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    The Mentor with Mark Bouris

The Mentor with Mark Bouris

Mark Bouris speaks to business owners and entrepreneurs, finding out what makes them tick and their plans for growth. Some business owners are on the way up and enjoying new success, others are at a turning point. Mark digs into their sto



Season 1

Simon Griffiths: Who Gives A Crap

Simon Griffiths is the co-founder and CEO of Who Gives a Crap, a toilet paper subscription startup that builds toilets in the developing world. Simon launched the business in 2012 with a crowdfunding campaign where he live-streamed himself sitting on a toilet for 50 hours, which attracted global media attention and generated 2.5 million social media hits. Since launching, Who Gives A Crap has tripled in size year-on-year, largely relying on word-of-mouth to fuel its growth. This year they had an incredible 1000% spike in sales due to Covid-induced panic buying and have donated nearly $6 million to charities that provide access to clean water and sanitation in developing countries. I ask Simon how in many ways 2020 has been the perfect storm for Who Gives a Crap, in terms of the demand for the product, the fact that they’re a direct to consumer business and that the company was set up to allow the team to work remotely, and how he has democratised philanthropy through his business.


EP234 - S1

23 Nov 20

Joe Darling: The Pottery Shed

Joe Darling is the Founder and owner of The Pottery Shed, a studio workshop with everything you need to create handmade pottery. Born and raised in California, Joe got interested in creating objects with clay while at school. He retrained as a Police officer with the US Army and was deployed to Europe, but maintained his pottery skills and in 2016 started The Pottery Shed. When restrictions came in around Covid19, Joe created an At-Home Pottery program for people to hire a kit of the materials and his team delivered supplies, collected and returned completed projects direct to people’s homes. I ask Joe how he adapted his offering to keep his business afloat, how the structure of military life has influenced his business and why the meditative process of creating with clay is something we could all use in our lives.


EP233 - S1

16 Nov 20

Matt Moran: The business of food

My guest this week has a career spanning over 30 years in the Australian food industry - dozens of awards, TV shows like MasterChef and My Restaurant Rules and best-selling cookbooks to his name, and owns some of Australia’s most celebrated restaurants and bars. Yep, it’s safe to say that Matt Moran is an Aussie food icon. Like all hospitality venues, Matt’s restaurants were hit hard by the restrictions around Covid19. So Matt quickly adapted to sell home-delivered boxes of fruit and veg, taking customers through the preparation and cooking process of his recipes via livestream, and capitalising on people’s time at home in the kitchen. I ask Matt how growing up on a farm taught him the discipline he needed to start his own business and what hard work and success mean to him.


EP232 - S1

9 Nov 20

Ian Cartabiano: Brave Design with Lexus

One thing that’s become clearer than ever this year is that brand authenticity and consistency as well as being able to adapt and evolve are essential in business. Someone who knows a lot about creating authenticity through brave design and innovation for the future is Ian Cartabiano, President of Toyota Europe Design Development, who is responsible for the progressive direction of Lexus vehicle design. When it comes to pushing boundaries in design to create highly technical and futuristic cars, Lexus are ahead of the curve. I ask Ian how the Lexus brand consistently appeals to their customers through design and craftsmanship, the importance of evolving into the future through innovation and how to apply these principles to any business.


EP231 - S1

2 Nov 20

Daniel Hakim: CUB

Daniel Hakim is the founder and CEO of CUB, Australia’s fastest growing community of established entrepreneurs and business leaders focused on a common goal – to help each other succeed by sharing their knowledge and experience. Daniel launched his business in 2015 when he was just 23, after being kicked out of two universities and deciding he wanted to make a difference in the world of business and networking. CUB venues offer a range of networking services to help members make their ambitions a reality, through access to an incredible group of business minds. This year has seen CUB’s business model get better, their team get stronger and the brand’s digital presence elevate despite the challenges 2020 has presented. I ask Daniel about the importance of networking in the business world and how this year has made CUB’s offering more relevant than ever.


EP230 - S1

26 Oct 20

Lisa Hollinshead: One Another Community

My guest today is a great example of how to take a problem and create a purposeful business that drives positive change for everyday people. Lisa Hollinshead is the founder and CEO of One Another Community, a platform that connects skilled professionals who have pro bono capacity with those who need help in their local community, both in response to COVID-19 and as a longer-term solution to address the global loneliness epidemic. Lisa came up with the idea for the business in March this year when she was stranded in Spain, and wanted to create a social kindness platform for members of local communities to request and offer assistance. I ask Lisa how founding her business in 2020 ensured an agile and reactive start-up, and why One Another's mission to amplify the ripple effect of kindness and empower anyone to make a difference, is more important than ever.


EP229 - S1

19 Oct 20

Chris and Cameron Grant: Unyoked

Aussie twin brothers Chris and Cameron Grant are pioneering the concept of ‘wilderness on demand’ and inviting stressed out office workers to get out of the city and experience the bush, through their accommodation start-up Unyoked. They build and design tiny, solar-powered and mostly phone-signal-free cabins in previously inaccessible locations no more than two hours from major cities around Australia. Their philosophy is that disconnecting from modern stresses and going back to simplicity is the perfect way to recharge for people stuck in the 9-5 cycle. And Matthew McConaughey clearly agrees, because he jumped on board to design a cabin with Unyoked just last year. 2020 proved to be a challenging year for their business – first with the bushfires and floods, and then of course through Covid19, when their Victorian cabins have been completely non-operational. I ask Chris and Cam how this year has made their offering more relevant than ever, and how they’re working with a captive travel market who at the moment can’t go overseas and are looking to explore their own backyard. 


EP228 - S1

12 Oct 20

Michael Cassel: Michael Cassel Group

Internationally recognised producer Michael Cassel is the Founder and Director of Michael Cassel Group, who produce some of the world’s best musical and theatrical productions. Before Covid19 put everything on hold, they were producing three of the biggest shows on stage: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in Melbourne, a global tour of The Lion King musical, and the blockbuster musical Hamilton, which was in pre-production in Sydney. Because of the sheer scale of the productions, they’d need to run at theatre capacity in order for their shows to be financially viable, so they’re waiting for the time when gatherings of 1,500 people are allowed. But Michael is optimistic and confident that staying focused on the future, being flexible and ready to adapt, and uniting as an industry will ensure that stage shows are back up and running in the near future. I ask Michael about the importance of human connection and community in a digital age, and how he’s working to ensure buoyant business on returning to stage shows, so that when a new normal returns they’ll have great new shows ready to put on.


EP227 - S1

5 Oct 20

Peta Shulman: GoodnessMe Box

Peta Shulman is the Founder and Director of GoodnessMe Box, Australia’s largest health-food subscription box. Every month they deliver a box straight to your door that’s filled with healthy goodies to take the guesswork out of making better food choices. Peta's own autoimmune disorder helped her discover the power of whole-foods, and she wanted other people to experience the same benefits of eating clean, nourishing foods. Over the past 5 years, GoodnessMe have worked with over 800 brands and have expanded into a kids box and a beauty box, their online shop, and pre-Covid they were hosting large-scale events. When Covid hit, brands couldn’t run events and there was no in-store sampling, so GoodnessMe decided to focus on building digital presence for the brands they worked with and help consumers find healthy products. They’ve also expanded to offer corporate opportunities – to improve morale and health of employees working from home. I ask Peta about the importance of communicating the GoodnessMe story and how their marketing strategy is all about building brand recognition so that their customers become their biggest advocates.


EP226 - S1

28 Sep 20

Brandon Martignago - Dulcie's Kings Cross

Brandon Martignago is the owner and director of Dulcie’s Kings Cross – a bohemian 1920’s and 30’s era cocktail bar that sells only 100% Aussie spirits. Brandon was always inspired by the magic of theatre and wanted to create an immersive venue experience that really engaged patrons – so in 2018 he started Dulcie’s, right in the middle of the Sydney Lockout Laws. In March of this year, like all hospitality businesses, the regulations that came into effect around Covid19 forced Dulcie's to shut their doors. So they pivoted quickly and started offering “Dulcie’s to your Door” - take away bespoke cocktails that were handmade and hand delivered. Each purchase came with instructions to recreate the experience of visiting the bar for the customer at home. I ask Brandon how Dulcie's was able to pivot their offering during the lockdown period, the importance of theatre to their business and why they focus on using 100% Aussie produce.


