 - S1

2 Apr 20

Covid 19 Series Update: Hoyts CEO Damian Keogh on what next for Hollywood, media and ad market after cinema shutdown

For the first time in 111 years, Hoyts has shut its cinemas nationwide and stood down close to 3000 staff. Hoyts Chinese parent, Wanda, meanwhile has started re-opening its Chinese cinemas. Hoyts CEO Damian Keogh was supposed to be in Wuhan in January for the company’s annual conference, which was shifted to Guangzhou just days out. Here’s how Keogh sees the current crisis playing out.  


EP57 - S1

30 Mar 20

COVID-19 Update: Telstra CMO: 'We haven’t paused anything’ as marketing, media sectors brace for 40% contraction, preserving jobs

Telstra CMO Jeremy Nicholas joins PwC Chief Economist Jeremy Thorpe, Omnicom Media Group CEO Peter Horgan and Executive Channel Holdings CEO and Outdoor Media Association chairman Charles Parry-Okeden in a critical discussion on managing through COVID-19 in coming weeks and how it may rewire the future of industry and jobs. 


EP56 - S1

18 Mar 20

AusPost CMO Amber Collins on her lessons at Coles, why “lazy" marketers use social and what next

When former Coles marketing heavy Amber Collins was approached by Australia Post to take the CMO role, she immediately said ‘no thanks’. But former News Corp exec and Collins’ new boss, Nicole Sheffield, eventually got her way. Collins unpacks her media, marketing and agency lessons from Coles and where she’s headed at Australia Post.


EP55 - S1

16 Mar 20

‘Feisty' Anne Parsons on Harold Mitchell and why Out of Home can’t repeat TV’s mistakes

Anne Parsons was the only rival of media agency baron Harold Mitchell who publicly took him on when he reigned supreme. Now living in Paris, Parsons, who just exited the board of the now Quadrant private equity-owned QMS, explains why Out Of Home can’t and won’t repeat TV broadcaster apathy  – and more. 


EP54 - S1

12 Mar 20

The marketing black hole: Young and experienced marketers from Arnott’s, Baiada-Steggles, IAG and AANA dissect the worrying decline of capabilities among marketing professionals - it’s urgent

If engineering and science professionals - and graduates - lacked the basics like their peers currently do in marketing and communications, carnage would prevail. So what’s going on with marketers and the universities producing the next generation of leaders? Does anyone care or are we happily masquerading? Three years after graduating from Sydney University, Arnott’s assistant brand manager James Shepherd dukes it out with IAG CMO Brent Smart, Head of Marketng at the $2.5bn Baiada-Steggles group, Yash Gandhi and AANA CEO John Broome on why marketers must do better - and how.


EP53 - S1

9 Mar 20

Ex Red Rooster CEO Nick Keenan, now Starcom CEO, on client politics, martech silos and why advertising actually still works, fast

Recorded well before his appointment as Starcom Australia CEO, Nick Keenan opens up on running a quick-service restaurant for private equity owners, how a marketer-turned-CEO viewed marketing and agencies, why brand owners can be as dysfunctional as agency groups are accused of and how martech is presenting the same challenges as social and search did five years ago. Creative agencies, particularly, will be happy. Keenan thinks they’re underrated, particularly in UX and design.


EP52 - S1

9 Mar 20

The very troubled world of linear TV - why even brands are now spooked about the demise of advertising’s Golden Goose

It’s a bit late but brands the world over are realising linear TV was their Golden Goose for impact - and they don’t see a real replacement. But there is some light. Three international TV analysts talk to Mi3’s Paul McIntyre about fear, fury and fatigue - and an avalanche of ad-funded streaming services (AVOD) in the next five years. The “ads are dead” crowd may have to temper their joy -  consumers are piling into hybrid ad-subscription streaming services where they pay less for taking ads. And they are.


EP51 - S1

2 Mar 20

TV faces up to ‘food fatigue’ but MasterChef EP predicts 5-10% rise for 2020

TV food shows are on the nose and agencies and advertisers are twitchy. Veteran MasterChef Executive Producer at Endemol Shine, Marty Benson, says be calm. The revamped MasterChef format with new judges and a new pace will return the show to audience growth this year. Ten’s Head of Programming, Daniel Monaghan, agrees. Here’s why.


