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Transform Your Home

Take your home from DRAB to FAB with TV renovator Cherie Barber. Learn from Cherie's 30 years of property transformation experience as she shares interior design principals, techniques, tips and tricks to cosmetically transform your home an



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Season 1

Transform Your Home - Trailer

Keen to transform your home? Here's what you'll learn across this 6 part series taking your home from DRAB to FAB with TV renovator Cherie Barber. 


0 - S1

29 Oct 20

Step 1 - Creating your master plan

Let's begin your home transformation project! in step 1, Cherie explains how to  create your masterplan to make your home transformation dream a reality and narrow down the home interior style that best suits your needs.


EP01 - S1

19 Nov 20

Step 2 - How to look at your home like a designer?

Once you start to see homes like a designer, you'll never look at an interior space the same way again. In this episode, Cherie teaches you what to look out for when assessing and preparing to design and transform your home.


EP02 - S1

19 Nov 20

Step 3 - How to get your colour schemes right?

The colour you choose can make or break your home transformation project, so in this episode Cherie is going to unpack the strategic way to pick the right colour schemes and combinations that work for your home.


EP03 - S1

19 Nov 20

Step 4 - How to create logical Layouts?

Room flow is everything! But no one tells you about it. Cherie explores for you the lesser known but super important art of creating a layout to create ease of movement and functionality in your home without compromising your overall design.


EP04 - S1

19 Nov 20

Step 5 - How to create happy and healthy homes?

Your home should be your sanctuary! Especially now that we live, work and play at home more than we ever did, Cherie explains how we design happy and healthy spaces that help you be the best version of you, everyday.


EP05 - S1

19 Nov 20

Step 6 - How to style your home?

Most designs fall short of achieving that WOW factor with their styling. In this final episode, Cherie teaches you how and where to add those finishing touches to complete your transformation project to look and feel like the home you envisaged back in episode 1. 


EP06 - S1

19 Nov 20

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