EP225 - S1

21 Sep 20

Matthew Connelly: Me3D

Matt Connelly is the Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer of Me3D, a Wollongong-based maker of 3D printers and software. Since 2014 they've worked with schools to use 3D printing to teach kids as young as six how to imagine, design and create 3D models. In early 2020, Matt and his team were working around the clock to fulfil orders that were flying out the door – until Covid19 hit and business ground to a halt. So Me3D adapted to use the skills and technology they had available to design and produce face shields for medical use, and in a matter of days they had an initial production of 1,000 units delivered to hospitals. I ask Matt how the business has been able to successfully pivot into creating medical equipment and why they’re developing new software technology.


EP224 - S1

14 Sep 20

Julie and Eduard Otter: Otter Craft Distilling

In mid 2019, brother and sister duo Julie and Eduard Otter walked away from successful corporate careers to start their own premium whiskey and vodka distillery Otter Craft Distilling (OCD), using only sustainable and traceable ingredients. Eduard is the distiller and creator of everything inside the bottle and Julie is the creator of everything outside the bottle –  so they’ve got the family business down to an art. OCD had only been around for 8 months when Covid struck and business came to a standstill, until they quickly pivoted to produce something in high demand: World Health Organisation approved hand sanitiser. I ask Julie and Eduard how their business redirected from making premium spirits to manufacturing hand sanitiser, and how they’re planning to re-pivot back into spirits and expand the business to get scale.


EP223 - S1

7 Sep 20

Jeremy Fleming: Stage Kings

Few industries have been harder hit by COVID19 than live music and events, and my guest this week, Jeremy Fleming, has been on the frontline of this. Jeremy and his wife Tabitha are the owners of StageKings who have been building custom-made stages for music festivals and sporting events since 2015. But when COVID19 forced the end of large public gatherings earlier this year, StageKings lost 95 per cent of their business within 48 hours. Rather than sit around and wait for the events to come back, they immediately thought of new ways to use their skills and produce something in high demand: work-from-home  furniture. Their rebranded furniture business 'IsoKing' has sold more than 10,000 units in just three months. I ask Jeremy how StageKings went from creating stages for the Commonwealth Games to desks for inner-city apartments and how they use social media to tap into exactly what consumers are looking for.


EP222 - S1

31 Aug 20

Paul Dewhurst: Three Blue Ducks

There's not a single business in the world that Covid19 hasn’t effected in some way, so for the next few episodes I'll be speaking to business owners who have had to pivot their business, rethink the way they operate and find innovative ways to keep their businesses going in some of the most challenging times we’ve ever seen. So to kick it off, I speak to Paul Dewhurst, Operations Manager at Three Blue Ducks, who have restaurants in Bronte, Byron Bay, Brisbane, Roseberry and now Melbourne too. They were forced to shut the doors to all their venues in March with almost no warning. But they pivoted quickly and a week later, the business branched into the fresh food and takeaway market, supplying gourmet produce boxes to Byron Bay locals and a paired-back take-away menu to Sydneysiders. I ask Paul about how they made the quick decision to pivot what Three Blue Ducks offered, why they won't compromise their company values for an easy buck, and how Covid19 has shown the importance of community and connection.


EP221 - S1

24 Aug 20

Adam Linforth: Budgy Smuggler

This week I'm talking to the owner and ‘Chief Smuggler' of swimwear brand Budgy Smuggler, Adam Linforth, who's business was founded at a backyard BBQ in true Aussie fashion. Budgy Smuggler definitely know a thing or two about doing things differently, because while other brands were focusing on people with perfect physiques, Budgy made it their mission to focus on ordinary people of all shapes and sizes. They're even a favourite with Aussie athletes. I ask Adam how Budgy Smuggler have creatively used social media to gain brand recognition, and how the business has pivoted to use their famous prints to create new products.


EP220 - S1

17 Aug 20

Lara Vandenberg: Publicist

My guest this week is changing the game for the PR and Marketing industry. Lara Vandenberg founded her business Publicist while working in New York, where she saw an industry that needed a big shake-up. The traditional way of hiring talented PR professionals through word of mouth and recruiters was becoming outdated and ineffective. So at just 28 years old, Lara took on a challenge to automate the industry and founded Publicist, an online marketplace connecting brands with the most experienced freelancers in PR and marketing. I ask Lara how Publicist is transforming the traditional PR model to provide flexible and scalable support for brands, while rewarding talent entering the freelance market in a time of layoffs. 


EP219 - S1

10 Aug 20

Carla Oates: The Beauty Chef

After working as a beauty editor for some of Australia's top magazines for over 15 years, Carla Oates was shocked by the synthetic substances used in so many commercial beauty products. When her daughter developed allergies and eczema, Carla put her family on a gut-healing plan that included probiotic-rich whole foods and quickly noticed a huge difference in her daughter’s skin and wellbeing. So after researching the benefits of gut bacteria, Carla started her business ‘The Beauty Chef’ to create plant-based supplements for gut health and glowing skin. I ask Carla how she is striving to change the beauty industry to be more transparent and why she’s on a mission to educate people on healthier and more holistic skincare solutions.


EP218 - S1

3 Aug 20

Suzanne Mitchell: GoDaddy

If recent events have shown us anything, it’s that Australian small businesses are resilient and have a fighting spirit in challenging times. Having the right online setup for your business shouldn't be daunting, it should be simple and accessible so that anyone can feel confident to set it up themselves. My guest Suzanne Mitchell is the Marketing Director for GoDaddy Australia and knows a lot about building online success for everyday entrepreneurs. I ask Suzanne about the essential tools and services all businesses need to build an online presence, attract customers and manage their work, and how small businesses have had to adapt and pivot during Covid19 to not only remain operational but transform and thrive.


EP217 - S1

27 Jul 20

Julie Mathers: Flora and Fauna

After 25 years working in retail, Julie Mathers decided to take her experience, combine it with her passion for the environment and animal welfare, and create a business committed to making a meaningful impact on the world. So in 2014 Julie launched her online store Flora and Fauna, specialising in ethical, eco-friendly and vegan products. When the business launched there were 30 brands and 500 products; now their range has over 300 brands and 8000 products, sourcing the best ethical and low-waste skincare, food, fashion, and lifestyle products. I talk to Julie about the ethic of hard work, the concept of thinking like a proprietor and how Flora & Fauna has managed to grow so quickly while maintaining its eco ethos.


EP216 - S1

20 Jul 20

Tara and Danny Solberg: Few and Far

Husband and wife duo Tara and Danny Solberg worked as designers collecting inspiration on their travels around the world, and always dreamed of bringing the unique things they saw home to Australia. So they turned their passion into a business and created Few and Far, a furniture and homewares business on the South Coast of NSW. Few and Far source and import one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture and décor and Tara and Danny have created a compelling shopping experience that captivates all the senses. I ask them how their design backgrounds and passion for travel helped shape their entrepreneurial mindset, and why moving online was the natural choice for the growth and success of the business.


EP215 - S1

13 Jul 20

Shaun Greenblo and Elliot Midalia: Boody

My guests this week are Shaun Greenblo and Elliot Midalia from Boody, a sustainable clothing brand that creates everyday essentials from eco-friendly organic bamboo. Shaun and Elliot have been best friends since they were kids and their dads started the business together in 2012, when they saw an opportunity to sell an unconventional product for the health-conscious and environmentally minded customer. Shaun and Elliot came into the business with their growth mindset and love of technology and Boody is now a family business run by two fathers and two sons, sold in 1000 retailers in Australia, online and in 17 countries globally. I ask Shaun and Elliot about how their hunger to change the world for the better inspired them to create a sustainable product, and how Boody uses fabrics and craft to bypass trends and fast-fashion.


EP214 - S1

6 Jul 20

Kirsten King: Fluidform Pilates

Like many who work in the fitness industry Kirsten King didn't start there; she initially worked in marketing for a decade before founding Fluidform Pilates in 2012, which gave her the perfect understanding to develop the brand and business. In early 2019 Kirsten launched Fluidform at Home, an online subscription-based Pilates program which boasts subscribers from all over the world. I talk to Kirsten about how Fluidform was perfectly positioned to deal with the increase in online subscriptions when the business experienced huge growth during a time when most people were at home, and how combining highly personalised programming with in-depth technical knowledge has played such a huge role in the success of the Fluidform brand.


