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The Five of My Life

Nigel Marsh chats to prominent personalities about their favourite Film, Book, Song, Place & Possession and the stories behind them.

#Society & Culture

Season 1

Gregory. P. Smith

What 5 things does a man choose who lived in the forest for 10 years, was a drug and alcohol addict, got regularly beaten up in pubs his to mask his emotional pain of childhood... and then got sober and a Phd - This is the life of Gregory P Smith, and this is what he chose. 


EP43 - S1

4 Jan 21

Taryn Brumfitt

Some people talk , and some people do something - Taryn is a do-er, an advocate for healthy body image and a powerful and honest story teller who gave us an insight into the 5 things that made her who she is - a change maker.


EP42 - S1

13 Dec 20

Jordan Harbinger

One of the most successful podcasters on the planet, Jordan Harbinger talks about the twists and turns that led him to go from lawyer to interviewer whilst being kidnapped, twice, along the way. 


EP41 - S1

23 Nov 20

Remo Giuffre

Creator of one of that most loved shops in Sydney, REMO tells us through his choices about the gift that gave him the idea to see his name as a brand. 


EP40 - S1

2 Nov 20

Jan Fran

Walkley Award winning journalist Jan Fran is funny, smart and above all brave. Her 5 choices reflect to host Nigel Marsh, just how often she puts herself in situations other's wouldn't, to get the story.     


EP39 - S1

12 Oct 20

Jamila Rizvi

Jamila Rizvi makes everyone better. Her experience in politics, journalism, equality even in the face a life threatening brain tumor, means she has a worldly view that can help us focus our own lens on how we think act and learn.


EP38 - S1

21 Sep 20

Rob Carlton

Actor Rob Carlton might just be the best story teller on the planet. So it's pretty special to have him entertain us with his a tales...five times over, from his personal, honest and moving choices on the 5 of My Life. 


EP37 - S1

31 Aug 20

Julia Gillard

Be it Liberia, Germany or Australia - Women leaders encounter 3 common hurdles than men don't. Nigel Marsh discusses with former prime minister Julia Gillard these commonalties in her book 'Women and leadership' , gender norms, politics in the modern era and of course how her 5 choices define her life. 


EP36 - S1

10 Aug 20

Vashti Whitfield

What does it mean to create a legacy? Speaker and transformation coach Vashti Whitfield talks to Nigel about her 5 choices and their direct connection to her late husband, Hollywood actor Andy Whitfield and the legacy they have created.


EP35 - S1

20 Jul 20

Steve Willis

Known as 'The Commando' from The Biggest Loser TV series, Steve Willis, the man behind this hardened persona of fitness is quite the opposite. Calm and almost buddhist like throughout this conversation with thoughtful, honest and reflective choices for the 5 of his life.


EP34 - S1

29 Jun 20

Nashen Moodley

Sydney Film Festival Dirtector, Nashen Moodley see's 500 films a year; And on The 5 of My Life, host Nigel Marsh has asked him to choose just one. Nashen's love of film, politics and culture is clear when this softly spoken success story tells us the life storers behind his 5 choices. 


EP33 - S1

7 Jun 20

Fred Schebesta

Fred Schebesta is best known for co-founding one of the world’s leading comparison websites, His  Five Of My Life choices give you an insight into his alternate way of thinking and why he’s a serial entrepreneur within areas that people wouldn’t have thought of.


EP32 - S1

11 May 20

Ted Richards

How to go from good to great? It was one book that changed it all for professional footballer turned finance guru Ted Richards.  


EP31 - S1

20 Apr 20

Wil Anderson

Comedian, Podcaster and TV host Wil Anderson spends time on the other side of the mic for a change, telling great stories via his 5 choices that lead him from a small country town to big city success.


EP30 - S1

30 Mar 20

Chris Mitchell

The News never stops, former Editor of The Australian newspaper Chris Mitchell provides insights into an extraordinary life committed to journalism, at times to the detriment of his own relationships. In retirement he can now reflect on what he achieved, experienced and sacrificed. 