EP50 - S1

27 Feb 20

More tech, less media: IPG Mediabrands new CEO Mark Coad and APAC boss Leigh Terry on diluting their media risk

A $2.3bn global acquisition of data firm Acxiom 18 months ago has triggered a wave of new ventures for New York-based marketing services holding group IPG - it's delivering media unit, IPGMediabrands, the chance to spread its risk and reliance on media. Kinesso, a new global marketing, advertising and data technology platform, is part of the plan. Former Omnicom veteran Mark Coad and APAC CEO Leigh Terry unveal their plans, talk Coronavirus implications for marketing and why Coad jumped ship. 


EP49 - S1

24 Feb 20

Kia’s top marketer says Uber Eats kicked other brands "in the teeth” with its Australian Open sponsorship. Kia wants to match it

Kia’s GM marketing, Dean Norbiato, admits the auto company has a major "brand rejection” challenge among Australians and undercooked its two-decade backing of The Australian Open. But that’s all changing massively. Kia and Uber Eats top marketers reveal their inside thinking on the worth of broadcast sponsorships.


EP48 - S1

20 Feb 20

L’Oreal’s media director Lyndell Campher on problems with YouTube and the upside to TV, Instagram and influencers

L’Oreal completed a research project late last year that will see the Australian and New Zealand unit reweight its media investments away from YouTube to TV and Instagram in 2020, along with less ad campaigns overall. Influencer fraud remains a concern but it’s not stopping the cosmetics giant investing in social channels over celebrities although Network Ten and Hit Network’s Carrie Bickmore remains one of L’Oreal’s top influencers - and celebrities. Later this year Campher says L’Oreal plans to link influencers directly to online sales to test their mettle.


EP47 - S1

17 Feb 20

It’s weird: ‘Bleak’, dystopian under 30s are flocking to the movies for escape and rare big culture moments

Wtf? The number of 14-24 year-olds heading to the box office was up 20% in Australia last year. Under 30s were up 7%. Why? Social researcher Matt Sandwell and Val Morgan’s managing director Guy Burbidge say the vast underbelly of society is feeling bleak - young and old. Fantasy, escape and a desire for disappearing “big cultural moments” are on the rise and this year’s line-up from Hollywood and beyond will fuel the desire for mass cultural connections. On the upside, “cultural imprinting” is exactly what brands want too.   


EP46 - S1

13 Feb 20

Marketing and media’s troubled future: Mark Ritson, LinkedIn think tank, IPA UK’s Fran Cassidy have a solution

Short-term tactics have trapped marketers into just one ‘P’ – promotion – in marketing's “4P’s” manifesto of Price, Product, Place (distribution) and Promotion (communication). But even “Promotion" is in decline. The result is a credulous future for marketing with senior business management. In a tour de force for B2C and B2B professionals,  Mark Ritson, the global director of the New York-based B2B Institute, Jann Schwarz, and IPA advisor Fran Cassidy nail what needs to happen - now. 


EP45 - S1

10 Feb 20

oOh!media’s CEO Brendon Cook on why he’s exiting as the $100bn global programmatic sector circles out-of-home

oOh!media CEO Brendon Cook opens up on why he’s leaving the $700m-plus company he started as a “one man band” in 1989; what the skills and style of the new CEO will need; why the market is still missing the critical role for creative in media effectiveness and what the out-of-home industry will look like in 2021 as programmatic operatives eye-off a $100bn trading boom globally in digital screens. 


EP44 - S1

6 Feb 20

Anthony Fitzgerald, Prof. Karen Nelson-Field on the media industry's ad impressions "currency crisis" and faltering advertising attention

TV industry veteran Anthony Fitzgerald joins leading international media academic Prof Karen Nelson-Field, Tumbleturn Media’s Jen Davidson and Craig Service from the globetrotting Australian TV and video data and measurement start-up, Adgile, to unpack the ad industry’s impressions crisis, why consumer attention metrics must inform price-focused impressions trading and the urgency for broadcasters to shakeup TV audience measurement to digital-like real-time audience reporting and impact. 


EP43 - S1

3 Feb 20

How Xbox, Twitter reversed ‘goldfish’ attention spans in a world-first social gaming campaign

Think again if you’re convinced online communities have the attention span of a goldfish. Xbox and Twitter execs lift the lid on how complex social campaigns are booming, and how gaming consoles are advancing as hubs for streaming and media. 