EP213 - S1

29 Jun 20

Mike Pritchett: Shootsta

Mike Pritchett grew up obsessed with video, always carrying a camcorder around to film his friends doing skateboard tricks. He founded his first production company in 2006, working on big budget video projects, when he was challenged by one of his clients to create a scalable and affordable video offering. So he created Shootsta, a customised video kit and training platform; teaching clients to capture their own video and then use Shootsta’s editing team to turn this content around within 24 hours. I ask Mike about how Shootsta is disrupting the video industry by simplifying the production process, the benefits of having clients film their own content and how his service has helped users improve their business' communication both internally and externally.


EP212 - S1

22 Jun 20

Julio Ribeiro: Inventia Life Science

Julio Ribeiro is the co-founder and CEO of Inventia Life Science, the med-tech company behind the 3D bioprinter technology that creates realistic replicas of tumours to test cancer treatments. Julio grew up in Brazil where he studied biology and genetics, and in the 90’s he migrated to Australia to do his PhD in medicine. After working for a scientific tech supply company, he saw a gap in the market and knew that the science field had the potential to make life a lot better, so he started his company, Inventia Life Science. They developed the bioprinting platform ‘Rastrum’ to print 3D cell models in high quantity with a gel that mimics human tissue, enabling medical researchers to do higher quality experiments into cancer treatment, and potentially also the coronavirus. I ask Julio how he sees biology, computer science and engineering coming together in the next few years and where the highly disruptive sector of 3D printing has the potential to go.


EP211 - S1

15 Jun 20

Masood Naqshbandi: Abyss Solutions

Masood Naqshbandi is an entrepreneurial scientist and Co-founder of Abyss Solutions, a robotics company that provides automated underwater inspections for dams, reservoirs, bridges, ship hulls and oil and gas platforms. They combine remotely operated underwater vehicles and drones with data analytics to allow their clients to reduce inspection costs of places that are typically very difficult to inspect. Now the vision for Abyss solutions is to become a conglomerate of multiple service sectors including tech, intelligence and automation. I ask Masood about his transition from the academic world to the business world and how the future of innovative science technology and automation can hugely benefit us.


EP210 - S1

7 Jun 20

Carolyn Mee: Sound Scouts

This week in the final instalment of Women in Tech month I speak to Carolyn Mee, the founder of Sound Scouts, a health tech company focused on the delivery of accessible, fun and affordable hearing screening. Developed in collaboration with the National Acoustic Laboratories, Sound Scouts flagship product is an easy to use mobile game app that uses scientific principles to detect a range of hearing problems in kids. I ask Carolyn how using intuition and creativity can leapfrog your product and create opportunities outside of the usual remit, and how remote access is providing hugely beneficial to Sound Scouts.


EP209 - S1

1 Jun 20

Stephanie Reuss and Victoria Stuart: Beam

This week as part of 'Women in Tech' month I sit down with the co-founders of Beam Australia, Stephanie Reuss and Victoria Stuart. Beam is a HR tech company and online marketplace for part-time professionals including high profile businesswomen, athletes and carers looking for the flexibility of part-time employment. Since 2016, Beam has contributed over $17 million in new salaries to the Australian economy through new jobs that couldn’t have been created without part-time work. I ask Stephanie and Victoria about how they see businesses embracing new workplace flexibility to work more efficiently and economically - it's a revolution against archaic work-place structures to reimagine the way work is done.


EP208 - S1

25 May 20

Olga Oleinikova: Persollo

This week as part of ‘Women in Tech’ month, I sit down with Olga Oleinikova, co-founder and CEO of Persollo, the world’s first social media instant-checkout platform. Olga grew up in Ukraine and worked as a consumer researcher and behavioural scientist before migrating to Australia in 2012. While undertaking her PhD, she founded Persollo, with the aim of helping SME’s sell without big investment. With its AI-powered analytics and instant-checkout technology, Persollo has helped over 750 businesses across 16 countries increase their sales conversion by 300%. I ask Olga how her life has been about seizing unexpected opportunities and how her she used the outcome of her studies to build her own business.


EP207 - S1

18 May 20

Georgia Vidler: Canva

To kick off ‘Women in Tech’ month - where I talk to some of the most powerful and innovative female entrepreneurs and leaders in the tech space – this week I sit down with Georgia Vidler, the Director of Product at Canva. Canva is an easy to use graphic design platform and it’s Australia’s fastest-growing tech start-up, with over 25 million monthly users worldwide. Georgia is leading the charge for the newly developed ‘Canva for Education’ platform, and with over 1 billion students across the world learning remotely, this is more important than ever. I ask Georgia about the importance of genuine relationships in business, what exactly a good pitch deck is and how the digital wave is changing the way we all operate.


EP206 - S1

11 May 20

Quentin Nolan: Liquid Snow

When Quentin Nolan was 22 years old, all he wanted was to get down to the snow to snowboard; so he started driving coaches to the ski fields from Sydney. After seeing a gap in the market in the ski tourism industry, he came up with his own business - Liquid Snow Tours, tailoring ski and snowboard holidays to resorts around Japan, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. In 2008, Quentin took his first group of 45 people over to the Japanese village of Hakuba, fell in love with Japan and decided to focus his business on the ski fields there. Today, Liquid Snow takes around 10,000 tourists a year over to Japan and is on track to turn over $14 million dollars in revenue. I ask Quentin how his experiences as a child helped shape his entrepreneurial and adventurous mindset and why Japan was the natural choice for the growth of his company.


EP205 - S1

4 May 20

Tim Tszyu: Breaking through the chaos of the fight

This week in the final instalment of #fightermonth, I’m talking to light-middleweight boxer Tim Tszyu, who made his professional debut in 2016 and held the Australian title in 2019. At 25 years old, Tim holds a powerful record of 15-0 and as the son of former world champion Kostya Tszyu, it goes without saying that he grew up with boxing in his blood. I ask Tim about what his brand stands for, and how he manages chaos in the boxing ring and keeps a calm head when he’s in the fight; just like we’re all experiencing in our business environments at the moment.


EP204 - S1

27 Apr 20

George Kambosos: The quest to become world number 1

This week as part of #fightermonth, I’m talking to George Kambosos, the professional lightweight boxer currently ranked number 3 in the world, who’s swift rise towards world level has been phenomenal. George started out boxing as a kid in high school as a way to build his confidence in the face of bullying. His aptitude and passion for the sport quickly led to him having hundreds of fights and multiple national and international tournaments. Earlier this year George started his business ‘Ferocious Promotion,’ signing and managing young fighters with the goal to negotiate a bigger percentage for the fighter. I ask George how he put together the strategy to get to fighting the biggest names in the boxing world today, and why having a thorough understanding of what fighters go through is so important to the success of his business.


EP203 - S1

20 Apr 20

Jeff Fenech & Brock Jarvis: Two champions, four world title belts

This week as part of #fightermonth, I speak to two of Australia’s greatest boxing exports; three-time world champion and one of the best fight trainers to come out of this country, Jeff Fenech; and undefeated junior featherweight champion Brock Jarvis. A twist of fate brought Jeff and Brock together; as a teen, before he even stepped foot in a boxing gym, Jeff got into a few street brawls. The police officer who came to the scene happened to be Brock’s uncle, Pat Jarvis, who took it upon himself to get Jeff off the streets and convinced him to go to the Police Youth Club. Here Jeff met trainer Johnny Lewis and went on to become an Australian boxing legend. Fast-forward past the world titles, in 2014 a retired Jeff got a knock on the door from Brock Jarvis’s dad, with Brock in tow. Jeff wasn’t looking to coach but once he saw Brock train, he knew he had something special. Five years on, Brock is undefeated, with 17consecutive wins, 15 by knock-out. I want to ask Jeff what he saw in Brock that made him take a chance on him and why he paid forward what he’d learnt from some of the great legends of boxing; and ask Brock how the way he trains as a fighter influences his business life, and how he builds and retains his revenue through sponsorships.


