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Peacock Politics

Go behind Canberra’s closed doors. Adam Peacock asks politicians and leading commentators to cut the crap and to explain simply how the Australian political system functions, why it was set up the way it was and if they think it needs an ov



Season 4


Do politicians trust each other and can we trust them? Host Adam Peacock asks former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull why trust in politics and politicians is such a problem.


EP09 - S4

6 May 20

Friends and Foes

How do personal relationships among politicians influence political progress? Host Adam Peacock speaks to Ed Husic, Labour Member of the House of Representatives, on how politicians navigate relationships with those they fundamentally disagree with, and how they manage friendships for the sake of political agenda.


EP08 - S4

4 May 20

The Deep State

What is the Deep State and who really runs our country? Host Adam Peacock asks political commentator Dr Keith Suter whether big business guides the government economically and socially and if politicians are just minor players in the grand scheme of things.  


EP07 - S4

29 Apr 20


What is lobbying and is it necessary for a democracy? Host Adam Peacock speaks to Danielle Wood, Program Director of Budget Policy and Institutional Reform at the Grattan Institute, about the role of lobbying in Australian politics and whether lobbyists have an influence on political agenda.


EP06 - S4

27 Apr 20

Spending Our Money

What happens to our hard-earned tax dollars after they go to the government? Host Adam Peacock sits down with Stuart Ayres, a senior minister in the NSW state Liberal government, to find out what the government spends our money on, and how exactly these decisions are made.


EP05 - S4

22 Apr 20

Foreign Affairs

It seems like a dream job - travelling the world to manage international relationships while getting wined and dined by people with global influence; but is the world of foreign affairs really as good as it seems? Host Adam Peacock sits down with former Foreign Affairs Minister Bob Carr to learn about the role of diplomatic relations in Australian politics.


EP04 - S4

20 Apr 20


What makes a great leader in Australian politics today? Host Adam Peacock asks political editor of the Financial Review, Phil Coorey whether leadership follows good politics, or politics follow good leadership.


EP03 - S4

15 Apr 20

Political vs public perception of climate change

How does the government create policies around a complex issue like climate change? Host Adam Peacock sits down with Director of the Energy Program at the Grattan Institute, Tony Wood to discuss how much of an impact the government has on enacting policy around climate.


EP02 - S4

13 Apr 20

Covid19: Politics in a Pandemic

Covid19 - it's like nothing we've ever lived to see. A worldwide pandemic which has stopped us in our tracks. As our health system strains and our economy nearly breaks, it's up to our elected politicians to deal with it. But how? Host Adam Peacock speaks to economist and former politician Craig Emerson, who was Minister for Small Business when the GFC hit in 2008, to find out how politicians work through a global crisis to come up with what's best for Australia.


EP01 - S4

7 Apr 20

Peacock Politics Trailer

Get behind Canberra's closed doors. In Peacock Politics, host Adam Peacock speaks with politicians and leading commentators to find out how the Australian political system functions and why it was set up the way it was.


0 - S4

7 Apr 20

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