EP42 - S1

30 Jan 20

Cheat Sheet - Part Two: Volvo, KPMG, AANA reveal world-leading marketing and media effectiveness science shaping brands for 2020

In the second of Mi3’s three-part series, execs from Volvo, KPMG, AANA and Brand Traction traverse the critical thinking and developments in the consumer attention economy and divergent analysis on how each media channel delivers attention, the rise of ESOV (Excess Share Of Voice) and the growth potential from media investment that indexes above a brand's product marketshare. In the third and final episode we wrap-up the collective thinking on consumer messaging and creative and the false economy and science of driving efficiency over effectiveness.


EP41 - S1

27 Jan 20

Cheat Sheet - Part One: Volvo, KPMG, AANA reveal world-leading marketing and media effectiveness science shaping brands for 2020

In this three part series, execs at Volvo, KPMG, AANA and Brand Traction traverse the worrying limitations of today’s marketing grads, plus critical updates every marketer needs in applied behavioural economics from BJ Fogg and Daniel Kahemann, more on Prof. Byron Sharp and the Ehrenberg Bass Institute and the theme de jour of short-term results versus long-term brand building. In Part Two we dig deep into leading global effectiveness thinking in media and advertising. 


EP40 - S1

20 Jan 20

ACCC Special Edition: 'Still futile” says Mark Ritson on government response to contain Google, Facebook

Mark Ritson, IAB CEO Gai Le Roy, Omnicom's Kristian Kroon and Mi3’s Paul McIntyre duke it out on the federal government’s response to the ACCC’s Digital Platforms Inquiry, the media industry’s ‘advertise or die’ campaign and if anyone other than Facebook and Google will see advertising growth in 2020. It’s fast, feisty and smart summer listening. 


EP39 - S1

16 Dec 19

Rise of the customer data platform - CDPs are hot and here’s why

‘CDP' is the hot new acronym blazing a path into tech stacks and corporates trying to deliver better customer experience. It used to be CRM, marketing clouds and martech so what’s a CDP got to do with anything?


EP37 - S1

9 Dec 19

Accenture Interactive’s new boss Mark Green says market, agencies will follow his firm's model

The Monkeys co-founder Mark Green has just been appointed Accenture Interactive’s boss in Australia and argues agencies, holding companies and the market-at-large “will move closer to where we’re heading”, blending tech, media, creativity, customer and experience design. Green talks to Mi3 Executive Editor Paul McIntyre.


EP36 - S1

2 Dec 19

Pressured Oz marketers, agencies more adversarial, fearful than US, UK peers

The McKinsey-backed Marketing Academy co-founder Sherilyn Shackell says the Australian marketing, media and tech sector is more fearful, negative and critical here than their global peers - and Australian expats who are much sought after abroad. She talks to Mi3 Executive Editor Paul McIntyre.


EP35 - S1

25 Nov 19

Mark Ritson v Professor Caron Beaton-Wells on Big Tech, ACCC inquiry

Melbourne University Law School’s Professor Caron Beaton-Wells, a leading thinker on competition law, says the ACCC’s Digital Platforms Inquiry is globally “groundbreaking” and warns industry not to underestimate the ACCC’s intent on privacy and consumer protection. She talks to MI3 Executive Editor Paul McIntyre on the consumer privacy “paradox" and what's next for collecting and trading consumer data.   


EP34 - S1

18 Nov 19

IPG’s former CEO Danny Bass on his imminent return and why LinkedIn is a new industry problem

Danny Bass has finished gardening leave and reflects on six months outside the media bubble. He’s still off social media and explains why workplace yoga and meditation won’t fix industry's mental health issues.  


EP33 - S1

11 Nov 19

Busting marketing's addiction to misleading, real-time dashboards with emerging new models

The marketing industry is trapped with the wrong measurement indicators for actual business growth. IAG’s former Marketing Effectiveness Lead, Matt Daniell, says “attribution models, short-term response campaigns and other crap” is confusing everyone. He joins Executive Editor Paul McIntyre, Ali Tilling, VML Y&R chief strategy officer, TrinityP3’s MD Nathan Hodges and Mal Dale at The Readership Works on the new mindset starting to emerge in measurement.