EP202 - S1

14 Apr 20

Alex Volkanovski - UFC Featherweight Champion

To kick off #fightermonth - a whole month of learning about the business of fighting with some of the biggest names in Aussie combat sports - this week I’m talking to UFC Featherweight World Champion, Alex Volkanovski. In 2011, Alex started MMA training to keep fit while playing rugby, when he got a phone call from MMA fighter Shane Coleman who wanted to train him. Alex knew he had to grab the opportunity with both hands and he started the next day. Fast-forward nine years and Alex became the first Australian-born fighter to win the UFC title, beating Max Holloway to claim the featherweight belt in December 2019. I ask Alex about the business of fighting, what drove him, what specific skills got him to where he is today and how he plans for a fight when things go wrong – just like we’re all experiencing in our business environments at the moment.


EP201 - S1

6 Apr 20

SME Coronavirus Support Special

There's no hiding from the fact that we're facing difficult times. As business owners, I know there's a lot of confusion and complexity around what your next steps should be in the face of the COVID19 Pandemic and all the government restrictions and measures in place around the country. So I've sat down for a special podcast to make sense of all the noise surrounding the various stimulus measures. I've been talking to the government regularly, to help clarify the various measures to give you the information in a no-nonsense, straight forward way. I discuss getting access to working capital, cash payments on PAYG withholding, superannuation release, increasing the instant asset write off and business investment incentives and supporting the flow of credit.


EP200 - S1

26 Mar 20

Chris Marr: Sonder

This week’s guest Chris Marr, is a former Australian Army officer who spent 20 years in service, including 10 years as a leader and commander in the special forces; during which time he led Australian soldiers on complex missions all over the world, with the consequences for failure very high. Having worked on the front line all his life, Chris was motivated to contribute to something bigger than himself; so along with his two best mates, he created Sonder - the app making the world a safer place by matching emergency service providers to those who need help, making people feel safer across the world. Whether you're being followed walking to your car at night, dealing with an aggressive customer and worried for your safety or having mental health issues, Sonder are there, 24/7 to give support. I ask Chris why purpose was such a strong motivator for the business and how Sonder is a disruptor with a conscience.


EP199 - S1

23 Mar 20

Nick Georgalis: Geocon

This week’s guest, Nick Georgalis, grew up in Canberra, which at the time was seen as ‘the sleepy Bush Capital of Australia.’ With a background as an engineer and project manager, Nick wanted to reshape the way people thought about Canberra and revolutionise property investment in Australia. So, in 2007 Nick founded Geocon, Canberra’s first fully integrated property enterprise with capabilities across development, construction, hospitality management, investment, sales and conveyancing. In 2007 the business had just 5 employees and 5 million in turnover; now there are 800 employees and over 1 billion a year turnover. I ask Nick how starting the business was an organic and intuitive move, and how important the Geocon brand, culture and personality is in Canberra in terms of attracting the right people to deliver the right outcomes.


EP198 - S1

16 Mar 20

Guy Saxelby: Earlytrade

Guy Saxelby was a successful charted accountant prior to founding his business Earlytrade, when a trip to New York and a chance blizzard there, changed the course of his career. As an accountant, Guy saw first-hand the strain that late payments could put on small businesses - if they’re not paid on time, they can’t hire, they can’t invest, and they can’t buy the things they need to grow their businesses. So, he came up with an idea to connect suppliers with corporate clients and allow them to offer discounts for early invoice payment. Guy’s mission is to fight for little businesses to get the same benefits that big businesses have always had, and now, over 36 thousand businesses use the Early Trade marketplace for cash flow and working capital. I ask Guy how he managed to build the largest early payment marketplace in the Asia pacific region, and how he can turn chaos, whether in the market place or in his own mind, into something hugely beneficial. 


EP197 - S1

9 Mar 20

Steven Marks: Guzman y Gomez

When Steven Marks landed a job as a hedge fund manager at a top Wall Street hedge fund at just 23 years old, he thought he had it made. But by 30, he was burnt out and ready for a fresh start, so he booked a one-way ticket to Australia with a dream of starting his own business. 17 years on, he’s the co-founder and CEO of Guzman y Gomez, the Mexican casual-dining chain that had its origins here in Australia. Since starting the business back in 2006 in Sydney, it’s expanded across Australia, Singapore and Japan, with plans for expansion into the US this year.I ask Steven how he transformed Guzman y Gomez from a loss-making fast food chain to a $300 million empire, how he managed to keep the drive to open new restaurants when he was losing money, and why good company culture and team rapport is so important to the success of the business.  


EP196 - S1

27 Feb 20

Tony Fay: Raiz

Chairman of Raiz Invest Australia, Tony Fay, has worked in financial markets since the 80’s, where he held senior positions for several leading investment banks and stock broking firms. Through having his own kids, he saw first-hand how difficult it was for them to save and invest, so Tony jumped at the opportunity to make a difference by starting a business that provides the millennial customer a platform to invest and save, with very small amounts of money – we’re talking as little as $5. Raiz can round up transactions from your bank account and invest the 'spare change' for you; so if you buy a coffee for $3.50, Raiz can round up the transaction to $4 and put the extra 50 cents straight into your Raiz investment account, so that even those on modest incomes can start investing. When the business launched in 2016, they had 3-million dollars of funds under management – now that’s grown to 480-million dollars. I ask Tony how watching his own kids struggle to save and invest their own money drove him to launch the business, why creating their easy to use app has changed the game for young investors and how he’s trying to level the playing field with the big banks.


EP195 - S1

20 Feb 20

Ryan Channing: BLAQ

Model turned “Skintrepreneur” Ryan Channing was living in Paris and pursuing a career in law, when a chance trip to Japan changed the course of his life. While there, Ryan was introduced to activated charcoal skincare products and was inspired to start his own activated charcoal skincare business, The BLAQ Group. Within just a few months, the business was inundated with so many orders that Ryan moved back to Australia to work on the project full-time. Since then, he’s created two more brands under the BLAQ group; Generation Clay and Flight Mode. I ask Ryan how he bullet-proofs his business through various systems and processes, and how seeding his product to influencers around the world and communicating directly with his target market, has made BLAQ the success that it is.


EP194 - S1

13 Feb 20

Blair James: Bondi Sands

Blair James grew up understanding the power and value that Aussie brands have abroad, when at the age of six, his dad moved the family over to the UK to set up shop selling Aussie products. Three years later his dad’s business went under, but Blair’s love of brands and passion for innovation was born. Since then Blair’s made huge waves in the billion-dollar beauty industry with his globally successful self-tanning business, Bondi Sands. Today it’s the number one self-tanning brand in Australia and NZ, with over 60% of the market share as a self-tanning brand. I ask Blair about how watching his dad’s business go under shaped him, why it’s so important to have a strong sense of brand messaging, and what it is about Aussie products that the global market gravitate to.


EP193 - S1

6 Feb 20

King Kong: Sabri Suby

Changing the game for digital marketing in Australia, Sabri Suby launched his digital marketing agency, King Kong, at the age of 27. He’s now on track to turn over 18 million dollars this year. The secret? Sabri promises his clients results, which means if his staff don’t hit their client KPIs, they don’t get paid. I ask Sabri about why he introduced this unique performance guarantee structure, what you should be looking for when building a digital marketing strategy for your own business, and how Sabri’s entrepreneurial journey all started as a kid growing up in Byron Bay, grinding peanuts for some extra cash.


EP192 - S1

30 Jan 20

Sarah Davidson: Seize the Yay

“Lawyer turned funtrepreneur” Sarah Davidson was busy climbing the corporate ladder when she started a side hustle with her now husband Nic – a tea business called Matcha Maiden. Within just a few months, they were inundated with so many orders that Sarah quit her office job to work on the project full-time. But over the last few years, Sarah’s personal brand has also become a focus, with her Instagram page Spoonful of Sarah attracting 70k+ followers. She’s also got a podcast of her own, called Seize the Yay. I ask Sarah about how growing up as a professional ballerina taught her the discipline she needed to start her own business and how she’s developed her ability to pivot time and time again throughout her career.