EP29 - S1

9 Mar 20

Di Westaway

How a life changing moment gave Di her independence back and was the eventual catalyst that lead to the birth of her charity 'Wild Women on Top' - Hiking for physical and mental fitness plus empowering women to put themselves first whilst still helping others. Nigel Marsh finds that her 5 choices all connect to influence her to be the women and the philanthropist she is today.


EP28 - S1

17 Feb 20

Ken Done

In many parts of the world, Artist Ken Done's paintings have come to symbolise Australia and Australians through their vibrant colour and depiction of the Australian landscape. His 5 choices he tells host Nigel Marsh provide a rare insight to the man behind the oil and canvas.


EP27 - S1

27 Jan 20

Matt Okine

Crab fishing with his dad in QLD and a cheating girlfriend. Host Nigel Marsh unlocks the funny stories behind Matt Okine's success in comedy, writing, TV and breakfast radio for Triple J.


EP26 - S1

6 Jan 20

Tanya Plibersek

Tanya Plibersek served as a cabinet minister in both the Rudd and Gillard governments. Also as Deputy Leader of the Labour Party. She has been a MP for Sydney since 1998.


EP25 - S1

18 Nov 19

Kate McClymont

Kate McClymont is Australia’s pre-eminent investigative journalist. Much awarded over her career she is probably best known for her series of articles and book about Eddie Obeid.


EP24 - S1

28 Oct 19

Raelene Castle

An honest insight into the life of the CEO of Rugby Union Australia Raelene Castle. Someone who has to make hundreds of choices a day - her 5 choices are just as are just as considered as her passion for sport.


EP23 - S1

7 Oct 19

Adam Spencer

Adam Spencer is a mathematics lover who is also one of Australia's most loved entertainers. His contradictive love of things both left and right brain is also reflected in his diverse choices.


EP22 - S1

16 Sep 19

Ronni Kahn

Ronni Kahn is the founder and CEO of the food rescue charity OzHarvest, she is a power house against the fight against global food waste. Her choices are as honest and as humble as her want to do good in the world.    


EP21 - S1

26 Aug 19

Gladys Berejiklian

Born to an Armenian immigrant family, Glady's choices provide an insight into the drive of a woman who came from humble beginnings to achieve Australian political success.


EP20 - S1

5 Aug 19

Anya Hindmarch

Handbag designer Anya Hindmarsh provides an insight around her rise to fashion success and her thoughts of how the definition of Luxury has changed. Recorded in her London head office, Anya's 5 choices reflect the life of a person with a vision and passion. 


EP19 - S1

5 Aug 19

Dr. Charlie Teo

The globally renowned neurosurgeon is named as one of Australia’s most trusted people for taking on the cases others class as hopeless and synonymous for speaking his mind.


EP18 - S1

15 Jul 19

Rabbi Jeffrey Kamins

Host Nigel Marsh speaks to the senior Rabbi at Emmanuel synagogue in Sydney, Jeffrey Kamins reminisces on how a boy from California said good bye to the life of a lawyer to become one a man of faith down under. Get in touch or request an interview at or


EP17 - S1

24 Jun 19

Justin Jonesy

Host Nigel Marsh speaks to Australia's pre-eminent explorer Justin Jonesy reminisces on growing up around tigers next to an actual gold mine...He was destined to be an explorer. Get in touch or request an interview at or


EP16 - S1

3 Jun 19

Dr Keith Suter

Host Nigel Marsh speaks to a modern day expert of counter terrorism and international relations. From a kid who didn't finish school to being a shining example of how education equals information in the highest stakes of all - Global conflict  Get in touch or request an interview at or


EP15 - S1

13 May 19

Gary Mehigan

Host Nigel Marsh speaks to one third of the MasterChef Dream Team, Gary Mehigan talks through his 5 choices and describes the journey of how an Expat Brit became an Australian icon.  Get in touch or request an interview at or


EP14 - S1

22 Apr 19

Rosie Waterland

Host Nigel Marsh speaks to author, columnist, podcaster and performer Rosie Waterland who has overcome great obstacles to get to where she is today. Her 5 choices truly give us an insight into the talented and driven woman behind the success.   Get in touch or request an interview at or