EP32 - S1

7 Nov 19

Seven's James Warburton on cracking the SVOD market, his text to Matt Preston, reducing adloads and why it matters to marketers

James Warburton talks to Mi3 Executive Editor Paul McIntyre on the odds for real collaboration between TV broadcasters, Seven’s catch-up job on tech and systems, why he texted Matt Preston on his first day in the job and the future of ad loads for marketing effectiveness


EP31 - S1

4 Nov 19

Volvo’s marketing director on flipping to longer-term brand building over digital performance tactics

Volvo’s marketing boss Julie Hutchinson says Volvo got too reliant on performance media at Carsales, CarsAdvice and Carsguide and didn’t build Volvo’s brand appeal for buyer consideration in the the luxury auto segment. The new strategy is working. She joins Mindshare’s Joe Lunn and whiteGREY’s Lee Simpson on winning the 2019 Media Federation Grand Prix.  


EP30 - S1

28 Oct 19

Michael Stephenson on Nine becoming a “marketing platform”

In this podcast hosted by Mi3’s Executive Editor Paul McIntyre, Nine’s Chief Sales Officer Michael Stephenson goes into bat against Wavemaker CEO Peter Vogel on Nine's key Upfronts announcements for 2020. Stephenson says Nine is transforming to become a “marketing platform” to compete with Big Tech. It now has 11 million users logged-in following the Fairfax Media acquisition and has invested in an in-house “effectiveness unit". Peter Vogel has some counter-arguments.


EP29 - S1

24 Oct 19

Independents smell growth as global agency networks distracted

In Part Two of The Indies, founders at The Hallway, Mutiny, The Royals and Sparro outline the new opportunities competing against global agency networks and consulting firms in predictive data, specialist creative, full-service media and creative and specialist digital performance. Big brands, they argue, are buying the line.


EP28 - S1

21 Oct 19

Brand 'in-housing’ is too hard - new outsourcing models emerge

The movement by brands to in-housing marketing, media and communications functions is all but over in its current form. But new operating models between agencies and marketers are underway. Mi3’s Executive Editor Paul McIntyre talks to IAG’s Director of Content and Customer Engagement Zara Curtis, Tumbleturn Media’s Jen Davidson, WPP's Hogarth CEO Justin Ricketts and CX Lavender’s Will Lavender.    


EP27 - S1

14 Oct 19

Network Ten CEO Paul Anderson on marketers’ return to top-of-the-funnel TV strategies

Coming in hot off Network Ten’s Upfronts, Mi3’s Executive Editor Paul McIntyre talks to CEO Paul Anderson and Chief Content Officer Beverley McGarvey on marketers’ return to TV’s top-of-the-funnel brand credentials, fixing Ten’s 2020 first-quarter audiences and moving the market on from overnight ratings.


EP26 - S1

10 Oct 19

Hamish McLennan: Private equity will break-up a global comms holding company in three years

Consulting firms or private equity will acquire, break-up and spin-off new creative-media agency networks within a few years, says the deputy chairman of $90bn investment firm Magellan and veteran WPP global agency executive Hamish McLennan. He talks with Mi3’s Executive Editor Paul McIntyre. 


EP25 - S1

7 Oct 19

Is the era of independent agencies and consultants over?

The global agency holding groups are challenged, the consulting firms are making moves but brands are not backing new indies and start-ups, despite their frustrations. Or are they? Mi3 Executive Editor Paul McIntyre talks to the CEOs at Bastion Collective, Lavender CX and the listed RXP group for a reality check in the first of a new series on the future of Big versus Indie. 


EP24 - S1

30 Sep 19

CMOs are in real trouble - some lazy, some just stuck. But there’s hope, says the Institute For Real Growth.

Marc de Swaan Arons says marketers have lost their way in the past decade. He tells Mi3 Executive Editor Paul McIntyre how marketing and its downstream industries from media, agencies and tech can rediscover their mojo.      


EP23 - S1

23 Sep 19

Jack Singleton on exiting Macquarie Media, Alan Jones, advertiser boycotts and brand-building his flower empire

“Talk radio is a circus,” Jack Singleton tells Mi3 Executive Editor Paul McIntyre as John Singleton & Co  prepares to exit their final media investment, Macquarie Media. He opens up on the fine line between driving audiences for advertisers and getting bitten, and why the Singletons will stay well clear of the ad business. 


EP22 - S1

16 Sep 19

Audi CMO Nikki Warburton on James Warburton, TV, troubled agency models and new CMO pressures

Audi’s chief marketing and customer officer Nikki Warburton talks with Mi3’s Executive Editor Paul McIntyre on her media mix, driving a new agency model which demands brand owners share their data, martech’s limitations and how much time she spends on media and communications (it’s not much).     