EP191 - S1

23 Jan 20

Superestate: Property investment, done differently

After seeing his sister struggle to buy a home, former Olympian swimmer Grant Brits launched Superestate, the first and only retail super fund in the country to invest in residential property. The concept allows young Australians to get a foot in the property market, while also putting a roof over their future. I ask Grant about how he brought his unique idea to life and how the many hours slogging it out in the pool, have influenced his drive and work ethic in his business today.


EP190 - S1

16 Jan 20

Farmer Jo: "Really fancy muesli"

Scott Tulloch started Farmer Jo with his wife Sally in the kitchen of their home. Then, a chance encounter lead to the couple supplying Qantas first and business class with their product - and their overnight success. Now, the brand is stocked in 4500 supermarkets, health food stores and cafes across the country. I ask Scott about how his background in the food industry meant he was in a unique position to spot upmarket foods taking off a decade ago and how he jumped on the rising tide. 


EP189 - S1

9 Jan 20

James Dutton: High school dropout to CEO

Our guest this week is proof that you don't need a university degree to succeed in business. A few years ago, inspired by his son's allergy to traditional bandages, James Dutton launched Nutricare, producing the world’s first 100% compostable, organic wound care solution. Now, they're stocked in 35 countries right around the world. I ask James how he went from leaving school at 16 to becoming to CEO of his own company and how working at JB Hi-Fi taught him everything he needed to know about how to get his product on the shelves.


EP188 - S1

28 Nov 19

NBN: Closing the digital divide

What digital tools and connectivity do you need for your business to not just survive - but thrive? It may not be something you spend a lot of time thinking about but I know from speaking with thousands of small businesses that having the right technology is an absolute game changer - and now recent research is backing that up too. In this episode, I'm joined by Paul Tyler, Chief Customer Officer for Business at NBN. I want to ask Paul about the impact technology can have on the success of your business and why if you’re not investing in it, you could get left behind. 


EP187 - S1

21 Nov 19

Sarah Friar: Nextdoor

Fresh off the plane from Silicon Valley, one of the world’s most influential women in tech is in the studio this week. Sarah Friar is the CEO of neighbourhood app, Nextdoor, which launched in Australia just a year ago. We chat about how Sarah’s interest in engineering came about as a kid growing up in Northern Ireland and how this innovative digital platform is working to bring back a sense of belonging and connection in the real world, all through technology. 


EP186 - S1

14 Nov 19

Jessica Gomes: Equal Beauty

Model and ambassador for David Jones, Jessica Gomes, was told she would never make it in Australia. But as well as modelling, she’s now graced Hollywood screens and in 2017, inspired by her jetsetter lifestyle, launched luxury travel skincare brand, Equal Beauty. I ask Jessica about growing up in Perth, the business of modelling and about how learning to network and hustle as a model has set her up for success.


EP185 - S1

7 Nov 19

From the battlefield to business: Garth Callender

In the lead up to Veterans Health Week, I’m speaking with one of our country’s most inspiring heroes, Garth Callender. In 2004, Garth was on a routine patrol in Baghdad, when his vehicle was hit by an improvised explosive device attack, making him the first serious Australian causality of the war in Iraq. Since then, he’s founded a consultancy firm called Trebuchet Pivot, applying the same methodology he learnt in the army to risk and crisis management in the corporate world. I ask Garth about the tragic event that left him fighting for his life and how his experience in the army has influenced not only how he runs his own business but advises other businesses too.


EP184 - S1

24 Oct 19

InStitchu: Affordable luxury

After graduating from uni and entering the corporate world, high school mates Robin McGowan and James Wakefield struggled to find suits and shirts that not only fit well but didn’t break the bank. So in 2011, they launched InStitchu, selling made-to-measure menswear at an affordable price. I talk to Robin and James about how they made their idea a reality without any experience in the fashion industry and how automated technology has become the backbone of their business, allowing them to cut down on production times and keep their overheads down.


EP183 - S1

17 Oct 19

FAN+: Meet your sporting heroes

From a swimming lesson with an Olympian, to hitting the court with a Grand Slam Champion, FAN+ gives everyday people access to “money can buy” experiences with their favourite sporting heroes. I ask co-founders Rod Harys and Aaron Warburton about how their business started as an idea over a few beers but became a reality when they were accepted into the Qantas AVRO Accelerator Program and how building networks in their previous careers helped them to sign some of Australia's biggest sporting stars up to their innovative platform.


EP182 - S1

10 Oct 19

Walter G: Lauren Emerson & Genevieve Hewson

Best friends Lauren Emerson and Genevieve Hewson are the co-founders of Sydney-based textile house, Walter G. Together, they work with artisans in India to produce hand printed fabrics and home décor products like cushions, napkins and quilts. In this interview, we talk about how they moved to India to live with a family of traditional hand printers to learn the traditional techniques that are now unique to the Walter G brand and how operating their business as if it was a success from day one, meant that when they did take off overnight, they didn’t burst at the seams.


EP181 - S1

4 Oct 19

Hustle Boxing: A premium fitness experience

This week, I'm chatting with Simon Maree and Tim McGann from Hustle Boxing, a new premium boxing studio in Sydney’s Potts Point. A while ago, these guys sat across from me to pitch their business idea and they did it so well, I ended up investing in it. I want to talk to Simon and Tim about the best way to pitch when raising capital for a new venture, why they decided Sydney needed another fitness studio and how they’re telling their “premium” brand story without making it too exclusive or inaccessible to potential clients.


EP180 - S1

26 Sep 19

Roxy Jacenko: Building an empire

"Failure is not an option." Roxy Jacenko started her business empire at just 24 with Sydney-based PR agency, Sweaty Betty. Since then, she's added four more successful businesses to her name, along with a stack of books, an online e-learning course and now a reality TV show, “I am… Roxy!" In this long overdue catch up, I talk to Roxy about the secret behind building not one but five successful brands, her polarising leadership style and how she's overcome the haters.


EP179 - S1

19 Sep 19

Guy Leech: HEART180

Each year in Australia, we lose more than 30,000 lives to cardiac arrest. But one of the most successful ironmen of all time, Guy Leech, is working to change all that. After tragically losing a friend in 2016, Guy launched a business, called HEART180, supplying defibrillators to workplaces, gyms, childcare centres and other organisations right across the country. Guy and I talk about how that one life-changing event motivated him to start his own company and how the years of training to be at the top of his game in sport, have prepared him in business. 


EP178 - S1

12 Sep 19

DU'IT: Monique & Jared Char

This week we speak to the brother and sister duo running Aussie skincare company, DU’IT. Monique and Jared’s mum and dad started the business from their garage in Sydney’s Bella Vista more than two decades ago and the business is now making it big not just at home but overseas, too. We talk about the skills Monique and Jared's parents brought to the business, why the siblings initially resisted coming on board, how to develop the right product and pricing for your market and what the secret is behind their expansion into China.


EP177 - S1

4 Sep 19

Gemma Peanut: Photography 101

"I didn't realise that my whole acting career was leading to this." Gemma "Peanut" Pranita first burst onto our screens playing the character Jade Mitchell on Neighbours. But in 2016, after becoming frustrated with the unpredictability of the entertainment industry, she launched Photography 101, an online course teaching beginner photography. I want to ask Gemma how she made the transition from actress to entrepreneur with no experience - and how she transferred the storytelling skills she developed in front of the camera, to behind the camera and ultimately, to running her own business. 


EP176 - S1

29 Aug 19

Finn Poké: Jem Jacinto

In 2017, Jem Jacinto opened the first poké store to hit Byron Bay, called Finn Poké. Since then he’s opened three more stores along the east coast, with another two on the way. With the traditional Hawaiian dish gaining popularity across Australia, I want to ask Jem what his point of difference is in this growing market, how he manages to keep his product both sustainable and affordable, plus we’ll find out how a near death experience lead him down the food industry path.


EP175 - S1

23 Aug 19

Three Birds Renovations: Erin, Bonnie & Lana

With no experience in the industry whatsoever, Bonnie Hindmarsh, Erin Cayless and Lana Taylor when took a huge risk when they started their boutique renovation company, Three Birds Renovations, in 2014. In just five years, the three best friends have renovated 9 homes, amassed more than 421k Instagram followers and launched an online educational course, called Reno School. I want to ask Erin, Bonnie and Lana how they built a successful business with no experience whatsoever, how they grew their impressive social following and how they’ve overcome the challenges that arise when you’re starting a business with your best mates.  


