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The Airport Economist

Following the success of the book and TV series of the same name, The Airport Economist is your guide to doing business overseas. In each episode, renowned economist Tim Harcourt takes you to key markets in the world to find out what the em



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Season 3

Australia Special: Australian Honey Products

Tasmanian honey may be the best in the world but selling it overseas has its challenges. Managing Director of Australian Honey Products, Lindsey Bourke, describes how he fell into beekeeping to become one of the leaders in Australian premium food exports.


EP06 - S3

21 Jan 20

Australia Special: Akubra

From Diggers and Crocodile Dundee to surf shops and social media. Managing Director of Akubra, Stephen Keir, discusses how the family-owned business has adapted to generational changes and ever-changing fashion trends to sell one of Australia’s most iconic brands to the world.


EP05 - S3

21 Jan 20

Australia Special: Gekko Systems

“No one knows your own product like yourself”. Nigel Grigg from mineral processing company, Gekko Systems, explains how being ahead of the technology game, maintaining an agile business mindset and understanding the culture of each market, lead to exporting success right across the globe.


EP04 - S3

21 Jan 20

Australia Special: Rockley Brahmans

Selling clean, green Australian beef to the world. Co-owner and stud manager Ashley Kirk from Rockley Brahmans describes how the company’s exporting strategy has evolved over time, targeting Japan initially and then progressing to Europe and South East Asia.


EP03 - S3

23 Jan 20

Australia Special: SEIT Outback Australia

“There’s so much more to do than Uluru.” Director and part-owner of SEIT Outback Australia, Brett Graham, lets us in on the secret behind attracting international visitors to his unique, tailor-made tours.


EP02 - S3

21 Jan 20

Australia Special: Bondi Wash

CEO and founder of Bondi Wash, Belinda Everingham explains how she jumped on trend of Australian natural botanicals taking off overseas and achieved exporting success – but not without a David and Goliath fight against one of America’s biggest international retailers.


EP01 - S3

21 Jan 20

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