EP21 - S1

9 Sep 19

'Data ethics' is the new black: Cadreon, Omnicom, IAB and Audited Media debate industry’s looming challenge

Cadreon’s Raph Hodes, Omnicom’s Kristiaan Kroon, IAB CEO Gai Le Roy and Audited Media’s Josanne Ryan dive into the new world of data ethics arising from the ACCC’s Digital Platforms Inquiry. 


EP20 - S1

2 Sep 19

Older women’s ‘sexy’ handicap is skewing industry to young and ignorant

This is a powerful, potent and problematic podcast. A CMO, a creative and a publisher talk frankly to Mi3’s Executive Editor Paul McIntyre on the raging bias of ageism in marketing, agencies and media. It’s crippling the marketing industry’s ability to connect with 2 million high-spending, defiant, culturally connected, tech-savvy 50-65 year-old women. Few get it.


EP19 - S1

29 Aug 19

IAG CMO Brent Smart and The Monkeys’ Mark Green talk Accenture, media and creativity

IAG’s outspoken CMO Brent Smart is joined by The Monkeys CEO Mark Green to talk martech, media and creativity and busting fancy attribution modelling myths with Mi3’s Executive Editor Paul McIntyre.   


EP18 - S1

26 Aug 19

Streaming wars: Stan CEO Mike Sneesby on why no ads, viewing time up 40% in 12 months

Stan’s CEO Mike Sneesby opens up with Mi3 Executive Editor Paul McIntyre on what's next in the streaming wars, a 40% lift in daily viewing time on Stan, plans for 3 million customers and why he’s holding to a no ads policy.    


EP17 - S1

19 Aug 19

How Virgin Airlines set a new benchmark for agency reviews, transparency

With pitching, procurement and transparency back on the boil, Mi3’s Executive Editor Paul McIntyre talks to former Commbank media GM Jen Davidson, now at Tumbleturn Media, Trinity P3’s Darren Woolley, Slingshot’s Simon Rutherford and Brand Traction’s Jon Bradshaw about hollow claims and meaningful change.


EP16 - S1

12 Aug 19

Google Search is a drug - why digital start-ups are switching to TV

Online tradie marketplace Hipages wanted to reduce its heavy reliance on Google Search. It tried TV to build its brand and short-term sales took off too. Stuart Tucker, Hipages chief customer officer, talks to Mi3’s Executive Editor Paul McIntyre about his secret sauce.  


EP15 - S1

5 Aug 19

Marketing surveillance: 40% of online users could vanish from tracking under proposed ACCC privacy crackdown

Privacy probe: The ACCC’s digital platforms report is finally out and it’s a beast. Mi3’s Executive Editor Paul McIntyre covers three critical developments with Southern Cross Austereo CEO Grant Blackley, Mutiny’s managing partner Henry Innis, Brand Traction’s Jon Bradshaw and the regulatory affairs heads at Nine and News Corp, Clare Gill and GK Schubert.


EP14 - S1

29 Jul 19

Media Federation (MFA) board: agency sector has passed a “disgraceful” period

Media Federation board members come out swinging in defence of the smarts, curiosity and hunger of agency talent in their twenties and thirties in a robust debate with Mi3’s Executive Editor Paul McIntyre. The MFA’s industry-wide shutdown in October for MFA EX is just the start.  


EP13 - S1

22 Jul 19

Martech crunch: snake oil tech “overselling” as marketers “over buy”

Mike Doyle, head of marketing at 70-store fashion chain City Beach, talks with The Lumery’s Raj Kumar and Mi3’s Paul McIntyre about why marketers feel “locked-in” to their expensive customer experience and Martech investments.


EP12 - S1

15 Jul 19

Samsung questions the efficiency and costs of programmatic advertising tech

Samsung’s head of media Beau Curtis has concerns about adtech returns and wants industry to move beyond media metrics to business results for marketing to build boardroom cred. He talks with Mi3 Executive Editor Paul McIntyre, IAB’s CEO Gai Le Roy, Adobe AdCloud's regional boss Phil Cowlishaw and Brand Traction’s Jon Bradshaw.