EP174 - S1

15 Aug 19

Gary Vee: I'm not in it for money

One of the world’s best-known entrepreneurs, Gary Vaynerchuk first became famous in the late 90s, when he turned his dad’s local bottle shop into a multimillion-dollar business. Since then, he’s built on that success, with communications company VaynerX, digital agency Vayner Media, 5 New York Times bestselling books and millions of social media followers. As you’ll hear, Gary is big in everything he does, and I ask him where that intensity comes from, how his experiences as a child helped to shape his entrepreneurial mindset and what drives him, if it’s not the dollar signs.


EP173 - S1

12 Aug 19

SiSU Health: Self-service check ups

Exercise physiologist Dr Noel Duncan is changing the way we look at our health. His business, SiSU Health, manufactures self-service health stations that allow you to complete your own health check in just 4 minutes, assessing things like blood pressure, heart rate and diabetes risk. I ask Noel how Aussies are taking to this new way of assessing our health, what the opportunities are in the growing preventative health market, whether his revenue model is sustainable and how he builds customer trust when it comes to collecting data.


EP172 - S1

1 Aug 19

Elle Ferguson: Elle Effect

With 650k+ followers on Instagram, Aussie influencer Elle Ferguson is known as a fashion icon right around the world. Last year, she took her social media standing to the next level, launching award-winning self-tanning line, Elle Effect. I ask Elle how having an intimate understanding of her followers led her down the beauty industry path, what sets her products apart from the many other tanning products on the market and what the secret is behind the success of her own personal brand.


EP171 - S1

25 Jul 19

Your Property Your Wealth: Daniel Walsh

"Save as much as possible, for as long as possible." Daniel Walsh bought his first property at just 19 years of age, and since then has built a portfolio worth 4 million dollars. Now, he's started his own business, Your Property Your Wealth, helping others to achieve the same success. I ask Daniel how he scraped up enough cash to buy his first property at such a young age and what skills he's acquired in order to launch this new business.


EP170 - S1

18 Jul 19

Sol Cups: Rebecca Veksler

Each year in Australia, one billion takeaway coffee cups are produced and then thrown in the trash. But our guest this week is changing all that. Rebecca Veksler is the founder of Sol Cups, a business that produces sustainable, re-usable cups and bottles, all made from hand-blown glass. I ask Rebecca what inspired her to come up with the idea, how she’s using her business as a platform for educating others on the environment, plus how she amplifies her message to build her brand and more importantly, change the way we think.   


EP169 - S1

11 Jul 19

Malcolm Quinn: Making the most of adversity

"I hate losing more than I like winning." After receiving an inheritance of $46k following the death of his grandmother, Malcolm Quinn started his own local newspaper. Going against the mainstream media goliaths, he soon became the most successful independent newspaper publisher in Queensland. Now a media consultant, our guest shares the challenges he faced going head to head with his competitors and the pivotal moments in his life that helped to shape his business mindset.


EP168 - S1

4 Jul 19

Paul Roos - from AFL to mindfulness

This week on The Mentor with Mark Bouris, we're speaking with one of the most legendary players and coaches in AFL history, Paul Roos. I chat to Roosy about how his upbringing helped shape his sense of leadership, and why he's traded in the footy for a career helping businesses build healthy workplace cultures.


EP167 - S1

27 Jun 19

Chargrill Charlie's - Saul Cher

"The day I came to work in this business, it felt like mine." Host Mark Bouris, sits down with the co-owner of one of Sydney’s most loved institutions, Chargrill Charlie’s. Saul Cher reveals the story behind how one humble chicken shop became a thriving family enterprise and the importance of finding employees who treat the business like their own.


EP166 - S1

20 Jun 19

Caleb Bush - experiential marketing

The way we market has changed dramatically – and staying on top of the latest trends is crucial if you want to communicate your message effectively to consumers. So in this episode, I'm sitting down with one of Australia’s most up-and-coming leaders in the marketing industry, Caleb Bush. Caleb is the Managing Director and Senior Vice President of experience marketing agency, George P. Johnson. Caleb and I talk about what exactly “experiential marketing” means and why it’s becoming a game changer for brands across the globe. Plus, I find out how Caleb went from working as a deck hand for one of the world's most influential families to running a successful business at just 34 years of age.


EP165 - S1

13 Jun 19

Lucas Becker - grilo protein

Not your average protein powder. In this episode, I’m joined by Lucas Becker, co-founder of health food company, Grilo Protein. Since 2016, Grilo has been selling protein powder and energy bars – all made from the latest superfood making headlines – crickets. Originally from Brazil, Lucas was working as a chef in Byron Bay, when he, his partner and a couple of friends decided to start their very first small business together, all from their kitchen at home. Find out why Lucas made the unusual choice to include edible insects as the key ingredient in his products, how consumers in Australia are responding to eating them and what the future looks like for his unique business.


EP164 - S1

6 Jun 19

Isaac John - YKTR

“I’ve taught myself everything - it’s all out there for you to figure out.” This week I’m joined by Isaac John, a former NRL player who has launched a successful clothing business, called YKTR - an acronym for ‘You Know The Rules’. The business started when Isaac was living with other NRL stars Corey Norman and James Segeyaro, and they started making their own t-shirts for fun. It’s since exploded with new ranges released every eight weeks, and over 100 vlogs and podcasts going behind the scenes in their business. We talk about Isaac being completely self taught - from design to websites to marketing - and we dive deep into the YKTR marketing funnel, where every piece of content that Isaac and YKTR makes helps them target their audience and make sales. @yktr_  Connect with Mark on Facebook & LinkedIn


EP163 - S1

30 May 19

Jack Bloomfield - from whiz kid to e-commerce superstar

“Anyone who wants to do it, can do it.” In this episode, I’m joined by an impressive young man, Jack Bloomfield. Jack is 17 years old, and started his first e-commerce business when he was just 12 years old. He’s made millions from growing online businesses and digital marketing, and now has started his own training programs to help other aspiring entrepreneurs do the same. We talk about how Jack found himself so passionate about business from such a young age, and how he has managed to reach such successful heights while still being in high school. He’s a fascinating guy with a huge future - so make sure you tune in. @jackbl_ Connect with Mark Bouris on Facebook and LinkedIn 


EP162 - S1

23 May 19

Sarah Cichy - SHUK Communications

Stories from the Green Wave: This week I’m joined by Sarah Cichy, who is the founder of a PR company specialising in a rapidly growing industry - cannabis. SHUK Communications tells the stories of various new businesses looking to get into the market with various products, and has worked with some of the biggest ‘green wave’ industry companies in the world. It’s a minefield for Sarah at the moment - laws are constantly changing and there are many logistic challenges that come with any new industry. We talk about how Sarah got into the PR game, why she launched a new business specialising on the cannabis industry, and what her next moves are from here.  Connect with Mark Bouris on Facebook and LinkedIn


EP161 - S1

16 May 19

Kelly Taggart - Roses Only

This week is our Mother’s Day special episode, with Kelly Taggart, the Chief Operating Officer of the Roses Only Group. Kelly has been with Roses Only for over a decade, and was one of its first employees when it launched in 2008. We talk about the journey from her early days with the company to being an instrumental part of it growing to over 160 staff with warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. I also dig deep about how being a mother has changed Kelly’s approach to business - how she responds to issues, deals with staff, and most importantly, relates to customers. It’s a great listen, and I learned a lot - so make sure you tune in. @RosesOnlyGroup   The Mentor with Mark Bouris on Facebook and LinkedIn


EP160 - S1

9 May 19

Dave Sharma - public service and politics

This week I’m joined by Dave Sharma, who is currently the Liberal Party candidate for Wentworth, which is former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s old seat. I’m fascinated by Dave - he’s an incredibly smart guy who has seen a lot of the world, including recent senior postings in the public service. Dave spent four years as Australian Ambassador to Israel and worked in Papua New Guinea for the High Commission, but is now back in Australia and dipping his toe into politics. We talk about the big questions - why he feels like a good fit for Parliament, and what he believes - but I also dig deep into his background and family life to find out what shaped his life. @davesharma  The Mentor with Mark Bouris on Facebook and LinkedIn