EP13 - S1

1 Apr 19

Grant Hackett

Host Nigel Marsh speaks to one of Australia’s most celebrated Olympians - having won gold in the 1500 meter freestyle race at both the Sydney, and then the Athens, Olympics. His 5 choices are considered with the same commitment and passion that made him such a successful athlete. Get in touch or request an interview at or


EP12 - S1

11 Mar 19

Richard Glover

Nigel Marsh speaks to Richard Glover, ABC radio host and author of 13 books who is accustomed to telling captivating stories - his 5 choices are truly memorable tales. Get in touch or request an interview at or


EP11 - S1

18 Feb 19

John Eales

Host Nigel Marsh speaks to John Eales, Australia's most successful Wallabies captain of all time. In life after Rugby John has forged a highly successful business career and authored multiple books on his learnings from these two worlds. Get in touch or request an interview at or


EP10 - S1

28 Jan 19

Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki

Host Nigel Marsh speaks to Dr Karl who has been named one of Australia’s National Living Treasures. He is also a prolific author whose gift for answering difficult questions each Thursday on ABC’s Triple J science hour - clearly ever present in all of the 44 books he has published to date.  Get in touch or request an interview at or 


EP09 - S1

7 Jan 19

James Valentine

Host Nigel Marsh speaks to James Valentine, a journalist, musician, author , television presenter and family man. As if all that wasn’t enough, in an incredible feat of multi tasking, industriousness and longevity, he has also presented a hugely popular radio show on the ABC consistently for the last 30 years Get in touch or request an interview at


EP08 - S1

17 Dec 18

Charles Firth

Host Nigel Marsh speaks to Charles Firth, a comedian, writer, producer, TV & Radio host and most notably a member of the loved political comedy group - The Chaser.  Get in touch or request an interview at or 


EP07 - S1

26 Nov 18

Kevin Rudd

Host Nigel Marsh speaks to Kevin Rudd who has had a long, distinguished, tumultuous and much analysed political career, having held the title of Prime Minister on TWO separate occasions. Kevin is a complex and driven character, which combined with his numerous achievements makes him one of the most fascinating public figures of Australian Politics. Get in touch or request an interview at or 


EP06 - S1

5 Nov 18

Sarah Wilson

Host Nigel Marsh speaks to Sarah Wilson who has had a high profile, successful and varied career. Her many roles have included hosting the TV show Masterchef, editing Cosmopolitan magazine and being the brains behind ,and face of, the I Quit Sugar movement. A bestselling author, recently she has written powerfully about anti-materialism and movingly about her own challenges with anxiety. Get in touch or request an interview at or 


EP05 - S1

15 Oct 18

Osher Günsberg

Host Nigel Marsh speaks to Osher Günsberg, one of Australia’s most recognisable and loved media personalities. Currently on our screens as the host of The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise , Osher has recently written a heartfelt and revealing memoir ,‘Back after the break’ ,that shows a very different side to the one on television as does this conversation. Get in touch or request an interview at or 


EP04 - S1

24 Sep 18

Gus Worland

Host Nigel Marsh speaks to Gus Worland who amongst other things a father, husband and sports nut. He is also one of Australia’s most prolific and popular media personalities having made numerous TV programmes and hosted over 2,000 breakfast radio shows. Get in touch or request an interview at or 


EP03 - S1

5 Sep 18

Layne Beachley

Host Nigel Marsh speaks to Layne Beachley, one of the most remarkable athletes Australia has ever produced. She is a genuine star on the global stage having won the world surfing championships an incredible 7 times. Get in touch or request an interview at or 


EP02 - S1

5 Sep 18

Todd Sampson

Host Nigel Marsh speaks to Todd Sampson, an adventurer, award winning documentary maker, ex ad agency CEO, Co creator of Earth Hour, television presenter of a number of Australia’s most critically acclaimed and highest rating shows and a board director of both Qantas and Fairfax. Get in touch or request an interview at or 


EP01 - S1

5 Sep 18


Gain a genuine insight into the thoughts and lives of prominent people as the talk about their favourite film, book, song, place & possession. 


0 - S1

26 Aug 18

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