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Unsung Business Heroes

The “why” behind successful CEO’s of Australian businesses. Charles Fairlie of Purpose Publishing has his own success story, but it’s the stories that Charles uncovers from these unsung Australian business heroes that is truly inspiring and


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Season 1

Discipline and consistency are key in business

Lielette Calleja discusses how you can put your family on the line when you start a small business and how to accept the shifting pendulum of work/life balance with Charles Fairlie.


EP18 - S1

3 Jun 19

The importance of having a long term view of your industry

Maurie Dobbin has always had great foresight in his industry and been generous with his knowledge of the industry. He speaks to Charles Fairlie about the importance of staying engaged and interested in your business and competitors.


EP17 - S1

28 May 19

Learning from mistakes and taking risks

Warwick Anderson learned many lessons from taking risks that didn’t always pay off. Warwick speaks to Charles Fairlie about how he navigated the early days of electronics and convincing people to invest in it.


EP16 - S1

20 May 19

The value of being direct and honest with clients

Michelle Ivanov shares with Charles Fairlie the lessons learned from working in ‘male-dominated’ industries like working in a car yard and the importance of being direct and honest with your clients and colleagues.


EP15 - S1

6 May 19

Lessons from loss

Tony Burns speaks to Charles Fairlie about the lessons he learned from loss of family members and the importance of your business engaging the community around you especially people who may be ignored by the workforce like people with disabilities.


EP14 - S1

22 Apr 19

Setting new goals

Ted Egan speaks to Charles Fairlie about utilizing your surroundings and upbringing to help motivate you and what he learned about how to take the right approach to scaling your business.


EP13 - S1

8 Apr 19

The journey to success

Dominique Grubisa shares where she found her drive to succeed after hitting rock bottom with Charles Fairlie, and how taking business risks change when you have a family to support.


EP12 - S1

25 Mar 19

Amplifying your presence

Andre Alphonso shares his key tips to staying driven and motivated in a risky world, based on his own life struggles with host Charles Fairlie. He also speaks about how to inspire people and amplify your presence in the business world using methodology he learned from theatre.


EP11 - S1

11 Mar 19

Diane Dromgold

Lack of flexibility led me to create my own organisation. Sickness led Diane to ask for flexible work hours and when that was denied to her, she forged her own path in the project management world. Diane shares with Charles Fairlie how she built a career from doing what she loves to do, organising people and get the outcomes other people want.


EP10 - S1

1 Jul 18

Annie Gibbins

More than a mother. After Annie became a mother of 5, she struggled with her identity. She had forgotten who 'Annie' was before she became a mother and set herself a physical challenge to test try and find herself again. It was on this Everest climb that the idea for Lipstick Consulting came to her. Annie shares with Charles Fairlie the importance of having a support network to achieve your goals.


EP09 - S1

1 Jul 18

Diana Ryall

As former MD of Apple, Diana Ryall was one of the first women leading the way for Apple in Australia. She went on to establish Xplore for Success, an organisation dedicated to driving equality and inclusion in workplaces around Australia. Diana shares with Charles Fairlie why inclusive work cultures are vital to success.


EP08 - S1

1 Jul 18

Andrew Rocks

Family values. When Andrew was young he used to accompany his grandfather as he visited his business clients. This taught Andrew the importance of treating your clients and staff members as family. Andrew shares with Charles Fairlie how he founded Announcer on the same values his grandfather used many years earlier.


EP08 - S1

1 Jul 18

Philip Iacovou

Seeing the positives in everything. Resilient is the word that comes to mind when it comes to the MD of Lefand Group Philip Iacovou. Through being homeless, to losing children and health scares Philip credits his ability to find positives in everything for giving him strength through these dark times. Philip shares with Charles Fairlie why he believes hesitation causes pain when it comes to business and life.


EP06 - S1

1 Jul 18

Richard Furnari

Money couldn’t fix my son’s health. After both his wife and son fell ill Richard Furnari reassessed what his idea of success was. Richard’s illiterate father instilled a great work ethic in Richard when he was young, which led him to become the owner of one of the most successful used truck businesses in Australia for over a decade. Richard shares with Charles Farlie his belief that the best investment you can make in business is in your workforce both professionally and personally.


EP05 - S1

25 Jun 18

Corinne Bot

Putting the humanity back in business. Raised in Paris, Corinne learned the importance of taking care of your customer from her mother who ran a hair salon. Corinne moved to Australia in her 20s and after her daughter was born she found it difficult to find a job with the flexibility she needed. As a result, she decided to set up a business from her kitchen table, Polyglot Group. Corinne shares with Charles Fairlie the lessons she has learned along her journey to global success and it starts with not doubting yourself.


EP04 - S1

25 Jun 18

Gerard Malouf

Can you do better for people? This is the question Gerard Malouf’s mother often asks him. Coming from an immigrant family Gerard believes that giving back to the community and helping people who do not always have a voice is the most important thing a business can do. As founder and CEO of Gerard Malouf & Partners, Gerard shares his ‘philosophy of caring’ for his clients with Charles Fairlie and why monetary success is not how he measures the success of his business. Gerard Malouf -


EP03 - S1

25 Jun 18

Aldo Grech

Too busy for cancer. When inventor Aldo Grech was diagnosed with cancer he couldn’t find the time in his busy schedule to deal with it, this led to a 10 year spiral in which he lost everything and had to re-evaluate the decisions he was making both in life and in business. CEO of Essential Leadership Aldo Grech shares with Charles Fairlie how he came to the revelation that in order to be successful you have to do something that comes from your essence and passion.


EP02 - S1

25 Jun 18

Susan Farquhar

Every day I eat is a good day. Having come from a background of poverty Susan Farquhar built Calla Property in order to help secure the future for her loved ones and to help others do the same. Now one of the country’s leading investment property experts, she shares with Charles Fairlie the lessons that the struggles in her early life taught her and how she now applies that to a successful business.


EP01 - S1

25 Jun 18

Unsung Business Heroes Trailer

The “why” behind successful CEO’s of Australian businesses. Charles Fairlie of Purpose Publishing has his own success story, but it’s the stories that Charles uncovers from these unsung Australian business heroes that is truly inspiring and brings greater understanding to why their success on all levels is so important. Unsung Business Heroes is a unique podcast series that explores the life lessons and experiences that drives the success of some of the biggest CEO’s in Australia. Unsung Business Heroes - Available July at, Apple Podcasts or the PodcastOne App


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14 Jun 18