EP159 - S1

2 May 19

Parkrun - from fad to fitness success

“Come for the social aspect, stay for the running.” Fitness crazes come and go all the time, but one that has really got some legs is Parkrun. It’s a free, 5km social run held every weekend - rain, hail or shine. Parkrun CEO Tim Oberg joins me to talk about how he brought the Parkrun concept to Australia from the UK, and has built it to more than 350 locations holding weekly events with over 500,000 people taking part. We talk about its huge success, what the future plans are for Parkrun, and why Tim decided to make a business out of fitness. @parkrunAU   The Mentor with Mark Bouris on Facebook and LinkedIn


EP158 - S1

25 Apr 19

Save this rhino - Kevin Pieterson and David Wild

“We’ve got the technology that can help save a species.” This week is a very different episode for me - but a really amazing and important story. I’m joined by cricket legend Kevin Pieterson and David Wild, who is the chief technology officer at Cisco Systems, one of the biggest tech companies in the world.  They have teamed up to make a documentary called ‘Save This Rhino’, which tells the story of how Cisco’s incredible technology is helping save an entire species of rhinoceros in South Africa. The two-part doco will air on National Geographic on April 23 and 30, and is a must-watch. On the podcast, we talk about how this project came about, why it was close to Kevin’s heart, and how Dave and a big business like Cisco wanted to use their capital and abilities to help with such an important conservation project.  The Mentor with Mark Bouris on Facebook and LinkedIn


EP157 - S1

18 Apr 19

Snackwize - taking over office snacks

“People at work want something healthy." Conor Reynolds is the founder of Snackwize, delivering healthy snack boxes to corporate clients all around Australia and New Zealand. His business is giving office workers the choice of reaching for a snack with no artificial colours, flavours or presevtavies for the mid-afternoon munchies, instead of relying on vending machines to get them through the day. We talk about how Conor started the business while he was still working another full time job, and the amount of effort that went into securing his very first client. He’s also about to launch a direct-to-consumer service as well and has big plans for the future - so make sure you tune in. @snackwize   The Mentor with Mark Bouris on Facebook and LinkedIn 


EP156 - S1

11 Apr 19

Dean Jones - glamming up fashion subscriptions

“What our customers wear has a big impact on their sense of self.” I’m joined by Dean Jones, the CEO of hugely successful fashion rental company, Glamcorner. I first met Dean many years ago on a pitch episode of the podcast, and it’s great to hear how the business has grown so much since that time. From the early days renting high-end ball gowns, Glamcorner has launched a subscription service allowing customers to rent three items for a month, including the option to swap items as you go. The user numbers and feedback is impressive, and is really shaking up the traditional concepts of owning clothes, fashion waste and cultivating a sense of style. We talk about everything from how the business started, right through to investment and how they wash 30 tonnes of clothes each month. @glamcornerau   Connect with Mark on Facebook and LinkedIn 


EP155 - S1

28 Mar 19

Todd Greenberg - the business of entertainment and Sport

“There’s no doubt in my mind, the NRL is in the entertainment business.” I’m joined by National Rugby League CEO, Todd Greenberg, who gives us an enormous insight into how he leads the business of the NRL. We talk about how Todd worked his way from a cricket game development officer into the NRL CEO position, how his family life influences his leadership approach, and most importantly, we dig deep into the business approach of the NRL. Todd and I talk about the tapping into the soap opera of sport, the NRL's competitors in the entertainment space, and why fast-tracking the women’s NRL competition was one of his smartest moves.   The Mentor with Mark Bouris on Facebook and LinkedIn


EP154 - S1

21 Mar 19

Shelter - the next generation of gym and spa

Ben Mills is the founder of Shelter, a space that combines fitness classes with relaxation and wellness. Shelter incorporates spin classes and boxing with ice baths, saunas and a custom juice bar - and Ben has big plans. We talk about the story behind Shelter, how to capitalise on the ‘Australian’ elements of a brand, particularly with a view to market that internationally, and why Ben wants to take Shelter overseas. We also talk about the name of the brand - and I don’t hold back with my thoughts! @shelterdoublebay   The Mentor with Mark Bouris on Facebook and LinkedIn


EP153 - S1

14 Mar 19

Sweat - the app which is dominating female fitness

“We want to be the world’s biggest digital gym.” The fitness industry is a huge global business - and this episode I’m joined by one of its biggest Australian players, Tobi Pearce. Tobi and his partner, Kayla Itsines, run the online female fitness program, Sweat. The app has been downloaded more than 30 million times, topped the App Store charts in 142 countries, and the business is on track to make $100 million this year. We talk about how Tobi and Kayla combined their personal training businesses to build the Sweat brand, how much they know their users through data, and how they scale their business. Tobi has a massive global business and is nowhere near finished yet! @sweat The Mentor with Mark Bouris on Facebook & Follow Mark on LinkedIn 


EP152 - S1

7 Mar 19

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg - what it’s like looking after the Australian economy

“Everybody has a voice, and we want everyone to be the best they can be.” This week I’m joined by a special guest, Australia’s Treasurer, the Hon. Josh Frydenberg MP, to talk about his role in one of Australia’s toughest jobs. I get to know Josh a bit better - from his footy team, his background as a tennis player, and his family - as well as putting to him the big questions about the Australian economy and the future for small and big business in this country. The Mentor with Mark Bouris on Facebook & Follow Mark on LinkedIn


EP151 - S1

28 Feb 19

Total image group - combining fashion with corporate uniforms

“Every day, 300,000 Australians wear a work uniform we’ve made.” Pamela Jabbour is the founder and CEO of Total Image Group, which has spend 14 years making corporate uniforms for brands like Woolworths, Dan Murphy’s, Ford and Pandora. Pam’s business is hugely successful, with 30 staff in Australia and 10 in China working to combine quality and function with style and fashion. We talk about how the business started, how Pam won her first big client (one with 30,000 staff!) and why Total Image Group has been a success. @totalimagegroup   The Mentor with Mark Bouris on Facebook: 1856511097942514/ Follow Mark on LinkedIn:  


EP150 - S1

21 Feb 19

Sparkling white smile - turning opportunity into success

“We make people love their smiles." Alison Egan started her cosmetic teeth-whitening business when she was just 19 years old, and has grown it into an empire with thousands of clients and franchises right across Australia. We talk about how she leverages her Instagram following into clients, how she has a policy to only hire people smarter than she is, and her story about how Sparkling White Smile all began. @sparklingwhitesmile  Join Mark Bouris at the Mentor Masterclass live event in February 2019! Dates and ticket information are available here: The Mentor with Mark Bouris on Facebook: 1856511097942514/ Follow Mark on LinkedIn: 


EP149 - S1

14 Feb 19

Pirtek - an iconic Aussie business

“Technology is an enabler for future jobs, not a replacement.” I’m joined by Walter Davey, who co-founded the Australian hydraulics business Pirtek in the 1980, before successfully exiting the business in 2000. He’s been successful in many other businesses as well, and we talk about what it takes to really build a successful brand over time. Wally and I discuss the effects of technology on business, how to spot a rising tide, and why you should always take good opportunities quickly.  Join Mark Bouris at the Mentor Masterclass live event in February 2019! Dates and ticket information are available here:  The Mentor with Mark Bouris on Facebook: 1856511097942514/ Follow Mark on LinkedIn: 


EP148 - S1

7 Feb 19

Prime Minister Scott Morrison - business and politics

This week on The Mentor with Mark Bouris, “Big business needs small business.” This week we have a special guest, Prime Minister the Hon. Scott Morrison MP. He joined us last year when he was Treasurer and we talk about how his life has changed since taking on the top job of the country. We discuss the economy, why big business needs small businesses to survive, and how he wants to cut unemployment to help the entire business ecosystem succeed.