EP11 - S1

8 Jul 19

The ACCC's investigation into the digital platforms is done and it could get ugly

Regulator's romp: The ACCC's investigation into the digital platforms is now with the federal Government and the implications could be profound. Mi3 Executive Editor Paul McIntyre puts GK Schubert and Clare Gill, who lead government and regulatory affairs at News Corp and Nine respepcitvely, into the pit with Omnicom Media Group’s Kristiaan Kroon. Everything professionals in marketing, agencies, media and tech need to know is here.


EP10 - S1

1 Jul 19

Analysis paralysis - brands have built fancy data dashboards for insights but an advertising and marketing-led growth funk remains

PwC’s Justin Papps muscles up with Omnicom’s Kristiaan Kroon, Nine’s Michael Stephenson and SCA’s Brian Gallagher on PwC's Media Outlook forecasts. Nine and SCA think they can close the gap on the Google-Facebook ad duopoly and Brand Traction’s Jon Bradshaw tells Mi3’s Executive Editor Paul McIntyre what marketers have to do next.


EP09 - S1

24 Jun 19

Cookie meltdown pt 2 - first party data flashpoint looms for marketers and they don’t know it

The cookie meltdown, a new era of consumer consent for personal data use and tracking will hit marketers first party data strategy as hard as media and tech companies. News Corp’s Suzie Cardwell, Publicis-owned Performics' Jason Tonelli and Andy Lark outline the disruptive regime change most brands are missing in the second part of the cookie meltdown series with Mi3’s Paul McIntyre.


EP08 - S1

17 Jun 19

Marketing funnel wars - Coles’ new online media platform triggers debate on the future of the marketing funnel

Brad Moran, the man behind Coles’ new online media platform, says "closing the loop" between ads and shopper purchases will spark a retail media boom. Moran wrestles with Nine’s Pippa Leary, Brand Traction’s Jon Bradshaw and Mi3’s Executive Editor Paul McIntyre on what it means for moving people through the classic marketing funnel from brand consideration to a transaction.


EP07 - S1

10 Jun 19

What’s behind the exits from big consulting firms to agencies?

Two former Deloitte execs explain why they moved to DDB-owned Interbrand as a raft of consulting firms departures continue. The AFR’s professional services editor, Edmund Tadros, explains the consultants’ pressure for growth and margins and host Paul McIntyre speaks to Jon Bradshaw to get a CMO’s view on it all.


EP06 - S1

3 Jun 19

The online cookie meltdown - what marketers should know but don’t

Large chunks of Australia's $9 billion online ad market are challenged as user tracking via web browser “cookies” hits a wall. Former IAB chairman and ex-News Corp digital boss, Cameron King, and Verizon Media’s Sebastian Graham join Mi3 Executive Editor Paul McIntyre and his regular guest marketer Jon Bradshaw for some straight talk on what it all means for advertisers, agencies and media.


EP05 - S1

27 May 19

Can the worst ad market since GFC turn in 2019?

Green shoots? Paul McIntyre talks with the founder of Standard Media Index Jane Ractliffe on the troubled ad market while Jon Bradshaw unpacks it for brand-owners along with the boom (and peak?) in direct-to-consumer businesses like Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s.


EP04 - S1

20 May 19

Woolies Aspirations to be a $200m Media Company

Mi3 Executive Editor Paul McIntyre debates with marketers Jon Bradshaw and Andy Lark about whether or not Woolworths can crack the ad business with its detailed data on million of shoppers.


EP03 - S1

13 May 19

Machine automation in marketing hits jobs

A call to boycott Facebook and what's slowing Google's ad revenue? Paul McIntyre, Andy Lark and Jon Bradshaw discuss all this and what's next for jobs after the news that machines will automate 65%+ of all media transactions in five years. Plus more global marketing & media essentials in this week's Mi3 Audio Edition.


EP02 - S1

6 May 19

Have we hit peak UGC?

Paul McIntyre and Jon Bradshaw discuss mythbusting around the age-bracket of the founders of the most successful start-ups , how User Generated Content is under marketer pressure and more global marketing & media essentials in this week's Mi3 Audio Edition.


EP01 - S1

29 Apr 19

Mi3 Audio Edition - trailer

A weekly wrap of the “must-know” developments in Marketing, Media, Agency and Technology for leaders and emerging leaders in the industry. Veteran industry journalist and Mi3 Executive Editor Paul McIntyre talks each week with guest marketers who are in the know on what matters at the nexus of marketing, agencies, media and technology. Powered mostly by Human Intelligence (HI).


EP01 - S1

23 Apr 19