EP147 - S1

31 Jan 19

Oz Design - forty years of furniture

Furniture is fashion, and Aussies are very house proud.” Dave and Scott Shedden from Oz Design Furniture join me to talk about their 40 years of business. Dave and Scott are the second generation taking over the family business, and we talk about what it’s like to grow up in the business, and then move into it full time. We also talk about the challenge of staying fashionable and relevant, and why furniture retail business is more competitive than ever. @ozdesignfurniture Join Mark Bouris at the Mentor Masterclass live event in February 2019! Dates and ticket information are available here: The Mentor with Mark Bouris on Facebook: 1856511097942514/ Follow Mark on LinkedIn: 


EP146 - S1

24 Jan 19

Searsmiths - the Aussie barbecue revolution

“It’s the best bit of steak I’ve ever tasted.” That’s my feedback on the Searsmiths barbecue, after founders Dave Thomassian and Paren Arzoomanian joined me to talk about their business. These two quit their jobs in 2016 to start up their own business called Searsmiths, and have gone through 12 prototypes of their barbecue ‘forge’ to reach today where they’re selling and looking to move into retailers. We talk about designing and manufacturing, dealing with industry certifications, and how the great Australian backyard dream of cooking the best barbecue is still well and truly alive. @searsmiths Join Mark Bouris at the Mentor Masterclass live event in February 2019! Dates and ticket information are available here:  The Mentor with Mark Bouris on Facebook: 1856511097942514/  Follow Mark on LinkedIn: 


EP145 - S1

20 Dec 18

Captain Richard de Crespigny - building resilience

"Mistakes happen. How you respond to them is key.” I’m joined by Captain Richard de Crespigny, most famous for piloting QF32, a Qantas A380 which experienced an explosion mid-air in 2010, to land safely for all passengers and crew on board. We previously spoke on the podcast several years ago, and since then Richard has released his second book, 'FLY!’. We talk about the QF32 incident and how he navigated through that disaster, and also how he applies neuroscience training to help build resilience. It’s a fascinating conversation about training your brain to perform better under pressure, and something everyone - not just business owners - will benefit from listening to.  Richard's website -  Join Mark Bouris at the Mentor Masterclass live event in February 2019! Dates and ticket information are available here:  The Mentor with Mark Bouris on Facebook: 1856511097942514/  Follow Mark on LinkedIn:   


EP144 - S1

13 Dec 18

Craig West - looking at mentors differently

“Having a mentor is not about theory, it’s about practical, usable resources that you can use straightaway.” Craig West joins me to talk about our Mentored business - and why it’s so important for every business owner to have a good mentor. We talk about why everyone needs to ask for help in business, how anybody can have a side hustle, and the dangerous side to the Aussie culture of 'having a go’ if you’re too stubborn to get a mentor. @mentored_au   Join Mark Bouris at the Mentor Masterclass live event in February 2019! Dates and ticket information are available here:   The Mentor with Mark Bouris on Facebook: 1856511097942514/   Follow Mark on LinkedIn:  


EP143 - S1

6 Dec 18

Matt Purcell - an examined life

“Life hands you a bunch of cards and what’s the alternative to not playing them the best you can?” Matt Purcell is a fascinating guy - he runs a music and academic tuition school called The Green Room, is a youth worker, a life coach, has his own podcast, and is starting up a social media business in 2019. He’s got a lot on but manages to juggle all that with his family life as well. We talk about what keeps him creative, his approach to running businesses and why he wants to leverage off every interaction. @mattpurcellofficial Join Mark Bouris at the Mentor Masterclass live event in February 2019! Dates and ticket information are available here:   The Mentor with Mark Bouris on Facebook: 1856511097942514/ Follow Mark on LinkedIn: 


EP142 - S1

29 Nov 18

Fast fuel meals - combining food and logistics

“I choose this life and you don’t get a second chance.” Chad Taylor joins Mark Bouris to talk about his healthy meal delivery business, Fast Fuel Meals. They cover topics from how to grow teams, figuring out logistics, how to conquer fear and negative thoughts, and the defining moment in Chad’s life that completely changed his approach to business. @fastfuelaus The Mentor with Mark Bouris on Facebook: 1856511097942514/ Follow Mark on LinkedIn: Find PodcastOne Australia on Facebook: Follow PodcastOne Australia on Instagram: Follow PodcastOne Australia on Twitter: Download the PodcastOne app from the Apple and Google Play app stores


EP141 - S1

22 Nov 18

Shhh silk - the business of sleep

“Sometimes you have to do something crazy.” Hear how Olivia Carr started her silk sleepwear business by jumping on a plane and hand-delivering products to the Kardashian family, and then figured out the rest later. It’s an amazing story. We talk about manufacturing issues, running a global business, and how to beat your competitors at their own game. @shhhsilk The Mentor with Mark Bouris on Facebook: 1856511097942514/ Follow Mark on LinkedIn: Find PodcastOne Australia on Facebook: Follow PodcastOne Australia on Instagram: Follow PodcastOne Australia on Twitter: Download the PodcastOne app from the Apple and Google Play app stores


EP140 - S1

15 Nov 18

Cranky health - Adam and Belinda Macdougall are shaking up business and personal life

“You have to really love a person to go into business with them.” Adam and Belinda Macdougall join the podcast to talk about growing their business, which includes meal replacement shakes The Man Shake and The Lady Shake, and fitness programs The Man Challenge and The Lady Challenge. We talk about how tough it is starting a business with your partner and having two young kids, as well as the challenges around playing in the health food space, when you’re up against big corporations. Make sure you tune in! The Mentor with Mark Bouris on Facebook: 1856511097942514/ Follow Mark on LinkedIn: Find PodcastOne Australia on Facebook: Follow PodcastOne Australia on Instagram: Follow PodcastOne Australia on Twitter: Download the PodcastOne app from the Apple and Google Play app stores


EP139 - S1

1 Nov 18

Drew mitchell - from Wallabies to ESquared Fitness

Former Australian rugby union star Drew Mitchell talks about his new venture, the Australian arm of fitness marketplace ESquared Fitness. It’s an app connecting consumers with gyms and health clubs, to book exercise classes near them. We talk about what Drew’s taken from professional sport into business, and how he approaches taking risks.  @esquaredfitness_aus  The Mentor with Mark Bouris on Facebook: 1856511097942514/ Follow Mark on LinkedIn: Find PodcastOne Australia on Facebook: Follow PodcastOne Australia on Instagram: Follow PodcastOne Australia on Twitter: Download the PodcastOne app from the Apple and Google Play app stores


EP138 - S1

25 Oct 18

Facebook, Instagram and more - navigating social media

“It’s really important to tell your brand and company story.” Alexandra Sloane, Facebook’s Australian head of marketing, joins The Mentor to talk about how businesses can use story-telling on social media to find customers, grow their audiences and make more sales. Also joining us is Julie Mathers, founder of Flora & Fauna, Australians largest online store for eco-friendly products. Julie talks about how she grew her business from the ground up by creating communities on Facebook and Instagram, and how she tests and trials her Facebook marketing.  Links to content mentioned in the episode: The Mentor with Mark Bouris on Facebook: 1856511097942514/ Follow Mark on LinkedIn: Find PodcastOne Australia on Facebook: Follow PodcastOne Australia on Instagram: Follow PodcastOne Australia on Twitter: Download the PodcastOne app from the Apple and Google Play app stores


EP138 - S1

18 Oct 18

Bench on - getting employees off the bench

“Your employees are your company's value”. Tim Walmsley joins the podcast to talk about his business Bench On, which allows companies to put their under-utilised employees in short term contracts with other companies when they’re in between projects. It’s an interesting take on the changing workforce, helping keep people in their full-time work and helping businesses with their cash flow.  The Mentor with Mark Bouris on Facebook: 1856511097942514/ Follow Mark on LinkedIn: Find PodcastOne Australia on Facebook: Follow PodcastOne Australia on Instagram: Follow PodcastOne Australia on Twitter: Download the PodcastOne app from the Apple and Google Play app stores


EP137 - S1

11 Oct 18

Nimble activewear - recycling, clothing and empowerment

Turning plastic bottles into fashion - hear how Vera Yan and Katia Santilli have saved a quarter of a million plastic bottles from landfill with their custom fabric, and what it was like building the Nimble Activewear brand from their shared Bondi lounge room. The Mentor with Mark Bouris on Facebook: 1856511097942514/ Follow Mark on LinkedIn: Find PodcastOne Australia on Facebook: Follow PodcastOne Australia on Instagram: Follow PodcastOne Australia on Twitter: Download the PodcastOne app from the Apple and Google Play app stores


EP136 - S1

4 Oct 18

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